July 13, 2015

I Think I Found It!!

how was your weekend? it was 95 here yesterday!! not complainin' though :) we spent a bunch of time at the pool this past week and my little ones are turning into fish! it's amazing what a difference a few months make. i love watching them learn and grow. though i wouldn't mind if it all went by a little slower. some days - it could go by faster. ;)

so my big news of the weekend is i think i finally found a light fixture for our office. *actually there was other big news too - my other half said at dinner saturday night..."so when we redo our bedroom..." WHAT?!!!! my eyes nearly popped out of my head. he said it, he brought it up, completely on his own. this is huge!! haha but back to the light. i've written previously about the three light fixtures in our home that i've been plotting to replace since the beginning. here's the family room and i'm realizing now that i never posted about the kitchen but here it is.

so the last one remains - the office. did you all catch the pottery barn save 20% off one item sale? i got an email and thought i'd just quickly check out what was new. and then saw this gold sphere beauty.

what do you think? i really wanted to do brass in the office so this one obviously ticks that box. i also like the texture which is a little hard to see here but is clearer on the pb site.

and of course some inspiration images to feast on!

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