October 2, 2015

Client Project: Family Room Refresh

happy almost weekend! october has come and along with it came the cold. it was 80 degrees on monday and tuesday and now i think the high today will be 55! that was a little (way) too fast for me. anyway today i wanted to share a family room design board that i've been working on for a client. it's for a family with a young child with lots of toys (read: needs more storage!). :) right now the room is gray and white which can be pretty but in this case feels a little cold. we are doing this room top to bottom pretty much with the exception of the paint which is already stonington gray. we'll also be working on refreshing the kitchen with new lighting, table, chairs, and possibly counters and backsplash too!

Family Room II

there have been a few iterations of this board as we are really trying to hone in on their style but i think with this one we're pretty close! under the coffee table i envision baskets to store cars and trucks. the console will also be filled up with puzzles and coloring supplies and whatever other toys need to find a place to live. excited to get going on this one!

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