January 5, 2016

File This Away

first and foremost, happy 4th birthday to my sweet little boys. how we have two four year olds, i really do not know. the years have flown by and stood still all at the same time. but they have been some of the best (and also trying, let's be real!!) years of my life! and to my silly, funny, smart, and incredibly handsome boys, in case you read this one day -- i love you more than words can say. finn - or should i say finny, you are so kind, observant, and focused and your smile melts our hearts. charlie - you are so funny, clever, and charming. you light up every room you enter. we're so very lucky to be your parents. p.s. i think i'm being so mushy because i'm writing this right after watching downton abbey!!

ok - i am totally filing this away for next year - artifact uprising for holiday cards and photo books and calendars. the designs are so simple and the books are gorgeous. what an amazing gift they would make!

the lay flat album is so beautiful and allows for full spread photos.

next year, sign me up for one of these wall calendars. so sweet!

so beautiful right?!

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