December 19, 2016

Designs In Progress

christmas is officially one week away and i'm so screwed!! pretty much done shopping but nothing is wrapped. we're hosting christmas eve which is luckily being cooked by my mom but i still need to get the house together and food in the house. and i'm stilllll battling a nasty case of bronchitis (time to get drugs). on the positive side, the boys' preschool is in full swing this whole week so i do have a few morning hours to GSD! anyone else freaking out with me? long story short, don't be too shocked if there isn't a lot of activity here for the next week or so!

i thought today i'd share a couple designs that i've been working on for clients. they're in various stages of ideas to execution. i unfortunately can't share sources but maybe they'll provide some inspiration!

we are gutting a powder room for a client - the only thing staying are the wood floors - and this one will be such a fab before and after! we have very limited depth in the room so we're doing a wall mount faucet with a beautiful custom metal washstand.

this design is for a little pass through area of a client's home that's just made for a console and some cool art. it's the perfect space to dress up and make a little special.

have a great start to the week!!

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