January 20, 2016

Crossbody Bags

yeah, i want one. do you have one? do you love it? i ran a couple of options by a friend who i affectionately call the bag lady. she is an expert. my faves are:


and 2.

the thing i like about both of these is that they convert into a short strap shoulder bag so they're actually two bags in one! i also love the chain and whipstitching details. and the size - they are small enough that it doesn't look like you have a briefcase slung across your body but larger than some of the tiny style. i don't like the second one as much because of the flap which is just annoying to get into when i'm in a rush. and by rush i mean someone needs applesauce immediately. but it does have great pockets inside. then my friend pointed out that the first one might too long/deep meaning things could get lost at the bottom. p.s. these are both from the TB marion collection and i'm kind of obsessed with every bag in this collection. my mom got the hobo style for christmas and it's really cute.

so anyway, i guess i'm looking for a squat bag without a flap. is this even possible? this wouldn't be an everyday kind of bag for me at this point in life - it wouldn't hold nearly enough stuff! but for times that i have to myself or date nights, i think this style would be perfect. any favorites out there?! i might try #1 to see if i can make it work. treat to myself for making it four years with twins ;)


Megan Holsinger said...

The bag lady approves of this post! Any anything Tory for that matter.

meredith said...

thank you bag lady!! mwah :)

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