October 21, 2016

Pins I've Pinned And Posts I've Liked

various family members thought i should remove the political commentary that i had here before - so i'm taking their advice. although part of me feels like this is my blog and i can write what i want. ;) hopefully no one was put off by my (very brief) thoughts about the election!

anyway! super late post today but wanted to do an pinterest/instagram post really quick! pins first...

the brick. the kitchen. the giant window. my god i weep!!

via cedar hill farmhouse

i'm a sucker for a good nook and this is a good nook. ;)

via pencil shavings studio

this laundry room is what dreams are made of.

kate marker interiors

insta faves...

how fun is this beach house bedroom? so well thought out!


this dining room is so good. i love a round table!


are you guys following dina holland's home renovation? these cabinets and and that counter plus those floors. i'm hoping she'll just adopt me.


have a great weekend!!!

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