October 30, 2017

Kitchen Styling

happy halloween friends! everyone ready for that crazy sugar high?! šŸ˜‰ i’m going to have one Spider-Man and one Batman this year which doesn’t exactly excite me. woes of a boy mom. this is all subject to change of course because not too long ago we had one policeman and one hockey player! 

last week i helped a client style her kitchen for a photo shoot that a friend of hers, grey from @ashgreyproperties, was doing as part of a home tour series that she started. you may have seen some videos on my insta stories last friday. grey is a realtor and real estate marketing expert and looks for pretty homes to shoot to share on her website. my client brought me in to style the space for the photos. so while i was there i took some of my own because who doesn't like seeing a pretty kitchen! (scroll to the bottom to shop the post)

*just to be clear - i had nothing to do with the design of the kitchen. i came into the picture after the house was completed to work on other spaces.* the kitchen is gorgeous though and photographs beautifully. it does come off a little cold so my main goal with the styling was to warm it up! i brought a ton of accessories and probably should have brought even more. it’s always amazing how spaces gobble up accessories. the biggest change i made was the counter stools. again to bring in warmth, i ended up lugging my leather stools from home! šŸ˜‚ it made a huge difference (the other stools were acrylic and chrome and added to the cold feeling). another change we made was the runner and actually this one is a permanent change. i wanted to bring in more texture and a jute rug always does a good job of that.

simple greenery and a farmhouse bowl do the trick every time.

there is also a great desk space/command center and i layered in some of erin clark's art with some wood and ceramics to keep it fresh.

i love how simple this space is yet interesting and with the bit of blue, everything works together so well. now let's get to the good stuff...sources!

counters: london sky by zodiaq
cabinetry color: these were colors from the cabinet maker and not specified to match a paint color
floors: dark walnut stain
art: erin clark

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