May 1, 2017

Catching Up

*quick psa - tomorrow i'm posting the full updated tour of our home as part of the #springintohome tour. please plan to stop by the blog and let me know what you think!*

happy monday friends! i have a full day today with client meetings and the less glamorous grocery shopping and laundry. :) we were away this past weekend at my parents' house on the eastern shore of MD. it was very nice and hot - like 85-90! - and now i have a ton of catch up from the trip. going away - even if only for a short time and to a comfortable place - takes a lot of work. anyone else agree?! we picked up the dog from the kennel (win) but then forgot to feed him dinner (fail). don't worry, we remembered later on and he had a special late night feast.

we went down to MD not only to see my parents but to go to my 20th high school reunion. 😱😱 feeling old as dirt but it was very fun to go back to school and see everyone. my school is an incredibly special place and not exactly your average facility - the campus is 800 acres! i was there from first to twelfth grades so always brings back great memories and has a special spot in my heart.

back over on the other side of the bay, it's always fun exploring the gorgeous homes tucked back on the water. this area is famous for uber long tree-lined driveways that lead to the water. i want to know what's at the end so bad!! here are a couple of my favorites.

this one actually gives you a little peek!

i'm also helping my mom redo their living room and we honed in on fabrics and furniture styles this weekend which was fun. i snapped this pic of the current set up which i thought was a pretty little moment!

please stop by here tomorrow for the full updated house tour! see you then!

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