March 20, 2015

Real Estate: Mega Compound

first day of spring!! and it's snowing, or supposed to snow. i mean that almost feels normal at this point. we're going to florida next winter and i am already looking forward to that trip!

today's real estate fun is a compound that's very near where my husband grew up. it used to be separate houses but a ceo of a large company came and bought them up and then made his dream house. except i guess it's not a dream if they're selling already?! it's only been finished for like 5 years or so. i've driven by many times and the stone walls themselves are something to drool over. 4 bedrooms plus an au pair apartment on 9.73 acres all could be yours for $9.4M. a million an acre - a steal! ;)

i far prefer the outside of this house to the inside. the inside is super traditional and for me, a little boring. i'm sure whoever buys it will gut it anyway but the outside is really pretty. idyllic is probably the word.

all you need to add is a pool (and a pool boy)!

a couple of inside pics just so you see what i'm saying...

ugh so heavy...these ceilings though...

ready to go in with me?

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