October 8, 2015

California Cool Art

coming at you with another affordable art source today. check out etsy shop wilder california. i found them on instagram and was immediately a fan.

prints start at $30. yep!

October 7, 2015

Design Crush: House Of Jade Interiors

MAJOR major crush. crush doesn't even cover it. the ladies of house of jade interiors are on fire.

this kitchen is one of my all time favorites ever.

their kids rooms are so flippin cute!

heart eyes for this living room.

i think i could make do with this bathroom.

this mudroom WITH pet washing station. dreamy.

am i right? and there really is so much more to see on their blog.

October 5, 2015

Styling Books On Bookshelves

how novel! ha get it?! actual books on bookshelves. a friend of mine sent a picture of her newly color-organized bookcase and it got me thinking about different ways to organize and display books.

first approach - color coordinate your books. i first learned this tip from jenny at little green notebook. i think it works every time.

these last two are from jenny komenda's homes.

works with kids books too!

approach two - turn your books around so the bindings are facing IN and the pages face out. very unifying. but probably not for the real readers since finding the book you need would be a little challenging! ;)

this one also applies to the next approach!

third approach - choose to display only the books that fit with the vibe of the room.

what's your method? if you're like me, magazines in stacks are the way to go!

October 2, 2015

Client Project: Family Room Refresh

happy almost weekend! october has come and along with it came the cold. it was 80 degrees on monday and tuesday and now i think the high today will be 55! that was a little (way) too fast for me. anyway today i wanted to share a family room design board that i've been working on for a client. it's for a family with a young child with lots of toys (read: needs more storage!). :) right now the room is gray and white which can be pretty but in this case feels a little cold. we are doing this room top to bottom pretty much with the exception of the paint which is already stonington gray. we'll also be working on refreshing the kitchen with new lighting, table, chairs, and possibly counters and backsplash too!

Family Room II

there have been a few iterations of this board as we are really trying to hone in on their style but i think with this one we're pretty close! under the coffee table i envision baskets to store cars and trucks. the console will also be filled up with puzzles and coloring supplies and whatever other toys need to find a place to live. excited to get going on this one!

October 1, 2015

BIG News!!!

i've been waiting and wanting to say this so many times but i've been holding off until we chose a contractor. and now we have!! we are going to be doing a bunch of fun improvement projects at our house! things like adding built ins, shiplap, bathroom upgrades, and a couple of other fun things! we can't wait to get started and we're so excited about the contractor we're going to work with. about 6 months ago i wrote a post about our forever home, our plans and dreams and it feels so good to be able to get started on some of these ideas.

what's on the list?

built ins in the master bedroom - we are going to add two built in dressers with a window seat between (where the navy bench is in the pic below). we can then eliminate one of the dressers and add some chairs to the room which i'm excited about!

adding interest to the main staircase - our front entry is open and goes up to the second floor. there is a great big wall that is in major need of something to break it up. i decided against traditional wainscoting as we want a little more of a modern feel. i've been lusting after shiplap and after thinking hard on it - i wanted to be sure it wasn't just a fad that we like right now but that it's really lasting - we're going to shiplap about 1/2 the wall and carry it around to the front of the staircase too.

family room - a couple of things going on here. we have a VERY open floor plan which is great but there is also something to be said definition of space. our kitchen through to the family room is basically a bowling alley and we want to add an opening - a very large opening to keep that open feeling - that will separate the spaces a bit. possibly also add some beams to the family room which could continue to help differentiate the space.

secondly we are going to do the dreaded mounting of the tv over the fireplace. i say dreaded because i really didn't want the tv to be part of the main focal point. but the thing is, it will really open up the room and give us a whole wall back where the tv is currently. to make sure that the tv won't be so high that we're craning our necks the whole time, we're going to rip off the existing mantle and replace it with a much simpler and cleaner design. it will probably save us 6". we are also going to shiplap over the backs of the existing built ins and around the fireplace wall, plus stain the built in tops darker (hard to see but they current stain is very red), and spray it all white. bye bye beadboard and stripes!

basement - i've slowly been selling off the furniture that housed the tv and other junk to make room for beautiful new built ins down there! it's a big wall so we'll gain so much storage space for toys which at this point in my life i find really exciting! :) i'm thinking right now that we'll paint them charcoal gray. that wall is so ugly that i've never taken a picture of it (!) but it's where that white bookcase is.

the last of the major projects - and this is the one that's still up in the air - is a redo of the basement bathroom. i've said before that's it's fine and functional, it's just ugly. so we have to decide whether it's a good use of our money or not.

a few other smaller things are on the list too like finally replacing the vanity in the powder room that i've been griping about since the day we moved in, adding some organization to the garage, and putting in a closet system in our linen closet/my husband's closet.

there are other projects that we're not going to get to - the biggest of which is adding built ins in our office. i really wanted to tackle that but the office is easily the room we spend the least amount of time in and i'm going to listen to my better half that the money is better spent elsewhere!
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