November 16, 2018

Beauty Wish List

well it's been a little while since i've hopped on here but it's that time of year when wishlists start piling up and this is a good place to discuss them! i wouldn't call this a gift guide but definitely a beauty wishlist that i've compiled from my own research and trials and from what my friends love. as much as it pains me to say it, i'm facing the big 4-0 next year and it's shining a big ol' light on something i've been fixated lately - on improving my skin! there are definitely things that i can't "round up" here that would help - more sleep, drinking more water, retin A, and some might say botox and/or filler (i know i'd like to see less of my uneven laugh lines). of these, retin A is the only one i'm doing. ;)

but here are twelve products that i can round up that can hopefully make some improvements!

top row:
1. a peel that you leave on overnight. the overnight part alone sells me because it's one less step before bed!

2. face oil. my sister in law recommended this brand and i'm excited to try it.

3. color corrector. a few people on instagram recommended this when i was whining about the dark circles under my eyes. i loooove it!

4. protein cream. this brand is a favorite and i'm pretty sure i can use more polypeptides in my life.

middle row:
1. overnight mask. another overnight product 🙌 and my skin feels so hydrated in the morning.

2. at-home facial. i have this and need to use it more but i think my favorite part is the little tube of face oil that comes with it that you apply at the end. it's like silk!

3. peel pads. more peptides and peels. i'm seeing a theme.

4. sunscreen, as we all know, is a must. i love this one and use it on my kids and myself. i usually buy a giant pump size every year. (p.s. have you heard this "song"? it's old but for some reason it was on the radio yesterday and is a good reminder of what's important - like not beauty products 😂.)

bottom row:
1. cleanser. inexpensive and effective - not much better than that.

2. pimple patch. a friend of mine swears by these. i haven't tried it yet but i'd like to.

3. skin drink. i'm a big fan and use it when my skin is really dry. they say it's like drinking 8oz of water in one application.

4. instant facial. haven't used it but hear good things.

what would you add to this list?

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