February 26, 2016

Real Estate: Naples Primo

the primo neighborhood (at least as far as i know) in naples is called port royal. the median listing price is $10M. you read that right! driving around these houses was incredible. certainly didn't like every one, or even most, from the street but there was some real stunners. one that i posted on instagram was the prettiest shade of pale pink.

another was this house. 4 bed, 3.5 bath, 4,292 sf and last sold for $5.9M. and p.s. it's hiding a huge secret...stay with me!

white and blue never fails! and clean and bright below...

i'd take those medallions off above the doors but oh the light they must bring in!

and the view. it's perfection.

so what's the secret?! it used to look like this!!

can you even? i did a double take, maybe triple. it looks fake right?!

the entire house, inside and out, was turquoise.

if this isn't a lesson in what a good coat of paint will do then i don't know what is! i'm not entirely sure if they ended up painting before it sold or if it was painted afterward but either way, there is no way they would have gotten the same price for the white house vs the turquoise house. anyway happy friday friends!!

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