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January 11, 2013

Etsy Love: Sarah Bain

i was more than a little late in planning the little birthday party gathering (party would be an overstatement) that we had for the boys. in a moment of panic i realized that i had literally done nothing to mark this momentous occasion so i turned to etsy, obviously, for some party hats that would say it all. very luckily i came across sarah bain designs. sarah was so responsive and so fast - we had the hats in less than a week and with plenty of time to spare before the big day. i gave her an idea on colors and i think they came out really cute!!

the boys agreed...

have a great weekend everyone!

November 9, 2012

Project Update: Upstairs Playroom

my last project update is really only in the beginning stages. in our house we have four bedrooms upstairs. one is the master. one is the current nursery and is closest to the master bedroom. and the other two are at the opposite end of the house from the master and share a corner bathroom. so when we first saw the house, i immediately knew that if we were lucky enough to get it, those would be the boys rooms. eventually they will have separate bedrooms but for a while, they will share one and the other room will be an upstairs playroom!

last week i shared my ideas for their new bedroom and now i'm putting together ideas for the playroom. as always, the first step in my process is coming up with a color palette. this room i'm going with red, navy blue, light blue, gray, and aqua. and then i gather some great inspiration rooms (although sometimes the inspiration influences the color palette). this one i love. it's so simple yet absolutely perfect.

(embarrassed to say that i don't know the source :( tell me if you know!)

do you have any favorite playroom spaces?

October 9, 2012

Our First Flight!

we officially survived our first flight with the boys over the long weekend!! i have to say that i don't think it could have gone any better. a nice short flight is the perfect first one to take. they were so good and even the tsa people were nice to us. i took a little vacation from blogging too (obviously) and will now try to get back in the swing of things. can you believe it's october??

my mom and i did a little clothes shopping for the babies - who are now 9 months old - what??!! i should do a baby clothing post - having an obsession with mini boden right now!

April 6, 2012

I Match

had to post this pic of little finn. i took it specifically when i realized that he matched my living and dining room colors to a tee that day. right down to the socks. crazy? yes, i know.

have a great weekend!

January 14, 2012


january 5th we were thrilled and overjoyed to welcome Finn and Charlie to our family!!

Finn & Charlie

Finn weighed 6lbs 2 oz and Charlie weighed 5 lbs 12 oz. almost 12 lbs of baby...holy #$%! we are home, settling into our new life, and couldn't be happier.

proud daddy :)

January 5, 2012

The Big Day!

as hard as it is to believe (for me anyway!), the time has come and we're having some babies around here! it's a strange, nerve-racking, and extremely exciting feeling all rolled into one.

probably goes without saying but the posting is going to be sporadic at best here at vfmh for a while. i'll be sure to post a little announcement of their arrival and some pics though!!

see you on the other side!

and this was taken in october - i'm mammoth now! (happy about my new car for the twins :)

December 23, 2011

The Countdown

the countdown is officially 2 weeks from yesterday until we get to hold the best christmas present(s!) i could ever imagine! although things could all change at any minute! the nursery is getting close to completion but not yet final. i'll share a few pics in the coming weeks but am also hoping to have some professional shots taken when we do newborn photos. i know, i'm the crazy lady who wants the room photographed (almost) as much as the babies!

via here

December 15, 2011

Too Tired

sorry everyone, just too tired to get posts together the past couple of days. the babies are taking up a lot of my energy - only about 3 more weeks!! i will however have a great etsy post for friday so long as my item comes in time. thanks for hanging in there with me!

mona ross berman

isn't this room adorable for twin boys?

November 22, 2011

Nursery Bedding

i have searched high and low for crib bedding that will go with my color scheme. i love every single thing that serena and lily has but none of their "sets" are quite right. restoration hardware has some cute stuff - pieces of it are right but again not everything in a "set". and then i stumbled on and found their design-your-own bedding tool. HEAVEN.

start with one of their ideas or a blank canvas (my preference) and go to town. you can select options on bumpers* and skirts like piping or pleats. their prices are pretty reasonable, considering it's custom. and you can order swatches of any of their fabrics (and there are lots to choose from) for 50 cents each. i would highly recommend ordering swatches because the colors and patterns online don't look quite the same in person. you can also customize the wall color in the picture, the carpet color, and the crib color to get a more realistic view of your actual room.

