November 2, 2015

Kitchen Table Decision

happy (belated) halloween! did you have a good one? my children apparently associate halloween exclusively with being pumpkins so they dressed in the same costume for the third year in a row! and yesterday my parents asked them what they were going to be next year, they yelled "pumpkins"!! like, duh. so we have a year to see if they change their minds :)

a while back (yikes over a year ago!) i did a post about farmhouse tables for our kitchen and i'm so excited to say that now is finally the time! we've been talking about replacing our current table for a while which actually makes me a little sad because it was the very first table i ever owned in my first apartment and it was a gift from my wonderful papa who is no longer with us. we've been holding off switching it out for many reasons - budget and young children beating on it being the main two. but really it's a great table, super well-made and there was no real reason to replace it.

however now the time is probably right because since we put the window seat in, it dwarfs the little 5' foot table. also now the boys are getting close to being 4 and have stopped, for the most part, jabbing forks directly into the surface. *positive i just jinxed myself on that one.* and as they get older, we'll have more of their little friends to accommodate around the table and having something that comfortably seats six is probably a good idea. so this is it:

next we get to go back to the chair debate but picture something modernish. what do y'all think?

so long little table, you've been good to us. (i'm now getting sentimental over a kitchen table? what has motherhood done to me?!) :)

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