May 8, 2017

Giveaway! Karyn Burns ABCs

last year when we were on nantucket, we saw THE cutest abc placemats and i bought a set for the boys. fast forward to a few weeks ago when i got an email asking if i've ever heard of karyn burns and her placemats - yes!! we've been using them for almost a year and truly love them and i was so happy when they agreed to do a giveaway of a set of placemats!

the placemats come in a bunch of states, cities, and places - we have nantucket and boston and they're both so cute. the winner will receive a set of four placemats of his/her choosing. please head to my instagram to comment/follow to enter. you can also enter by leaving a comment here with your name and email! giveaway ends at 5pm EST 5/9.

i don't know about the kids you know, but mine won't eat with a regular placemat. no lie. and yes, we always eat grapes and oranges with forks 😜 my models thought this whole thing was pretty funny! you can find their booster seats here.


Maggie said...

Love these placemats! My 3 (almost 4!) could definitely use these!

Debbie Carr said...

Love these. I'd love for my three grandchildren who live in Hawaii.

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