October 23, 2014

Furniture Switcharoo

hello friends. i really do mean to blog more but at the end of the day i'm either exhausted or... exhausted! maybe my interest is waning a little? anyway, i shared my entry on instagram the other day and thought i'd share a little more here.

so this used to be our entry.

eh. it never felt quite right to me - truthfully i made a hasty decision on a little console (key word being "little" - it was way too small for the space). after trying to get used to it and make it work, i gave up. i had this idea in the back of my head to move the desk in the office to the entry to see if the scale would be better.

also mr. r had mentioned to me that he wished we had a "real" office in our house. i got all offended and dramatic since i work in our office every week and had put some effort into making that room a nice place to be. but after i stopped being upset and asked what he meant, it (partly) boiled down to the fact that the desk is hard to write on. and i'll give him that - it's grasscloth so you need to have something underneath when you write. i think that used to be called a blotter? the other part is that there is a general lack of leather, dark wood and other "manly office" decor in the room. ;)

but i couldn't shake his comment and felt bad that he wasn't 100% happy so i again began thinking how pretty the grasscloth would be in our entry - which you can see from the office - with the persian rug, blue and white pots, and pretty much anything else you want to pair with it! so i moved the desk to see how it would look as a console.

and i think it works! i added the x benches(*) which i had been storing away in the basement until i knew where i wanted to use them. my mom thinks they look cramped but i like it. i also think the desk didn't work very well with the sisal rug in the office - not enough contrast so they just blended together. but here in the entry it really is a great mix of textures.
*um you may notice that the welting on the benches is a little different?! i wanted navy welting and when i asked an upholsterer they said that they couldn't redo the welt without redoing the whole thing. ugh not what i wanted to hear!! so i went to michaels and bought a couple of sharpies and began coloring. not sure this was my brightest idea - it's very hard/time consuming and i don't have the steadiest hand!

here's the pic i posted on ig - a close up on the top. **UPDATE** thank you to @furbishstudio for  regramming this photo!!

only problem - we were desk-less in the office! part 2 of this post coming up with a desk in the office :)

October 20, 2014

Men's Fall Fashion

wow - such a busy weekend here! and it was practically summer again on friday and saturday - i'll take it! but fall is definitely back in the air now and at the risk of this turning into a fashion blog, here is yet another post on clothes! but this time for the guys - lots of good stuff out there for guys right now and it's never too early to start stocking up for xmas right? plus my men (all three) have birthdays right around the holidays which makes it that much more challenging!

timberland (of all brands!!! i was totally shocked) makes this great casual jacket.

peter millar has some handsome looking shirts. i got my hubby this one for our cali trip and thought it looked sharp!

i recently came across a new brand that i'm loving for guys called mountain khakis. i love this sweater/jacket hybrid.

a casual sport coat with an attached vest (bib i think they call it!). yummy.

this belt which i just drool over.

and a down vest in great fall colors.

a classic, preppy fleece pullover

promise to be back with interior-related stuff this week! some fun updates to share at my house!

October 16, 2014

Trending: Chevron Necklace

holla. it's been a super busy week - trying to get in gear and finish up a bunch of unfinished projects. we're also facing the terrible twos x2. it's actually the terrible 2 3/4s! and i hear 3 is even better ;)

so back on the jewelry kick. that chevron necklace that i loved so much at anthropologie is no longer available (strangely it looks available still online but i ordered it and they canceled my order - boo). so i thought i'd share a few more options in case anyone else was smitten like me!

j crew factory has a pretty one for a very reasonable price, a little chunkier look though.

here's one from etsy that has a similar feel to the original inspiration (comes in gold as well).

madewell has a version but it doesn't get great reviews.

anyone else have a favorite?

almost friday people, almost friday!

October 13, 2014

Lighting Update!

well it didn't take me too long - i have a lighting update to share! remember this post where i laid out three lighting issues in my house? the family room is now officially off the list!

i chose this pendant from pottery barn (which is on sale by the way) and this is the larger size if you're wondering! i love how oversize it is without taking over completely. my dad even thought it had been there all along which i'll take as a compliment despite his lack of memory. :)

slowly but surely transforming this space into calm, comfortable room in our home!

