March 25, 2015

Designer Crush: Rita Chan Interiors

i follow so many designers on instagram but there are a few who post pics that i always drooling over every single time. rita chan interiors (@ritadonahoe) is one of them. i am completely obsessed with her california beachy vibe.

are you with me?

March 20, 2015

Real Estate: Mega Compound

first day of spring!! and it's snowing, or supposed to snow. i mean that almost feels normal at this point. we're going to florida next winter and i am already looking forward to that trip!

today's real estate fun is a compound that's very near where my husband grew up. it used to be separate houses but a ceo of a large company came and bought them up and then made his dream house. except i guess it's not a dream if they're selling already?! it's only been finished for like 5 years or so. i've driven by many times and the stone walls themselves are something to drool over. 4 bedrooms plus an au pair apartment on 9.73 acres all could be yours for $9.4M. a million an acre - a steal! ;)

i far prefer the outside of this house to the inside. the inside is super traditional and for me, a little boring. i'm sure whoever buys it will gut it anyway but the outside is really pretty. idyllic is probably the word.

all you need to add is a pool (and a pool boy)!

a couple of inside pics just so you see what i'm saying...

ugh so heavy...these ceilings though...

ready to go in with me?

March 17, 2015

Coffee Table Decision!

after what has felt like years deciding over a coffee table, we have finally agreed and purchased one! over the last 4 months or so we've redone our living room (i started to talk about it here), moved furniture around, and tried to create a casual and comfortable vibe. we're really loving the room and a lot of people who come over comment that it looks bigger now which is funny because we actually have larger pieces of furniture! but we added a longer rug and a sofa with two chairs instead of the sectional so we were able to move everything back by about a foot.

we have this hole though in the middle of the room that our little round coffee table no longer fills up. it served its purpose well but has been beaten to death by two unnamed toddlers and is so small that it looks silly now. so today i thought i'd walk through the thought process of finding the right new table.

there were lots of contenders in the mix. why is it that when i put a room together for a client, i can make decisions and have a clear vision but when it comes to my own home i hem and haw forever?? anyway, first i was thinking of a tufted ottoman that would be comfortable to rest your feet on (a big ask from mr r). this one from wisteria is what i had in mind.

but that started to feel like too much fabric with the all of the upholstery already going on. so i moved onto a wood table with clean lines kind of like a farmhouse table feel. i was a little afraid how it would hold up to trucks, tractors, and whatever else got rolled over it by the littles. i can't tell you how many times i almost clicked purchase on one of these though!

restoration hardware always has great options and while i loved this one, i didn't love the nearly $1600 price tag.

and then i started thinking that these might blend into the rug too much? and ohhh that rug - we love it so much and the bottom shelf on all of these options would cover it up. so while i love the look of those kinds of table, i realized i actually wanted something a little lighter. and so the idea of an open frame was born. not earth shattering or anything but we just hadn't considered it. plus it has the added bonus of not being able to lose cars, puzzle pieces, and every other little toy underneath!

this past weekend i was randomly browsing one king's lane (which i do all too frequently!) and i basically stumbled on exactly what we were looking for - an open metal base with a rough wood top which looked like any dents we might add to it would add to the character, not take away from it. plus the top has a parquet pattern which makes it more unique. the dimensions were perfect and okl has that little thing where they tell you how many are left. have you seen that? well it said "only 1 left". those marketing people, they know what they're doing! i actually have missed out on something on their site before, so i jumped on it.

and that my friends is a ridiculously long-winded story of our new coffee table. i can't wait to see it in person - that's the only piece that has me a little nervous!

March 16, 2015

Serena & Lily on OKL!!!

interrupting all regularly scheduled posts with an important PSA - serena and lily is on okl RIGHT NOW!!! and there is sooo much stuff! two of my favorite home decor/furnishings sites... this is what heaven must look like. :)

Why, WHY!!

this *may* be a bit of an overreaction but when i opened up the landsend home catalog last week, i basically had a toddler-esque meltdown when i saw this:

my storage bins but in STRIPES!! why didn't they make these a couple of years ago when i bought 5 of these suckers for my mudroom?? they are perfect.

ugh. someone get these and send me a picture so i can be jealous!

p.s. a bunch of items still available from the yard sale. a big thank you to those who purchased things! #letsmakeadeal

March 13, 2015

Fashion Friday: Prep It Out

please visit my virtual yard sale if you didn't already have a chance! two preppy find for this fashion friday!

first up is sloan taylor who designs these gorgeous monogrammed wrap bracelets that really would go  perfectly with just about anything! they have a bunch of different colored straps and the metal comes in silver or gold.

second is sail to sable which is chock full of uber preppy dresses for women and girls.

as always, it's a very good thing i don't have little girls ;)  have a great weekend!

March 11, 2015


today's the big day! the basement is getting full again and i need to unload some stuff - but these aren't going to be easy - some of my favorite things i've hoarded away!!!

1. three schumacher deco flower pillow covers in berry. red is slightly more faded in person than in this pic. 2 20x20 and 1 18x18. inserts not included. shippable!! $100 for all three.

2. gray nightstand from okl, never used. measures 18.25" square, 24" h. local pick up only. $50

3. this one is difficult to part with - tan and white wool stark star rug. 6'x9'. local pick up only. $300

4. white distressed bench with woven seat. a few scratches and a little damage to one of the legs. measures 30"h 19.5"d 41"w. local pick up only. $50  *SOLD*

5. one of my MOST favorite hoarded items - jonathan adler giraffe sconces. i bought these for the boys nursery and then big boy rooms but never ended up having them installed. hard to let go of these! one left and one right, new in the box. shippable! $300 for the pair.

6. castered ottoman. tan and white geometric pattern. i used this is the twins nursery but haven't found a spot for it since. upholstery is in perfect condition. measures 18"h 23"w 17"d. local pick up only. $150

7. black framed cork board from ballard designs. has some fading on the cork where things used to hang but slap a piece of fabric on there and you're good to go! measures 26"x38". local pick up only. $100 $75

8. navy and white cotton rug from okl. very lightly used, perfect condition. 6'x9'. local pick up only. $100  *SOLD*

9. three piece media center. off white with some distressing. backs of side bookcases painted pale blue. center piece measures 78.5h 41w 21d. bookcases measure 73h 30w 12.5d. local pick up only. $300  (wow i've come a long way since this pic!!)

(beadboard is not wavy - just an optical illusion from the shadows that i noticed after i took the shot!)

10. set of beachy prints purchased from ballard designs. colors are true to this picture. frames are blue gray and have a champagne colored edging. each measures 17.5"w 20.75"h. $100 for the pair.  *SOLD*

thanks for looking around and email me at zakattak2 @ hotmail (in the normal way - just spacing it out to avoid spam!) with any questions!
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