February 10, 2015


that's it. put a fork in me, i'm done. my house is officially on the market. if you stand in the street in front of our house you can't see our door. really!! i never want to wish away time and i consciously try to live in the moment but right now there is nothing more i would like than to fast forward a couple of months. we're supposedly getting more snow friday and also sunday - and not like a little snow - they actually threw the word blizzard out there just to terrorize us some more. my kids have had school 1 day this month. oh and to add insult to injury, my parents left on sunday for 3 weeks in hawaii. so yes i'm complaining...and crying and whining and throwing a huge fit!! if only tantrums were acceptable for adults. this has been a rough initiation to being at home full time but on the other hand i'm grateful not to have worry about missing a bunch of work and meetings!

anyway i am trying to transport myself somewhere else mentally and i've been looking at the beach people website. they make the coolest beach blankets. it's an australian company but i believe they ship worldwide.

and also this adorable cart.

australia? sure i'll go there.

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