October 10, 2014


oh friday, you are a welcome sight!! finally getting around to posting some pics from our trip out west which you may have seen on my ig. we had a family wedding in sonoma and took a really quick (too quick but what can you do?!) trip out to enjoy 48 hours to ourselves. long way to go for a date eh? the arson in chicago caused us to have to fly over CANADA which is ridiculous if you look at a map and made for a much longer trip. but i tried to think of it as more time to binge on rhonj. (i'm back to being fully addicted and dvring it all over again - a lot changed in the 4 years since i last watched!!)

so anyway, we really splurged and stayed at a gorgeous place called hotel les mars in the town of healdsburg. we fell in love with healdsburg (which i apparently had been to before on a trip with my parents but had zero recollection), such a cute spot.

i had the most delicious eggs benedict delivered to the room that i ate in my pjs and then promptly jumped back in bed. this was seriously one of the most luxurious things i've done in a long time (i probably need to get out more!)

i also decided i am meant to live in california y'all. it's fantastic. there was a major heat wave going on so it was like 95-105 during the day but there is no humidity. it's such a difference! you're not dripping and sweltering. i loved it. and at night it cooled off into the 50s. amazing!

next to our hotel was a place called the shed that was the coolest mix of modern meets rustic meets farm. and as i was taking a picture, this old truck drove by which was pretty awesome timing!

healdsburg also has a great farmers market that was so lively with a band playing and tons of fresh food and flowers. another thing i love about CA - everything is so fresh!

one vendor was selling these ceramic mugs and jars which were just beautiful.

the general store was also adorable and i wish i had taken more pics, especially of their fabulous looking gelato! they of course had old fashioned penny candy and the display was perfection.

we had a rehearsal dinner and the wedding for the two nights we were there but we did manage to make it to one vineyard - dry creek vineyard - which was really pretty.

the wedding itself was about 30 minutes north in a small town called hopland at a winery. it was a very pretty spot!

the wedding was in a barn and it had the perfect natural-rustic-chic california feel.

the outside dance pad and lounge spot!

we even got a pretty early moonrise.

i did another rent the runway dress and this time it all went smoothly. this really was the perfect wine country wedding guest dress.

so all in all it was a nice time away, albeit short, and i hope we get to go back some day and spend a little more time! a big shout out and thank you to my parents who are the best babysitters around. have a great weekend!!

October 8, 2014

Real Estate Listing: Grand Old Home

hellooooo :) whew, getting back in the groove after being away for a few days is always so hard!! we went to sonoma for a very quick trip for a family wedding. it was gorgeous, and i shared a few pics on instagram. i'll try to download my pics and share more details from the wedding this week.

for now, another real estate listing post! there is a lot on the market around here so plenty to choose from this time. lots of new construction but also plenty of old homes like this one. i'm no realtor but this one feels grand to me. it's set on over 2 acres and is apparently nearly 10,000 sf!! it was originally built in 1900 though if i had to guess, i'd bet it has been added onto over the years. on the market for $2.75MM.

the exterior and grounds are really special.

the inside needs freshening and brightening up.

but the kitchen and butler's pantry are ready for action!

so much potential here! do you like a project?!

October 3, 2014

Crazy For: Everything Wisteria!!

for anyone who follows me on pinterest, you probably saw the onslaught of pins from wisteria. i couldn't help myself though! everything is so good there. check it out.

this oak table is perfection. so many uses.

i wish i had a place for this so bad.

awesome next to a bed.

i would turn this 90 degrees but it's just so pretty.

texture + coffee table = good.

i am obsessed with this acrylic framed art. officially on my xmas list ok? it's not too early to start one right?!

pretty oak tufted bench.

i am also in love with this chair - i've been looking for a chair like this - i think it's called french seams? i could be making that up though.

sigh, yet another beautiful farm table that is not the right size.

i love this chair for a little modern edge to a beach house.

scallop mirror? yes please.

and right now all furniture is 20% off. just sayin'. happy friday!!
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