September 7, 2010

Ballet Flats

ballet flats have been around forever so ok, this isn't some great new style tip. but regardless, they are a remarkable little shoe that, without even trying, can take an everyday outfit and make it a little bit chic. and for that reason, i think they deserve a post!

i'm currently loving them with narrow leg pants - either full length, ankle length, or cropped length. however there are also some "don'ts" in my book when it comes to flats. like with skirts or dresses below the knee. not hot. maybe unless you have supermodel legs or you're an actual supermodel. any of those reading this blog?

here is the look i'm attempting to describe:

image via

here are a few flats that do the trick starting with the seasonless, iconic, and classic tory burch:

they are definitely a splurge but the patent leather gives them a little something extra AND they can be worn all year round. yes, i can justify just about anything ;)

another in the simple and classic category:

studded. studs are everywhere and i love them:

michael kors olive via zappos (warning big splurge!)

and everyone needs a little leopard in their life right?

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