October 5, 2015

Styling Books On Bookshelves

how novel! ha get it?! actual books on bookshelves. a friend of mine sent a picture of her newly color-organized bookcase and it got me thinking about different ways to organize and display books.

first approach - color coordinate your books. i first learned this tip from jenny at little green notebook. i think it works every time.

these last two are from jenny komenda's homes.

works with kids books too!

approach two - turn your books around so the bindings are facing IN and the pages face out. very unifying. but probably not for the real readers since finding the book you need would be a little challenging! ;)

this one also applies to the next approach!

third approach - choose to display only the books that fit with the vibe of the room.

what's your method? if you're like me, magazines in stacks are the way to go!

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