August 20, 2014

Fall Boots Roundup 2014

i think every year i end up doing a post on fall boots although i never really plan it. just can't help it! so here's what's on my mind

madewell - only question is brown or black?


hanna andersson:

of course frye has to be on the list:

p.s. anthropologie is having 20% all shoes right now including those splendid numbers above!

August 18, 2014

GiGi New York

i had never heard of gigi new york until erin gates from elements of style unveiled the bag she designed with/for them. and since then i keep seeing their bags pop up on my instagram feed. isn't that always the way? once you're aware of something it's everywhere! anyway, their bags are so pretty and i love all of their fun colors.

i think the teddie tote is my favorite style - and the same style of just about every bag that i own!! easy access for snacks, wipes, and every other random thing you can find in my bag these days! bonus - you can get it monogrammed :)

loving this iris color:

pretty clutches:

which one is your favorite?

p.s. apologies for the sporadic posts - work is killing me lately.

August 13, 2014

Art Crush: The Aestate

i love instagram for so many reasons - including yesterday when one king's lane liked and commented on my post!! oh and wayfair liked it too :)

but the other reason is finding really great sources. and i happened upon the estate which is a collection of pretty, fresh, and affordable art by an artist named jessica rowe. i love her work!

she also takes commissions and has an etsy shop.

August 12, 2014

Design Obsession: Braided Rugs

ever since i saw that braided jute rug at tory burch, i can't get it out of my head! are you on the band wagon too? here are some more rooms to get your fix!

August 11, 2014

Real Estate Listings: Pretty Antique

i wish it was summer forever. such a beautiful weekend here and lots of time outside. i keep thinking about how i'm going to miss this in the winter! anyway, another listing today... this one was built in 1825 - we have for real old houses around here! - and it's about 4,600 s.f. on the market for $1.7MM.

love the old wide floor boards.

so much potential!!

and the rooms all looks really big.

August 8, 2014

Not Sure What Happened & Navy Paint

um so it's been a week since my last post! not really sure how that happened but i blame work. i did post on instagram the other day that i'm contemplating painting the dining room navy. more than contemplating really, you all know me by now ;)

so i've been trying to narrow down navy paint colors. there are SO many! we went through this once before when we painted our dining room and living room in our old house navy. that time i went with rich navy by glidden but when i pulled it out again here it just didn't look quite right. i'm leaning toward benjamin moore stunning now.

i rounded up some navy rooms about 4 years ago - yikes 4 years?! that can't be true!! but here are a few more...

August 1, 2014

Bye Bye Red!

if you live with me then you better be ok with change! and my poor husband actually despises change (i like to think we balance each other out nicely!) so he was not exactly on board when i said i wanted to paint over the red stripes in our family room above the fireplace. but i needed something calmer (i feel like the red was secretly stressing me out) and something more modern. the red was feeling dated - already - it wasn't even up two years! so i went from this...

to this...

i started off with a roll of painters tape and got to work. this is where i'm very happy i had the red stripes professionally done because i just taped right above the red and automatically had very straight lines.

i decided to keep the white stripe the same color which is benjamin moore linen white. after taping, the first step is to paint over the tape seams with the white color to "seal" it so that the new color won't leak through. this is a little bit of extra effort but it works like a charm!

the new color is pale oak from benjamin moore and i looove it. i want to cover my whole house with this color. it's the perfect gray/taupe neutral. to save time i rolled on the new color with a small roller and used a small angled brush to get in the corners and on edges where the roller didn't cover. i ended up just needing two coats - i used the regal select line of paint and it was so thick, the coverage was incredible. i messed up once and started painting the white stripe instead of the red. duh!! but this was such a quick job - about 4 hours in total. and for those who are worried that i neglected my children for four hours, i started at nap time and then finished when i had a mommy's helper (girl from the neighborhood) come play with the boys.

only bad part is that the painters tape actually pulled up some of the paint on the white stripes when i took it off. not sure how to prevent that?

and meanwhile to my right while i was snapping these pics...two wild little boys!!

have a great weekend!
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