November 16, 2015

Client Design Board: Great Room

first i want to say to our friends in paris, nous sommes avec vous. what a horrific tragedy. i wonder what it will take for the world to truly unite and extinguish the hate.

weekends go by too fast these days! we had painters at the house on saturday trying to wrap up which they almost did but they'll be back today. and then we're in the home stretch! family room, entry, and master bedroom are all largely done. waiting on hardware and the electrician to finish up. this week is exciting as the new powder room vanity counter and the big kitchen island counter are going in. eeks! i really think we'll be totally finished by christmas which is kind of amazing to us because when we started all of this, we didn't even know if we would be able to start by christmas!

i started on a new client project yesterday which is always a lot of fun. and pretty much every time after i meet with a client, i get home and spend my day sourcing away! i guess i'm liking my new gig. ;) today i'm sharing a great room concept for another client. they asked for an adult fun room with plenty of seating and the color blue. *not pictured is the pool table and full bar already in place!! oh and the giant 70" tv that's on its way.

Stacey great room 2

the first question they asked when they saw the black chairs with the sofa was - is it ok to have black with blue? my answer is yes! kind of like white after labor day, it's an old rule that's made to be broken. and i can't get enough of the black and white steer from minted. he just seems to go everywhere and with everything! p.s. when i go in to edit my boards on polyvore they always shrink down from when i first created them. anyone know why?!

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Meg said...

Is that the PB York sofa? I have it, and it's super uncomfortable! Hard as a rock! Sorry but just saw this and just had to comment in case the sofa hasn't been purchased yet! xx

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