July 11, 2016

Toddler Tips

happy monday friends! is this summer flying by or is it me? also it didn't feel like summer for the second half of the weekend around here so maybe that has something to do with it. it's not supposed to be in the 60s in july!

off topic post today so if you're looking for design stuff, check back tomorrow, there's a good one coming! but for moms and dads or parents-to-be, today's post might be helpful. there are three things that i've found in my 4 years (or 4 and a half as my littles would remind me!) as a mama that have been life savers. and if you ask my mom friends, i think they would all agree! so i'll share because at least for #1 & 2 below, i certainly didn't think of this stuff on my own.

1. pool noodles. this might be my most favorite trick - do not buy bed rails once you're ready for a big bed! all you need are pool noodles to stick under the fitted sheet. for real, it works. these ones are my favorite because they're thicker and sturdier than the flimsy ones you find at the grocery store or wherever. we pack them in the car if we're traveling locally!

2. built in potty seats. this is the most genius invention ever. not exaggerating. throw those gross potty rings out - you do not need them. this is a regular toilet seat with a little mini seat built in that's held in place with a magnet. so when you pull up the seat you might not even notice it and guests don't have to see anything yucky. your little ones can pull the seat down and put it back up themselves. oprah-voice ahhhh!! we have three in our house and every mom who comes over asks about it!

3. blankets and quilts not duvets. potty trained or not, accidents or diaper leaks happen. duvets soak up wetness - gross - and are hard to wash. but a blanket or quilt can always go right in the washer and dryer. so until my kids are accident free at night for like a year, my pick will be quilts and blankets. plus kids are like little heaters so i haven't found they need the warmth of a big duvet even living here in new england. some of my faves:

classic from serena & lily on the left. and on the right, this one has the sweetest little flowers embroidered on it.

rh baby & child has great options too.

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