April 3, 2015

Blue Gallery Wall

sorry for the spotty posting - this puppy is taking his toll on my sleeping!! :/ but yay for friday and yay for temps in the 60s today!!! i never thought it would happen. it's fleeting of course but still, i'll take it!

without thinking about it at all, i realized the other day that i've been collecting/pinning a whole bunch of blue artwork. and i think it could all work well together maybe mixed in with some black and white photos.

top left: i may have scored this one at serena and lily's sale for 60% (yup!) off this week. i've admired sally king benedict's artwork for a while so when this one popped up, i couldn't help myself. :)

middle: this one i already own and is currently hanging out in my entry.

top right: i absolutely love this sailboat. and i have a new love for artfullywalls.com where i found it!

bottom left and right: i think you already know my love for britt bass turner's pieces. we have two in our house already (one as seen in this post) and there's no reason to stop there!

so whadya think? anything here that you love too?

p.s. did i tell you that our coffee table was mis-delivered and now they're trying to find it or get a new one sent? ugh! a very nice chandelier ended up at my door but it won't really hold books or drinks ;) fingers crossed that this all gets worked out. i can't go back to square one!! 

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