April 17, 2015

PB Teen Favorites

at my age, i feel like i shouldn't but i really love pb teen! i always check out what they've got going on because you can find some great stuff. and today i thought i'd round up my current faves!

exhibit a: this whole set up...

blingin desk.

love the shape of this mirror.

i think the pillow says it all - it's a happy chair :)

this dresser is spot on.

i love how the stripes on these lamps are imperfect. feels fresh!

enjoy the weekend! p.s. to the nice reader who commented on the coffee table post on tuesday - thank you and sorry i just got around to commenting back now but i'd love to know the name of the etsy seller!!

1 comment:

Fran said...

Hi! The seller's name is Modern Rust on Etsy. It's worth contacting to see if he can do the coffee table! I hope so! How awesome would that be!!

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