November 10, 2016

Moving Forward

even though my mom says to stay away from politics here, i find it impossible to skip over what is currently going on in our country. so a few thoughts first (sorry mom!).

today i choose to be optimistic and believe in the good in people. i think maybe that's easier for me to say because while i (of course) voted, i wasn't attached to either candidate. hillary's concession speech was beautiful. there will be so many sentences from it that we'll quoting for years to come. her efforts are not for naught and her legacy and fighting spirit are enduring. at the same time i do not believe that all of those who voted for trump have hate in their hearts as i've seen them characterized by some. i have hope for the future. and since this is now our reality, i have hope that a trump presidency will bring about positive change but will leave behind the recklessness and mean-spiritedness of his campaign. time will tell!

and so with that i leave you with this most awesome and calming room by agk design studio. we all need a room like this one this week!! ;)

xoxo friends!


Maryellen Jordan said...

Beautifully put!

Kelly@Bungalow Blue said...

So well said! We can only go up from here and I'm optimistic for the changes to come. Happy weekend!

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