June 24, 2015

Inside My Head

catching up after vacation is so tough! the piles of laundry are taller than i am or so it seems. and getting back in a routine is tough. but really it's a small price to pay for getting away and relaxing. :)

for whatever reason, lately my head has been swarming with design ideas and updates for our house. most of it is stuff i've mapped out in our "master plan" but specifically i've been thinking about the basement which i talked about here, the basement bathroom which is very functional but very blah, and our master bedroom which again is totally fine but i'd love to give it a refresh. for the most part i'll just make a bunch of design boards and write out my ideas until the time comes when we can make some of these changes a reality (i.e. not now or ever if it was up to my other half! i've been told to slow down but hello what fun is that?!). with a couple of very generous anniversary gifts from my parents and my in laws we're going to be able to make some progress on the basement updates. roman shades have been ordered, wallpaper is on its way, and art has been commissioned (sounds fancier than it really is!). p.s. don't you worry about mr. r - he got some nice things for himself as well! p.p.s. did you know croakies are back?! one of his purchases :)

i decided that one of the changes i could take on myself is painting the walls out white. mr. r is doubting me big time!! so naturally i've been spending my free time rolling away down there! so far i've only made it about a third of the way and i just maybe will need to bring in the pros but 1. let's not tell mr. r that and 2. if i get the first coat on all the walls then that has to help with the cost. i think i need another pretty inspiration image to keep me going :) this one is from brooke wagner design's IG feed.

if you need me, you know where to find me - in the basement!!

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