August 4, 2015

More Bedroom Dreaming!

ok friends, i'm back at it. i basically spent the weekend on polyvore, my new best friend. it's so easy - i can't believe i ever thought it was hard! i read parts of this awesome tutorial to get me started and even the posts were written in 2012, most of it still applies.

so today i'm back to dreaming about our master bedroom. i made one board a while ago that was frankly just so so. but this one. this one i'm dying over. it's so calm and peaceful and i want to dive in that bed right now!

master bedroom

it's kind of amazing sometimes how much my tastes have changed over the years and how much i now crave calming spaces. anyway! i keep making these boards and my hubby keeps shaking his head. so obviously my thought process is - if i make enough of them, then by the laws of {statistics? attraction? physics? ha} he's bound to like one. and we already own the wallpaper so i mean it's kind of a slam dunk, no?

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