November 4, 2015

Suite One Studio

all i have on my brain right now are all of the works in progress that are going on in my life! in our house we have the basement cabinetry going in and it's looking fab! our bedroom dressers, window seat, and lighting are also started. it's crazy exciting to see this stuff become a reality! also on the client front, one of my most fav clients just got her new counters installed in the kitchen yesterday and they look so pretty. totally changed the space and the backsplash isn't even in yet! this is my first client kitchen redo or "facelift" and it's great to work with someone who trusts me the whole way!

anyway! i found suite one studio where i find all the good stuff - on instagram! the gift giving season is coming up fast and whether you need a hostess gift or you want to treat yourself, i love the beautiful ceramics on this site.

gah this ring dish is just perfection and it's $30. stocking stuff anyone?

there's lots more too. go check it out!

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