April 14, 2016

Dining Room Scheming & Dreaming

as you well know, i'm a changer upper. for a good long while now my dining room and i haven't been the best of friends. it's in this weird neither here nor there state. the navy walls are pretty but they feel heavy to me. i've been wanting to wallpaper but both budget and indecision have been holding me back. see here and here.

i decided to try going bold and see how i liked it...

chairs, table, similar rug, and console are currently in the room. the light fixture is a bit of a dream because we have a different version of this same one that used to be in our kitchen. i love this big one so i added it to this board for fun but it wouldn't be reality. that art is a piece i've admired for years. it would be a "commitment" financially but would also make an awesome statement. the boldest element is clearly that blue and white wallpaper. and in person (because i have a swatch) it's actually brighter and bolder. i like the beachy colorful vibe it gives off.

i think this look is a contender - what do you think?


Annie. said...

This is fantastic! I am scrolling through all your old posts and LOVING them. The great part about a dining room is you can have a little fun with it...like a powder room...and that wallpaper packs a perfect punch. Can you tell me where that console is from?

Annie. said...

Second comment because I forgot to click "email follow up comments to..." 😉😉

meredith said...

Thanks Annie!! The console is from Wisteria.

Annie. said...

Thank you!

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