March 28, 2016

Botanicals & Baskets

coming to you today from the newly detoxed and bug-free (fingers crossed and knocking on wood) home of ours. ahhhh!! if you saw my instagram then you saw that we had a surprise case of lice yesterday (i guess it's always a surprise!). just as i was combing my little finn's hair before getting dressed to go out to a family easter lunch, i saw the first bug. if you're a lice virgin, and i envy if you are, let me tell you how disgusting that was. so we canceled our plans and had a nit picker - this is an actual profession - at our house by 5pm. and thank goodness for this woman who came to our house on easter sunday to comb nits out of our hair. a saint. though her hourly rate was quite impressive! back to school today - where the original outbreak occurred, grrr - and then off to the barber shop to get these boys shorn. ;)

anyway today i want to talk about something other than lice fortunately and that is botanicals. faux botanicals to be more precise. they're the perfect statement-maker and can literally go anywhere. and because they're fake no one has to worry about a small child or dog thinking they look tasty! i used a large palm leaf in our entry in a very simple oversized glass vase and i love how simple it is yet not at all boring.

i bought this giant palmetto leaf and it looks really nice in person.

also liking this large philodendron.

i've always been a fan of pottery barn's faux fig trees. i have one and have recommended them to several clients. from everything i understand, these trees in real life are pretty finicky and since many of us don't have time to pamper a real plant, this is a great alternative.

west elm has some great options too like this huge palm branch.

now what to put these things in?! vases and baskets are your friends.

i love this XL white ball vase.

this gray glass vase is sold out online but still available in some stores.

this tall skinny vase would definitely make a statement.

here's one for a smaller space that's big on style.

target has the best baskets and this one would be perfect for the tree.

this stripe one is also a current favorite.

i'm also a fan of this black basket but it could be a touch low.

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