June 6, 2016

Feminine Bedroom

what a fun and crazy weekend! when the weather is warm i'm so much more motivated to get outside and make the most of it. definitely need to use today to catch up! anyway, i'm working with a client right now who wants to focus on her bedroom which i think is just so awesome. i've talked about it before, but bedrooms are so often a neglected space but they shouldn't be. my client wants a pretty and feminine bedroom and that is what she shall have. :)

the rug in the design is one she already owns and is a keeper. she also has a dresser and nightstands in dark wood tones that are staying. the rest is fair game. currently the room feels a little dark and has lots of mid to dark grays. she mentioned that she likes the idea of a floral and would like ceramic lamps. so here's what i came up with!

you can read some of my notes but i'm a firm believer in pattern mixing. a floral sham, check pillow, striped blanket and solid duvet creates an electic mix. plus the geometric pattern of the rug keeps it interesting on the floor too. i chose this floral because dark background fabric makes a statement without being overbearing. and the good part here is that if she gets tired of the shams down the road, it's such an easy, inexpensive thing to switch out! the curve of the headboard feels soft and pretty and relates to that gorgeous bone inlay mirror as well as the ceiling fixture. i'm sure there will be tweaks to the design but the basic ideas will still apply.

and now that i read back through this post, i think i got a little preachy - sorry! - but there you have my thought process of how this came together. hope you have a good start to the week!

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