July 17, 2018

Artists I'm Into Lately

hello hello! today is the LAST day to enter my giveaway with A Salty Soul! see the post from last week for details. the winner will be announced tomorrow on instagram!

today i want to talk about art! i was recently asked on instagram who are some of my favorite artists and i responded with some accounts i like but i wanted to go deeper and also expand more here on the blog! earlier this year i declared 2018 to be the year of original art in the rodday house. i had a lot of prints but really wanted to add some unique pieces that i have been eyeing for a while. there is no doubt that original art is an investment but it's so worthwhile to have something that's one of a kind.

holly addi - i have been secretly (why it was secret i have no idea 😂) obsessed with holly's pieces for a while now. i absolutely love her style of abstract art and the palettes she uses. i knew i wanted to purchase one of her pieces for either our office or dining room and oh so patiently waited to see if just the right one would come up with the right colors and size. and guess what? yep, it did. i can't wait to show you! here are some examples of her work:

serena & lily has two pieces that i think are stunnnning. HERE and HERE.

kim fonder - really cool and interesting abstracts in a variety of styles. here's just one. i don't have much else to say other than i'm a fan!

carla weeks - absolutely adore carla's work. she has such a unique style and i would love to have a piece or two from her in the future.

mckenzie dove - i first saw mckenzie's work in alys beach, fl on our vacation in april. there was an installation at mast of 20 of her 8x8 paintings. it was so simple and so perfect. i followed her on instagram and when she had a sale, snapped up three of my own. i love them in my dining room!

she also has gorgeous large scale pieces as well!

kerry hays - i'm a big fan of her minimalist drawings and collages. i think there's a theme here so far. 😉

gah this one!!

kayce hughes - another artist whose art i had been pining away for! i introduced her work to a client of mine and she commissioned three pieces that came out so well it made me pull the trigger for myself.

paige follman - soft, pretty colors as well as black and white. love the movement in her work.

erin clark - erin is the only one on this list who i've met in person! she is a sweetheart and lent me some pieces for a kitchen i styled. her larger pieces are beautiful too!

theresa losa - THE coolest beach, pool, and landscape paintings. who lives by the beach or has a beach house that needs one of these?!

uprise art  - this is a great site that represents a lot of artists at varying price points. it's a great way to learn about new artists and purchase original art of your own.

July 13, 2018

GIVEAWAY: A Salty Soul!!!

happy friday friends! who doesn't love a good summer friday? i'm visiting the new build project i've been working on today and it's so fun to see it really starting to take shape - everything has been selected and we're just waiting on things to arrive or be installed. i'll be going through the gazillions of boxes of lighting, hardware, fixtures, etc to make sure everything that came is in fact what i ordered and that nothing is broken!

alright so today i have a very fun giveaway with a salty soul! i'm super excited because erin, the woman behind it all, is such a sweet person and has been so kind to me. we are giving away a fantastic sweatshirt from one of my favorite places on earth - nantucket! this one is apparently pretty hard to keep in stock - it's coveted people!!

and because erin is so kind and has gifted me one as well, i can tell you first hand how incredibly soft and cozy it is. i know that sounds extremely cliche but actually it's true. you know i don't promote things here unless i truly like them!

photo by @emilyelisabethphotography

so how to enter? go to my instagram, find this post, and tag three friends. make sure you're following me and @asaltysoul. that's it! the last day to enter is tuesday july 17. it's a perfect way to have a little piece of nantucket always with you.

good luck!

July 3, 2018

4th of July Sales!!!

hello hello! i rounded up some great 4th of july sales and am finally having a chance to post them here! and p.s. i 1. can not believe it's july and 2. am somehow feeling like summer is just starting even though it's really in full swing! happy 4th!!

top row from left to right: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
bottom row from left to right: 1 | 2 | 3

top row left to right: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
middle row left to right: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
bottom row left to right: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

June 11, 2018

Recap On 10 Eat Fire Spring Nantucket!

i know i'm preaching to the choir when i say i'm busy!!! it has been a nutty week or so and i don't think there will be much rest until school ends. i mentioned on instagram, i've been working on a project with clients who are moving and we have a week and two days (actually 5 days remaining as of today!) to select all of the finishes for the house. no pressure! it makes for some packed days but i'm not complaining - i feel very lucky to be able to help on this project.

but enough about that - let's get to the point here. two weekend ago ai spent a very relaxing weekend with some girlfriends in one of my most favorite places - nantucket! a big thank you to fisher nantucket, brian sullivan, and erin wilson for offering and planning this amazing trip for us! we stayed at a stunning new build home that's currently on the market, #10eatfirespringroad.


this home is located in the wauwinet area of the island which has all of the raw beauty of the surrounding conservation land and yet is about 15 minutes to town. the house is extremely energy efficient and in fact produces so much energy from it's own solar field that it gives power back to the grid! can you believe that? especially for a 7 bedroom home. it also has deeded access to polpis harbor and has a water view from the second floor and widow's walk.

erin, real estate agent extraordinaire and pictured far left below, planned a boat ride for us on gertrude which is an adorable restored tug boat. it can be rented for harbor cruises and was perfect for our party of six!

but back to the house - even though the weather actually was a lot better than we thought it would be, we didn't end up taking a dip in the pool but it sure was tempting!

the cabinetry in the kitchen was one of my favorite parts - cerused white oak and it had just the right amount of warmth to balance out the modern look.

i'm pretty sure i'd be happy with just the garage!

it was a dreamy 36 hours of no one asking me for things, no whining, and getting to do whatever we wanted. just what the doctor ordered! thank you again erin and sully! p.s. you can see my video tour of the house saved under 10 eat fire on my instagram profile.

May 25, 2018

One More Sale!

today i've got one more sale that caught my attention with some amazing finds! one kings lane has so much to offer at 20% off right now. no code needed!

can you get over how good that bed is? in fact anything by the brand community is on my wishlist! and the chair with the wooden base is crypton indoor/outdoor fabric. family friendly! all of this right here would be an amazing start for a design plan. any takers?! ;)

don't forget the other sales going on right now too! (see HERE)
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