July 10, 2017

Coastal Living Idea House 2017

hello! somehow it's into the second full week in july and in some ways i feel like summer is still getting started. anyone else in the same boat?! today i have a post for the blue and white lovers out there - scenes from the 2017 coastal living idea house that just screams summer. this year it's in newport, rhode island (which is SUCH a gorgeous part of the country!) and designed by the king of blue and white, mark d. sikes. there aren't any official photos on the website yet but there are plenty of shots on instagram (🙌 social media) so i've collected them here.

only one i saw of the exterior but yeah, not too shabby.

this entry was the first pic i saw that drew me in.

and another angle. how great are those mirrors?

this art in the sitting room just makes it. oversize art is where it's at!!

such a cool rug too.

the wallpaper/mirror combo in this bath is perfection.

office maybe? all i know is that it's goooood!

 art by catherine b jones and kayce hughes.

living room i'm thinking? the styling alone in here is something to marvel at.

the bedrooms in the house are stunning.

another one...

and saving this one for last...it's a lot but it's also incredible.

even if every space isn't exactly my style, i really appreciate all of the design elements that went into this home. i literally can not imagine the amount of design work/effort that went into this project. hats off to the whole team.

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