December 20, 2015

Pillow Combo-ing

hi friends! sorry i fell off the radar last week. i'm not even really sure what i was busy doing but i do know that was dragging. not sure that tired feeling will ever go away?! and as i write this it's almost midnight so i'm not doing myself any favors! anyway are you finished with holiday shopping? i thought i was completely done and then started wrapping this weekend and realized that i was light for a couple of people. at least it's a free shipping bonanza right now. gah i love online shopping!

i've been working with a few clients and lately i've been having fun with some pillow combos. i have a fondness for mixing and matching pillows (just take a look at my instagram feed for proof!!) and i'm loving this mix!

who's with me?? have a good monday y'all!

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