October 15, 2018

Faux Greenery Roundup

happy monday! fall is in full force here in new england and i'm embracing the sweater weather. just ignoring the season that follows. 😜 the foliage is starting to really shine and i'm excited to take a few photos of the colors. speaking of foliage, actually speaking of faux foliage, i've had several requests to do a roundup of faux greenery. plants, stems, and trees. so today is your lucky day!

i'll start it off with stems. when you don't have a bush or field nearby that's all lush and green, it's nice to have a few faux stems to bring in the look of nature. tip - make sure the stems are long enough for your vase. you can also trim them with a wire cutter. also make sure to order enough so the arrangement looks full! i've used these in the #plainrdproject and the #thomaslaneproject. here are my picks:

clockwise from top left: olive* | belle | eucalyptus | green petal | laurel
*curently sold out but often comes back in stock

next up are plants! i always like to have fresh, living plants around the house but there are places where i want some greenery that don't get much light. i have some faux favorites for this reason!

clockwise from top left: variegated | lavender | fern | succulent

and last but definitely not least - trees! faux trees are so great if only for the simple fact that keeping a living tree inside is HARD! especially in a climate that isn't always sunny and warm. so here are a whole bunch of ideas including many fiddle leaf figs that i've used in projects and have at my house. :)

clockwise from double topiary: double ball topiary* | fiddle leaf fig | olive | fiddle leaf fig
*i envision this outside under a covered porch

October 8, 2018

Fresh Styling with Brooke & Lou!

my friend bria hammel of bria hammel interiors started a new line of furniture, accessories, pillows, artwork, and wallpaper called brooke & lou after her two kiddos! when she asked me if i wanted to join her in supporting the launch of the brand, it took me maybe .5 seconds to say yes. i love seeing other woman succeed and it is so empowering to watch (and even help!) someone grow.

as soon as i saw the email, i knew exactly which pieces i wanted to use and where i wanted to put them. the new build i had worked on over the summer has this great built in nook upstairs with two bookcases and a bench seat. it was still empty! i chose the between the lines artwork in pink in the 30x40 size as well as two 20" pillows in lyla stripe in blue. the photo online does not do this fabric justice. it's so pretty!!

i paired the two lyla pillows with a bungalo lumbar pillow that i already had and the colors worked really well with the artwork. the art was all created by artist abbey holden and framed in a soft gold frame. it comes in a bunch of other colors too!

that took care of the bench seat and the wall but the bookcases needed some major accessorizing. i shopped at west elm and target (it doesn't need to be fancy!) to make the shelves come to life. i wanted the overall feel to be fresh, light, and feminine.

styling isn't a perfect science - at least for me! but there are some tricks i use to get it just right.

1. lay everything out in one spot so you can see everything you have to work with.

2. work with odd numbers. stacks of books, vases, or even just one larger item feel better when there is 1, 3, or 5.

3. pay attention to height of the items and vary it left to right and up and down. for example, three times i used one accessory by itself but i made sure not to place them both on the highest shelves, especially since they weren't a pair.

4. find a color palette and stick to it. here i did a lot of pastels but also included some darker accessories to ground everything.

5. proof of life (to steal a phrase from alyssa rosenheck!). greenery is a must and always makes whatever you're looking at feel alive - pun intended ;)

i always tweak and tweak some more. it's never right the first time! what other tips do you have for styling a space? thank you to bria for the beautiful art and pillows and to my client for letting me invade her space!


left bookcase, top to bottom: cement box | marble planter | white round vase (homegoods)
right bookcase, top to bottom: plaid vase | rattan basket | white dipped vase | blue marble planter |
plant | topiary | pink vase | bowl | inspired home book

October 3, 2018

Fall Home: Textures and Neutrals

i'm really feeling lots of warm neutrals and textures for fall this year and there is really no better place to find both of those things than at serena & lily. they're having a friends and family sale where everything is 20% off (with code HOMELOVE) so i'm sharing my picks! plus a few people on instagram asked - ask and you shall receive. :)

i've used the side table on the bottom right and the raffia is beautiful. i'm also using the solid pillow and the sham coming up and have the coffee table on order for another client. just can't go wrong here. happy hump day and happy shopping!

September 3, 2018

Fall Wardrobe Updates

i almost don't want to say it - fall! - because it has been so nice here in boston. warm and zero humidity. the kind of weather we dream about! but all good things must come to an end eventually i guess (just not quite yet please mother nature!). i did some fall clothing shopping this weekend and thought i'd share some pieces that i bought and some that are on my wishlist. one can never have too many wishlists right? ;) p.s. 7 of the 14 items below are 40% off!!

i really crammed them in! ok here are my reasons why each item made the list... (everything is linked as well)

1. turtleneck sweater. love the cool fringe detail at the bottom and the easy neck.

2. snakeskin flats. dressed up but still comfortable. need i say more? oh yeah 40% OFF.

3. leather clutch. goes with absolutely everything. and every season for that matter.

4. pink suede sneakers. because why not really?

5. leather nike sneaker. casj but not too casj. (casj = casual. i have no idea how to spell it.)

6. green nubuck bag. the color of this bag is so yummy and it had sold out at first so i was excited to see it back!

7. step hem jeans. trendy without breaking the bank because they're 40% OFF!

8. faux fur leopard jacket. this is my wildcard but i'm going to give it a try! also 40% off.

9. charcoal jeans. never hurts to have this color in your closet. 40% off of these too!

10. bubble sleeve shirt. tucked or untucked it looks great.

11. jeggings. also this color. also $69.50 + 40% off.

12. black no-collar blazer. to help me look more put together than i really am. 40% off!

13. booties. major splurge item. these will remain in my cart but i sure wouldn't mind if they showed up at my doorstep. ;)

14. bum-covering rain coat. comes in a bunch of colors and a cinch waist. yes please. did i mention 40% off this too?

the 40% off sale lasts through today so hurry!

August 31, 2018

Labor Day Sales!

i have to say - not the best labor day sales i've ever seen but still some good deals to be had out there! i've got some of my favorites here with links to everything below.

actually this could be the beginning of a really pretty home! have a great long weekend!

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