August 17, 2015

Weekend Happenings

hi all! there are 2 more weeks of summer left. 2!! we're trying to make the most of it while starting to plan fall activities for the boys which is crazy to think about. how was your weekend? mine was quite productive actually which is rare. :) my super duper electrician, aka mr. r, obliged me and changed out our garage sconces. they were the final piece of the puzzle with all the exterior updates. we are officially done and it feels (and looks!) so good!

and i found them on amazon for under $100 each.

i also heard from the etsy seller who is making our coffee table (did you forget because i almost did) that it finally shipped.

if you follow me on instagram then you saw some progress on the basement! it's all painted (i think i mentioned here that i was painting it myself - i gave up) and the wallpaper is hung. i've started to hang some art but also really trying to keep some walls bare which is so hard for me! i want to follow the less is more school of thought although with all of the toys down there, the last thing it looks is bare!!

a little while ago a girl contacted me out of the blue asking about our bedroom furniture and where we got some of the pieces because she was slowly re-creating the same room in her place. maybe sounds a little creepy/single white female but i was actually flattered. she had seen my room on another blog and loved it. and since i have been dreaming up a new bedroom scheme, it felt like fate. plus she lives in the boston area! so she came yesterday and bought our upholstered bench and mirrors.

p.s. forgot to give a shout out to JH on the post about painted interior doors! mwah! oh and i've narrowed it down to two possible doors :)

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