April 17, 2014

Awesome Before and After

i missed adding something about the 1 year mark of the boston marathon bombings to my post on tuesday but not because it hasn't been on my mind. just want to take a moment today to remember the victims. if you want to really cry some tears and feel full of love at the same time, read this article about martin richard's family (the 3rd grader who was killed). boston strong.

ok...a friend of mine bought a house last year and has done some work on it so i asked her if she would share some pics. my favorite change has to be the kitchen/dining room. take a look.


cute but closed in kitchen...

and the dining room on the other side of the wall...


and after (from both sides)!

paint color is light french gray from sherwin williams. i could look at before and after shots like these all day - great job lgp!

April 15, 2014

Another House To Drool Over

found this beauty on houzz. (pardon the iphone screenshot)  so many things to love - the shutters, the front door, even the slate walkway. just pretty :)

lasley brahaney architechture, princeton nj.

April 14, 2014

Deal Of The Week

last week when i shared our new wing chair, you might have noticed that in the two pictures, the fiddle leaf fig was in two different baskets! after living with the homegoods one (see here) for a little while, i realized that it was just too small. wrong proportion. so i found a larger, less structured jute basket at pottery barn. the scale is perfect and it was on sale for $15.50!

are you in need of a little texture in your home? this one is soft and large and i love that it's floppy - texture without the rigidity of a traditional basket. it would look great in a modern space or more traditional one. also good for a kids room too because of how soft it is! had to pass it along!

p.s. chair pillow is from target

April 10, 2014

Destroyed Denim

torn up, ripped up jeans are a major trend for spring/summer and i'm happy to tell you that i found a pair that won't break your budget. have you heard of blank denim? they're one of my faves and always have stylish jeans for under $100.

these jeans are super stretchy so here's my recommendation - by your normal size and when you take them out of the box, don't panic because they look tiny. i was 100% sure there was no way i was getting them on but they ended up fitting! $88 at shopbop

April 9, 2014

Client Project: Kitchen Art

as i mentioned before, i've been helping a friend pull together some new art for her kitchen. it's been a really fun process and now that it's finally finished and up, we're in love! here was the process...

the before - her husband loved those wrought iron candle holders (isn't funny the things husbands fall in love with?) and she, rightfully so i will agree, hated them.

she set her budget between $350 - $400 which is reasonable but i wanted to get six pieces of art so that both sides of the window were balanced which works out to about $60 per item including framing. (p.s. if he husband asks, the whole thing cost $100, k?) her only requirement was to keep it low key.

for the art, i turned to etsy mostly with a couple of other sources thrown in too. we were going for a casual look - which by the way i couldn't have agreed with more for the kitchen and a young family - i sent her a bunch of ideas and here are the ones she picked:

clockwise from top left: family established print from rdk design (do you know how many of these there are on etsy? took a while to sift through!)  2. an oversized chalkboard letter (except an H)  3. coordinates from jenna sue design  4. a cute quote from a vintage poster  5&6. my fav silhouettes from blue clara

for the framing we wanted to again keep it simple so we went with white frames and mats. we ordered the frames on amazon (of all places!) from a store that had just about every size frame imaginable. then we took the frames and the art to a local frame shop and picked out the mat color (there are so many different whites - just like paint) and had them cut one specifically for each frame and the piece of art.

and now for the afters!

doesn't the whole wall look bigger? i hung the far left print high so she can fit a frame or two and the phone back on top of the radiator cover (isn't that a nice cover?).

best part of the whole project? when we started to hang everything, i needed a pencil to mark out measurements. she found a huge stack of brand new unsharpened pencils and no pencil sharpener! so she whipped out a giant knife and began filing it down. obviously! it was pretty awesome and it worked! she loved how it all looked. let me just say, a happy client is the best feeling ever! p.s. i hung everything with command velcro strips.

April 8, 2014

Simple Bath Tile

i saw this bathroom on a real estate listing (hence the weird bars on either side of the pic) and i loved the simple tile design. white subway with a border/frame of color. it's so easy to get carried away with tile because it's so pretty but i thought this was a really nice reminder of how keeping it simple really works.

April 7, 2014

Send Me A Picture!

in light of my big decision last week, i thought i'd share a picture that a reader sent me. this lovely lady happens to be our realtor but she has become a real friend! and she has a lovely home to boot. she read my post about the x benches at target and brought home a couple in apple green.

how cute? of course when i saw the pic i also had to know what that gorgeous wallpaper was. turns out it's gp & j baker's roses and hummingbird. she said she waited a long time to be able to buy the paper and have it installed and when she saw it up for the first time she cried. how awesome is that story?! waiting can be a very good thing :)

i'd love to see more snippets from your houses so send them my way! (contact info is in my profile)
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