September 27, 2016

Annie Selke Bedding

i swear i have the best intentions of blogging more regularly but work seems to be winning out lately!  side note - anyone else a night owl? i stay up so late! like midnight easy. so my new goal is to go upstairs at 10pm. i looked in the mirror today at my hairdresser (who p.s. i LOVE and it's just the best thing to find someone who is so great and easy to talk to, especially since i'm there for like 2 hours!) and i had major puffy, dark circles under my eyes. granted, some of that is age which i guess i'm losing the battle there, but sleep has to be part of it. so long story short, i need more sleep. and what mom doesn't?!

ok speaking of sleep, have you seen the annie selke/pine cone hill catalog? i got it and immediately started drooling. the bedding is so yummy, for lack of a better word. that navy quilt?! i'm obsessed.

don't you want to jump in? and as i write this it's 10:23 and i'm already breaking my new rule!! baby steps right? :)

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