January 23, 2015

Bedding For The Kiddos & HUGE Sale Alert!!

first, the sale - rue la la is having a pretty massive serena and lily sale right now! if you're not a member, use this link to sign up!!

i've seen some fun new bedding (and bath too!) options for small people. i'm not in the market but i kinda wish i was!

did you know hanna andersson now has a home section of their website? the kids sheets and duvets are adorable.

of course serena & lily is always at the top of my list but that's because they have the cutest stuff!

even the towels are awesome.

and look at this little hooded towel. these are actually sized for toddlers!

love this red, white, and blue scheme from land of nod.

what are your go-to sources for kids? have a great weekend! i hope to make some progress with potty training our new puppy, stanley!! ugh whose idea was this again?!

January 21, 2015

Project Update: Laundry Room And Art.com Discount!!

i *think* i'm finally done with our laundry room! back in june i shared some pics of the wallpaper we put up. it really made such a difference and i'm so glad i bucked up and didn't stay with paint mistake.  the things that were still missing were a shot of pink which works so well against the pale aqua blue and some warmth in the form of a rug.

i have seen this audubon flamingo print around for a while but never in the right size. but i finally googled it and found it on art.com not only in the right size but at a great price too. 

plus the frame choices were great and this modern gold one is just right. take 30% off your order with code BEA2366 through 2/2/15.

it's only taken me about 2 years to find the right rug for this space too! i had tried a 4x6 rug and it was slightly too big but 3x5 would be skimpy. so glad i stumbled on lola belle's website and this awesome gingham jute rug

a few more details...

this room is like my little palm beach oasis and it makes me smile :)

January 19, 2015


when we were first looking at our house, it was easy to fall in love with it. it's pretty awesome! but no house is perfect and we have always felt like something is missing on the outside. it's lacking a bit of character to be honest.

it dawned on us pretty quickly that what was missing are shutters! the rendering that i found in a drawer after we moved in even has them drawn which makes it that much easier to envision.

so after living here for 2.5 years (already!) we have started down the path of making this design dream a reality. we are looking at composite shutters that have a lifetime warranty for both structure and finish which cuts out the maintenance headache that i think is often associated with shutters. it's not a small project so i'm really hoping that they will look as good in reality as they do in my head! check out my inspiration images - some more aspirational than others ;)

so if by chance you were on the fence before, these surely changed your mind!

January 16, 2015

Cover Ups

this is a big weekend for us - we have the boys' bday party and then the newest member of the family is going to be joining us! i can't wait to introduce him!! woof woof :)

so now that it's gotten legitimately cold in boston, my mind has of course shifted to warm weather and warm weather clothes! i've seen a few cute swimsuit coverups - all on the boho side actually - that i thought i'd round up and share here.

a romper! so out of my comfort zone but so so cute i might just have to give it a try.

roberta roller rabbit has hit the nail on the head. love the pattern, the fringe, and the flowiness!

anthropologie of course does the boho look perfectly.

did anyone take a trip somewhere warm over the holidays? what did you cover up with?

January 15, 2015

The End Of An Era (And The Beginning Of A New One)

today is my last day of work at the company where i've been for the last 7.5 years. this is a big deal for me as my work has always been an important part of my life. but bigger than that even is that this is my last day of work - like normal office-type work. it's a crazy life change and a scary one at that! i'm feeling a bunch of emotions - excitement (i mean this is a choice after all), guilt (i should be contributing income to our household), embarrassment (i do have a brain and a college education but somehow i'm choosing not to put them to work at the moment), and a sense of focus (i can really focus on one job now because let's face it, being a mom is a job in itself).

i am also going to have a bit more time which i treasure. we're adding a new member to our family (more to come on him soon!) which will keep me very occupied at first. i volunteered as a room parent this year which if you know me is kind of, well, out of character. i'm thinking forward to the summer and might actually get my kids swimming in the big pool now that we're potty trained! (p.s. they're potty trained!!! i was dreading it so much but it turned out to not be so bad.)  i've been saying that i want to start painting again for a year now - i have all the supplies and now i might even have the chance. the list could go on and on...i don't think i'll be bored :)

in addition to all of those things i'm really excited about legitimatizing my design business. i need to figure out a name, a logo, update my blog, and get some big girl business cards. and the fun part is that now i think i'll actually have time to do it! so join me on this journey into next phase of life. oh and if you're looking for some design help, please reach out!! e-design clients welcome!

January 13, 2015

Black And White Florals 2

hi there! so this is my last week at work. it's a totally surreal feeling still but i'm ready. i'm going to miss it though, there's no doubt. but more on that and other deep thoughts on thursday!

a while back a did a short post on some black and white florals and, well, i'm still hooked!! today i'm focusing on wallpaper. i'd love to do my entry in something like this. it would be traditional but modern and i think the perfect contrast to some of the other elements i've got going on! before i focused on schumacher's pyne hollyhock but here are some others that have a similar feel!

how pretty is this bathroom?

this image was my initial source of inspiration. i love everything about it.

i imagine this room to be at an inn somewhere in like vermont.

another bathroom and how cool is that bone inlay mirror with it?

in reverse here with black as the background color. so pretty with the pine beds.

a kitchen - not sure i could live with it in my main living space but it's pretty!

and one more pretty bath.

if you're on the bandwagon with me, here are a couple of sources...starting with a splurge from anthropologie.

this one's from the home depot if you can believe it!

and from a random source but it sure it purdy :)

what do you think? have i gone granny on you? :)

January 9, 2015


it's friday and we made it through the first week after the holidays. we should all celebrate - it wasn't easy. ;) getting back into the routine, especially now with kids, is so hard. i've been thinking that i'll start trying to dedicate fridays to clothing/fashion posts. seems right for the weekend!

it's been a little while since i've done one of my j crew rants so it's probably about time for another ;)  (here, here, here) as i always say, i'm one of their biggest fans and have a major love affair with them in general. but sometimes i think they go a little...astray.

first, are you aware that they now carry xxx-small? that's 3 extras. who are they marketing to? but it leads me to gripe #2 - everything is oversize. i'd be willing to bet that 1/2 of their tops including sweaters, tunics, shirts, all of it, have the word "oversize" or "loose fit" in the description. i get it to a point - a flowy top and skinny jeans are practically my uniform but it's getting seriously over the top. (pun intended!)

let me just demonstrate this oversize thing in pictures...

imagine i walked up to you wearing this. you would definitely think, and i hope say out loud, sweet moo-moo. i don't even know how to spell moo-moo. mu-mu? *this is not found in the sleepwear section!

maybe it's the way she's standing? (but i don't think so)

i mean...she just looks pissed off. i would be too. although this sweater is nearly sold out so clearly lots of people are on board with this one.

not sure if this fits in the oversized category or just really weird, but either way...you're welcome.

i almost bought those shorts. (no i didn't)

and i bet they wouldn't need xxx-small if the clothes were sized differently. but hey, that's just me. now off to place an order, just none of these pieces. ;)
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