*let me say that i am well aware of the controversy surrounding bumpers. they are however pretty decoration and so for the purposes of this post, i'm including them.

as an example, i created this bedding on their site. inside the bumper is a striped fabric which is impossible to see here. i left the sheet white because i've found other sheets that i like better. i'm not going with a quilt either but you can't hide it in the picture. but that's another great thing - you can order everything a la carte - i ended up purchasing only the bumper(s).

anyone out there who has used this company? any reviews? i did read in the baby bargains book (which was very nicely given to me by a friend!) that their sheets are fully elasticized which is apparently recommended.

the crib skirts are coming from restoration hardware which i bought during a recent friends and family sale for 20% off!

and here is one of the sheets i'm using - serena and lily's mocha trellis:

so there you have it, my piecemeal bedding :) i like that it's a unique combination that i won't find in another nursery! 

October 28, 2011

Etsy Love: ML Paper Creations

next up in the etsy/nursery category is ml paper creations from oh canada! everything is cute in this shop, you kind of want to buy it all. but i chose this:

since it was pre-framed and coming from canada, the shipping was a bit more than other etsy items but the cuteness justified it! :) plus meaghan, the shop owner, was about the nicest person ever and followed up with me to make sure i got it and loved it (yes and yes!). have a great weekend!

October 20, 2011

Nursery Palette

before i get into today's post, i wanted to mention that the expedit bookcase from this post comes in lots of different sizes and finishes. should have said that before! ok...

i have thought a lot about the color palette for the nursery. there are so many directions to go in - it's a little overwhelming. when i first began designing the nursery, we didn't know the genders of the twins. so the idea was to go gender-neutral. we have since found out the sexes but that's for a later post!

my normal inclination would be to go with color, lots of it, and some graphic elements. but my gut (ha) keeps telling me calming, neutral tones so i'm sticking to that feeling. and what's emerged is aqua and camel (i am calling it camel b/c i refuse to admit to tan or beige!).

another goal was not to have a theme or have anything that looked too baby-ish. for me, baby stuff will come in the form of accessories. the things that are the big investment pieces, i want to be able to use again. i'll break down the specifics in future posts :)

October 17, 2011

Nursery Storage

there is one open, full height wall in the nursery - the other walls either have dormers or windows - making it the perfect spot for a big storage unit. there are lots of baby changing "station" options out there but i want something that is able to grow with the babies and not look kiddie. so my inspiration came from this photo:

via style at home

then i saw it in an office:

also saw it in a nursery:

via here

i love the open back so you can see the wall color behind. and as you probably already know, this is the ikea expedit bookcase.

i also like it because it doesn't cost a fortune. west elm has one for nearly 5x the price! and as ikea points out, this thing is finished on all sides so it could be used in multiple places. definitely could go in a family or living room. does anyone have this in their pad? any thoughts?

September 28, 2011

Real Life Nurseries

so not that the rooms i shared the other day aren't from real life, but i have some more rooms to share and they all come from a friend and reader of this blog (thanks AF!).

the first is a room decorated by a girl who works for restoration hardware and man, did that discount ever pay off!

how cute is that chandelier?

this storage is amazing. love all the built-ins.

the second room is from the sister of my friend. her photography is bananas. and actually so is the room.

and this one is from another friend of the same friend! notice a similarity in the window treatment to the room above?

thanks to all of the ladies who shared their photos! i hope my room will measure up!

September 26, 2011

Nursery Inspiration

my ideas are starting to come together for our nursery so here are a few rooms that are inspiring me...

i like a lot things in this room but especially that one wall is different from the rest.

via eos

elizabeth sullivan via maddie g

can i just say these stripes on the ceiling are killer! i would love to do this in my house but we have textured ceilings (i know, how did we get so lucky) and i'm not going to spend money to have them smoothed out. but i am keeping these stripes in mind!

via hgtv

any nurseries that have caught your eye? or how about those in your own home? i'd love to see any and all!

September 12, 2011

So Yeah...

to follow up on the "cliffhanger" from this post, i wanted to share with everyone (although you may have already guessed and/or know), that i'm pregnant! and we're expecting twins!! as you can probably imagine, my mind has been in a much different place and my focus on this blog has gotten little lost. at first i was way too tired to do anything after work other than eat or sleep anyway!

we have decided (so far!) not to find out the genders so i think this will be a good challenge design-wise in the nursery but i do have some ideas that i'll be sharing. :)  and even if we do find out, i'm not one to do all pink or all blue anyway.

i promise not to turn this blog into an all-baby, all-the-time thing. that's not why i started it. but inevitably as life changes, some baby stuff will creep in so i apologize in advance if that's not the kind of content you want to read. just please (pretty please) come back when the posting is on another topic!
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