September 18, 2017

Color Of The Moment: Olive

hello blogging world!! oh you guys, i have major blogger's guilt. i just don't have time to fit it all in some weeks and i think i should probably hire some help but i also don't feel like i have time to wrap my head around that! i love what i do though and i have some exciting things on the horizon that i can't wait to share!

on to the good stuff...i don't think it's much of a secret that olive (and it's many iterations) is the color of the moment this season and i don't mind one bit! i've rounded up some picks for us ladies (and even something for the guys and kids!) plus some fun things for your home. keep scrolling!

i just ordered those sneaks for mr. r and the earrings for myself. i also have the short hunter boots and like them so much more than the tall version!

i have these olive branches (you need at least 5 to make them look worthwhile) and used them in a project - more to come there! i'm obsessed with that laundry cart and have plans to have one or two in our laundry room some day!

what do you think? is olive for you?

1 comment:

Elizabeth Parker said...

I'm a sucker for olive! One of my favorite things about Fall is breaking out all my olive colored clothes.
XO - Beth

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