October 17, 2016

Blog Update

happy monday friends!! i did a few blog updates recently including the subscribe feature that i mentioned before but also fixed the instagram feed which had gone all wonky and officially added a "for sale" section along the top. now you can easily access an ever-rotating bunch of items! the newest addition is this dining room table from restoration hardware. currently sells for $1,795, asking $650.

in other news, we were devastated to find out last weekend that the house we rented this past summer on nantucket, and had lined up to rent again this year, is going up for sale and can't be rented. SO sad. i spent about 4-5 days straight bleery-eyed searching for another place that was in our budget, not already rented, and has a pool. not the easiest feat especially given the location we want. we realized just how spoiled we were in that other house so we had to expand our search a little but found a new one that looks amazing. i'm very optimistic that we'll be just as happy!

is it june yet?! (this post wins the award for most random post ever but that's what i've got for today!)

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