January 29, 2018

Laundry Room Progress

hello and happy monday! i realized that i've talked about my laundry room project a TON on instagram stories but never here so let's fix that today! ok i'm taking it way back to the very original. weird beige walls, off white cabinets, and formica countertop, over mount sink, and cheap faucet that moved back and forth when you moved the handle. was it fine and functional? yes. but i knew it had way more potential.


it then went through various iterations. the major change i made but was replace the counters with white quartz, a much larger undermount sink, a sleek new faucet, and hex marble backsplash.

i chose a new paint and didn't like that so i wallpapered the whole space.

and this is pretty much it's current state. after all of that i still wasn't happy with it so naturally i hatched a plan that i knew would have some staying power. shiplap, painted cabinetry and replace the flooring. oh the flooring. it's a really bad attempt at faking slate. in some lights in gray, sometimes purple, and sometimes blue. i hate it - can you tell? ;) it will be replaced with black honed 3x12 slate laid in a herringbone pattern.

it sounds so simple right? except there are always things - with any project - that make life a little more complicated. example one, that ugly pipe in the corner. it's the dryer vent and why it's hanging out in that corner is a mystery. our theory is that they simply forgot to add the vent while building. 

in the view above, the shelf has been removed now and the outlets have been lowered down behind the machines. a cabinet will be added to each corner with a white oak shelf in between. but we still have the hookups and hose. i didn't want to go through the effort of changing that and actually there could be a code issue with moving it anyway. so while we come up with ideas of how to address these issues, i'm focusing on the fun stuff - paint colors, lighting, and hardware.

i rounded up a bunch of inspiration images that help me hone in on the overall feel that i'm going for. i've been fairly indecisive (understatement!) about the paint color for the cabinetry and that's because every shade creates a different feel and look. i want to make sure that in the end i am 100% happy with the completed space. the shiplap, which is being installed vertically, will be white dove. the cabinets i'm doing a soft greige which obviously implies that i want to to bridge that gray-beige line.

here i'm just focused on the color of the cabinetry in these spaces.

amber interiors

this one has my heart.

jean stoffer design

designer? tell me!

via country living mag

this one gives me all the feels.

devol kitchens

heidi piron

house & home

grant k gibson

jean stoffer design

tell me if you know the designer!

via home bunch

can you see it?! more to come i promise!

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