September 2, 2016

Recent Etsy Finds

it's friday of back-to-school week and we made it! actually back-to-preschool really just isn't a big deal. it took my boys about 2 minutes to get back in the swing of it which i'm enjoying because next year things will definitely be different when they start kindergarten! but regardless i'm looking forward to a long weekend.

it's been a while since i've done an "etsy finds" kind of post so i've rounded up a few shops that you should go check out! first up is barombi studios. they have some great ceramics for the kitchen or to use as general decor.

pretty vases, planters, and mugs.

i bought this jewelry dish which i plan to use for shelf styling and not for holding my jewels. this is the kind of thing that makes the styling look special and unique - key to a good shelfie!

i found claudia chloe photo through instagram or maybe she found me but either way i was glad to discover her! she takes those cool aerial photos that are so popular with affordable price tags.

motif pillows is not a new find but the owner, priscilla, has added some amazing pillows lately including raoul, rebecca atwood and zak + fox.

have a great labor day weekend!!

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