December 30, 2015

Christmas Eve Table 2015

today i thought i'd share our christmas eve table. this year i went for a much different look and feel than last year - more organic and simple. last year i had a little fiasco with flowers so i actually went flowerless this year. the color palette was blue and white with greens and wood tones.

*all photos courtesy of my hubby, edited by moi. we did ok i think!*

i wanted glass jugs for the pine branches but couldn't find any that were the right size and not already sold out. so i used these old hurricane vases which ended up working just fine.

our linens were vintage that my mom brought embroidered with an m for mcguire, my maiden name.

i bought the mini cutting boards at target and ended up having to go to two different stores to find all eight! i added a sprig of rosemary to keep it simple. next year maybe i'll get super fancy and serve some sort of small appetizer on them. (i'm kidding - i know that's not exactly super fancy but i didn't get my act together to pull that off this year!)

i especially loved these faux birch twinkle lights from crate and barrel. they were the perfect sparkle. (oops candles weren't lit yet!)

at the last minute i added some fresh whole cranberries to the vases and to little bowls at the ends of the table.

the only bad part was that we didn't really get a good pic of the whole room. total amateur move!

and of course there are these two who i love to pieces and joined us at the table for the first time this year! their place settings consisted of plastic placemats which were not quite as photo-worthy. ;)

love those smiles!!!

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