August 11, 2015

Wishing For Wishbones

how was the weekend? i had no motivation to get a post done for yesterday. not gonna lie! but today's a new day. :) a little while ago i posted about dining room chair options and i'm still leaning toward the wishbone style. of course my better half balked at them claiming they're "too modern" so i'm out to round up some spaces that show how versatile they can be!

studio mcgee recently revealed their latest project and would you look at that! oh and yeah, it's pretty much perfect.

via house of turquoise and design by willey design.

becki owens' gorgeous work:

via design milk. this is west elm's version so slightly different but still gives a very similar look.

design source unknown (tell me if you know!) and i love that table too!

the every girl co-founder's apartment:

amber lewis's amazing work at the lombardi house:

this one via cottage and vine, design by kate marker, mixes in the most traditional elements of all of these spaces.

so whadya think?!

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