May 28, 2017

Spring Home Tour: Basement Bedroom

hi! hope you're having a fab memorial day weekend! i'm so excited that we finally wrapped up our basement bedroom that i thought i'd give all of the details on this room redo asap. and bonus - so many of the items from this room are on sale this weekend.  here's what we were working with BEFORE:

i made a design board to give some focus to the project because i knew i'd need to execute it pretty quickly.

here's the after!

photo by kate renyi

photo by kate renyi

so here's the breakdown...what stayed: the wing chair, woven shades, and headboard (20% off). then i recycled some things from around the house that i already had like the vase and palm leaf, the navy pillows, and the white lamp. i added the wallpaper (20% off), dresser (also here), mirrorrug, nightstands, quilt (homegoods score!), duvet cover (15% off), flushmount light (size large), and of course the basket pendants. that flushmount is seriously one of my favorite things - we replaced the old builder nipple light and a small change made a huge impact.

the nightstands came with different hardware so i swapped out the knobs for matte gold ones which is an easy, inexpensive change that, again, has a big impact!

photo by kate renyi

the swimsuit art is by dorothy shain who is so talented. follow her on instagram if you don't already!

now let's talk about these pendants! in my original design board i included those gorgeous jeffrey alan marks pendants that go for $500 a pop. i'm in love with them but that wasn't in the budget. so one day i randomly came across rope wrapped electrical cord and a light went off (pun intended). i've had old ikea hardwire basket pendants (sadly no long available) sitting in storage forever - over 5 years - and if i could string the rope cord through them, then i would have exactly what i wanted. they were wired so i just removed the wire and socket.

the pendants were a light wood tone, similar to the mirror in this room, but i knew that wouldn't work with the rope. so down to the hardware store for a couple of cans of krylon matte white spray paint and voila, they're white! but stringing the cord through was much easier said than done and i couldn't even get the plug to fit through. so i started hacking away with a saw (i don't diy, this was the only tool i have!) to try to create a wider opening. it didn't work. at all. but then another light bulb - have the hardware store shave down the plug so it would fit! perfect, done, that worked. however not end of story because the rope had a knot at the end wouldn't fit through the hole. i mean come on!! so i texted my pal Jen from @chroniclesofhome and she, in about 7 seconds, fished the rope through and we were in business. it was more than slightly embarrassing.

then they sat for two weeks :) (please tell me i'm not the only one that happens to!) and finally yesterday mr. r hung them. that event has more detail than you would ever care to know but suffice it to say, we ended up using brass curtain rings to hold the rope up. actually worked like a charm and for about $75 i have the pendants that i really wanted.

shop the post: headboard (20% off) | palm leaf | navy pillows | white lamp | wallpaper (20% off) 
dresser (also here) | mirror (10% off) | rug | nightstands | quilt (homegoods score!) | 
duvet cover (15% off) | flushmount light (size large) | rope electrical cord


Jordana said...

Hi, loved it! Would you mind sharing the link to the woven shades and flushmount? They are bot working. Thanks!

Suzanne Manley said...

Yes, would love to know about the flushmount!

meredith said...

Thanks for noticing the link wasn't working - I've updated the flushmount link now!

The pendant shades are no longer available.

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