July 7, 2015

Treat Yo Self

hope you all had an awesome long weekend! we had a really nice time relaxing at the cape and going to a great small town parade. it's so fun seeing it all through the eyes of my three year olds!!

a long time ago i did a post on tory burch flats - back when they weren't quite as common as they are now - and basically said "just do it" as in, just buy them. buck up, bite the bullet, and buy yourself a pair. several people told me afterward that the post pushed them to buy a pair. and they were so happy they did! so today i have another for you. gigi new york bags.

for christmas i asked for (and received - thanks mom!) the all in one bag in pebble leather with my initials. i love it.

their totes and bucket bags are gorgeous too.

they're having a massive sale right now and it's a great opportunity to scoop one up for fall!

July 3, 2015

Happy 4th!

it's july?? treasure it people, at least in the northeast. i hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of july weekend!

this photo i took on our nantucket trip. such an awesome slice of americana. hbd america!

July 2, 2015

Blog Redesign In The Works!!

quickly first - if you go to ballard designs and scroll to the bottom, you will see my instagram shutter photo in the first box (also showcasing their calisse lantern)!! always exciting to see your own stuff on big boy sites :)

anywho, it's official y'all! i'm teaming up with kelly christine studio to make a lonnnng overdue and much needed overhaul of this blog. granted, i am not making money doing this so i'm not going to put a big chunk of change towards it but i am going to put a lot of effort into it because it's kinda like my little baby. it gives me a place to come, chat, and post some of my work. i want it to reflect me on a more professional level.

now i get to brainstorm about the look i'm going for and it's hard!! i'm glad i waited until now in some respects because i know i want to go neutral and calm. i think in the past i would have jumped toward color. neutral might sound boring but i think it will help on the sophistication and professionalism scale. my big question is do i add blue, my most favorite color? so i started to pull some images together that might translate into a palette.

pretty rooms to look at if nothing else :)

June 30, 2015


YOU GUYS!! our shutters were finally installed yesterday and o.m.g. i'm so in love. i was getting a little nervous about the whole thing - i think mostly because it was taking so long so i had a lot of time to stew. but it is the best feeling to see them installed and we absolutely love the way it turned out.

this is the last piece in the string of exterior updates. first we switched up the lighting and then work on the landscaping. so here's the before...

and here are the afters!!

we had crazy weather yesterday - some of the pics i took have clear blue skies and some are completely cloudy and overcast. anyway, the exterior updates we've made on our home are maybe the most over-shared of all time ;) so thanks for staying with me.

June 29, 2015

Dream Kitchen

i'm fairly certain i've blabbed on and on here about my love for studio mcgee and pretty much everything they do. they recently revealed a kitchen gut and remodel that has me looking and staring and ogling. on repeat. :)

hidden laundry!

command central!!

(back?) entry nook.

the eating area off the kitchen. give me that shiplap!!

so after you pick your jaw up off the floor, check out the befores too because you will not believe what this place used to look like.

June 24, 2015

Inside My Head

catching up after vacation is so tough! the piles of laundry are taller than i am or so it seems. and getting back in a routine is tough. but really it's a small price to pay for getting away and relaxing. :)

for whatever reason, lately my head has been swarming with design ideas and updates for our house. most of it is stuff i've mapped out in our "master plan" but specifically i've been thinking about the basement which i talked about here, the basement bathroom which is very functional but very blah, and our master bedroom which again is totally fine but i'd love to give it a refresh. for the most part i'll just make a bunch of design boards and write out my ideas until the time comes when we can make some of these changes a reality (i.e. not now or ever if it was up to my other half! i've been told to slow down but hello what fun is that?!). with a couple of very generous anniversary gifts from my parents and my in laws we're going to be able to make some progress on the basement updates. roman shades have been ordered, wallpaper is on its way, and art has been commissioned (sounds fancier than it really is!). p.s. don't you worry about mr. r - he got some nice things for himself as well! p.p.s. did you know croakies are back?! one of his purchases :)

i decided that one of the changes i could take on myself is painting the walls out white. mr. r is doubting me big time!! so naturally i've been spending my free time rolling away down there! so far i've only made it about a third of the way and i just maybe will need to bring in the pros but 1. let's not tell mr. r that and 2. if i get the first coat on all the walls then that has to help with the cost. i think i need another pretty inspiration image to keep me going :) this one is from brooke wagner design's IG feed.

if you need me, you know where to find me - in the basement!!

June 22, 2015

Nantucket Recap!

hellooooo! in case you're not following along on instagram, we were on vacation last week and it was divine to get away. i decided that was yet another reason i was so miserable this past winter (we're already planning two trips next year to break up the cold!). anyway, we were in nantucket and it felt like a true getaway being on the ferry and then on the island. ack is like another world in some ways. a very luxurious other world and the houses are beyond. so of course i went stalking and snapped a few pics to share. mr. r decided that when we win the lottery, a home there would be a good idea. :)

first, the view from our rental which will be hard to ever beat.

we were literally right on the beach in madaket. and the madaket beach is amazing. wide, clean, soft sand and huge waves. and oh the sunsets! the water wasn't swimming temperature but that was ok. our house was cute but had some deferred maintenance. we decided that while we will definitely go back next year, we wouldn't rent the same house again. but it didn't kill the trip or anything!

so onto the good stuff...lots of the really crazy estates have these long driveways where you know something really good is back there but you can't even come close to seeing it from the road. kinda like this one. this is just the entrance people!! THE most quaint and picturesque of anything we saw.

another driveway to nowhere ;)

this one wasn't bad, i mean i'd take it.

or this one which was much prettier in person.

then there was this compound with matching gates.

and this house close to town that i posted on instagram that is just about the cutest thing ever. that blue!!

there was a ton of construction going on all around and it was clear the economy there was booming. :) next year i hope to get more shots of some of the smaller (though hardly small), charming homes that are all over the place! (i kind of forgot to take house pics except for one day!)

happy summer everyone!!
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