October 12, 2016

Kitchen Runners

hola! i wanted to thank a new reader for pointing out that my blog didn't have the "subscribe by email" function and now i'm happy to report that's fixed! so if you'd like to subscribe, just scroll down there until you see that little box. and let me know if you have any trouble!

jumping right in... as you may have seen a little while back on my instagram, i was testing out some dash & albert runners for our kitchen. the problem was none of them were looking just right to me. (but don't worry, many of them looked fab in our upstairs hall which needs a little runner refresh!) so i decided to go back to looking for a vintage persian runner for the kitchen. the tough part was the size - nothing bigger than about 2'8" and somewhere between 7-9'. so many of these old turkish runners are 3-4' wide and while beautiful, that's just too big. as a side note - that size could have worked for the other side of our island where there's more space BUT the counter stools are on that side and i decided that trying to pull stools out over the edge of a rug was going to be annoying.

so i gathered up a bunch of images that helped me make up my mind!

natalie myers via domino

elizabeth lawson design

studio mcgee

jamie keskin design

studio mcgee

studio mcgee

amber interiors



Linda Darling said...

Your photos are beautiful, Meredith! The subscribe button for email works great. Thanks for listening and responding so quickly. Now I don't have to miss any of your posts!

Kelly said...

This is probably the dumbest question but do those rugs just slide around all day? I love the look but do not want to have to fix the rug all day long. We have replaced all the rug pads in our house with felt rug pads because the rubber ones always mess up the floors. The felt ones only work with heavy furniture anchoring them so what do you use to keep these kitchen rugs from sliding around? Thanks!

meredith said...

Hi Kelly! I actually use those terrible rubber ones. So far (fingers crossed) they haven't messed up my floors. I also found one on restoration hardware that is a different type of rubber on the bottom and a little thicker (though not as thick as the ones you used for heavier rugs). But yeah, my dog and kids would have a fun time making it into a slip and slide if it didn't have a pad!! ;)

Kelly said...

Thanks Meredith! I will have to look into the RH ones. We have had floors end up with the waffle pattern from the rubber ones too many times for me to use them anymore, but that one sounds promising. It makes me excited to be able to look for a runner now!

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