February 1, 2017

Vermont Recap!

we had such a great time in vermont last weekend and my expectations of our hotel were blown out of the water so i thought i'd do a little recap here and share a few more pics!

we stayed in manchester, vt at a new kimpton hotel that was seriously so good. everyone raves about the equinox there and i'm sure it's incredible but we were totally happy at the taconic!

the look was so perfectly vermont modern. all of the walls on the lobby level were a textured wallpaper - like faux grasscloth but a good faux. the furniture was nice, comfortable and unique. nothing run of the mill here.

there was this very cool library of sorts with a huge table and awesome lighting. i was in love with all of the lighting at the hotel! and the floors. oh the floors! wide plank and rustic. loved them so much.

i do appreciate a good drape. 😍

the restaurant was bananas - both in decor and food. we had a great meal there and how fun would it be to get a group together and sit at this private table?!

beams, leather, lighting, and floors.

the room itself was nicely done too. the furniture looked like real furniture and not hotel furniture. the bathroom was super cute. my only complaint was that it was a tad small. we booked one room with two queens for the four of us and there wasn't enough room for all our stuff which is a lot when you go skiing. but for two nights it was totally fine.

subway tile with dark gray grout and black and white tile floors.

manchester is a really cute and charming town (i think i've use the word charming 87 times but it's honestly the best word to describe it). the hildene estate is located there and these pictures don't do it justice at all. google it though, it's so pretty!

we skied at bromley which is a very low key, and i'd say, lower-level mountain - perfect for us. super family friendly with a great kids program. my guys were a little clingy when i dropped them off and when we came to pick them up they both wanted to do it again. win! we even got them up the chairlift a few times and did some real skiing with them. so cute! stratton is also very close by and is a much larger mountain than bromley but i've heard it's great as well. we had no waits at any lifts.

so that's my recap. hopefully we can go back and get one more trip in before the season ends!

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