April 27, 2016

New-To-Me Textile Source

last night i did a soul cycle class and i'm pretty sure i won't be able to walk for a week. but i'm very inspired lately to get more fit. especially after two vacations in three months which for me means eating badly and doubling up on ice cream! i want carrie underwood or taylor swift toned legs. maybe i should start running. my husband basically laughed when i said that to him - he knows me too well. but hey - it's free! that or a personal trainer haha.

anyway enough crazy talk. back to what i know - i came across maresca textiles through instagram and fell right in love.

pretty, right?!

April 25, 2016

Beauty Products!

hey friends! how was your week? i took a complete break from blogging which i have to say was really nice! :) but not from instagram as you *may* have seen a picture or two from our trip on there. i fear i alienated some people but it really was a cool spot.

today i thought i'd do something completely unrelated to design and talk about the beauty products i use a regular basis. i don't think anything here will be earth shattering finds but i think it's always fun to hear what other people use in case you're looking to try something new! i use a mix of high and low

in the shower... ever since our little lice incident i was feeling itchy so i tried a new shampoo called clear scalp for color treated hair. it smells nice and i feel less itchy. might be completely psychological, i don't know.

on my face i use tata harper's purifying cleanser. it's super gentle and feels cool on your skin.

nothing else notable in the shower. on to post-shower. i use a toner (leftover from years of proactiv shipments) but i'll need to find a new one once it runs out. i do think toner makes a difference in helping my skin not to dry out. then i put on la mer face cream. it's a total luxury but it lasts a long time and i haven't found anything else that makes my skin feel as yummy.

for the days when makeup happens, my new go-to is beauty counter's dew skin. it's a tinted moisturizer that goes on so easily and blends right in. a little goes a long way and it also doesn't leave your hands all makeup-y which i totally appreciate. bonus - it's spf 20 which i'm trying to pay more attention to now that i've had a bunch of age spots lasered (highly recommend it!!).

for under my eyes, around the sides of the nostrils, and laugh lines i adore ysl touche ├ęclat. i have yet to find a better concealer.

on my cheeks (plus nose, forehead, and chin) i love stila''s duo highlighter.

mascara - mascara is the one thing that i will put on if nothing else. i'm lucky to have long lashes so i always look for mascaras that add volume. i love two - chanel's inimitable and l'oreal's voluminous million lashes. both in black. since i use mascara a lot though, i more often than not reach for the l'oreal.

every night i use clarins lip balm and it cures chapped lips. this stuff really lasts but it also reminds me, i need more.

hair - most days i go for the beachy wavy hair look because i've run out of time to dry my hair. as i've gotten older, my hair has gotten curlier! i like not your mothers sea salt spray which doesn't have any crunchy effect whatsoever and smells like you've been at the beach all day! on the days i do dry my hair, i like not your mother's heat protector spray. these are both drug store finds, nothing fancy. if anyone has a beachy/wavy hair product that they love, please share!!

my routine is very short as i prefer sleeping to primping. :) but i'd love to know your favorite products and what works best for you.

April 15, 2016

New Kara Rosenlund Art

i blogged about photographer kara rosenlund before (see here) but she just released some new works that i thought were beautiful. she's offering $50 off all prints through sunday with the code GOWILD.

#goals am i right?

April 14, 2016

Dining Room Scheming & Dreaming

as you well know, i'm a changer upper. for a good long while now my dining room and i haven't been the best of friends. it's in this weird neither here nor there state. the navy walls are pretty but they feel heavy to me. i've been wanting to wallpaper but both budget and indecision have been holding me back. see here and here.

i decided to try going bold and see how i liked it...

chairs, table, similar rug, and console are currently in the room. the light fixture is a bit of a dream because we have a different version of this same one that used to be in our kitchen. i love this big one so i added it to this board for fun but it wouldn't be reality. that art is a piece i've admired for years. it would be a "commitment" financially but would also make an awesome statement. the boldest element is clearly that blue and white wallpaper. and in person (because i have a swatch) it's actually brighter and bolder. i like the beachy colorful vibe it gives off.

i think this look is a contender - what do you think?

April 11, 2016

Fashion Monday

hey hey hey! we had a crazy past week and weekend but glad to say today we're finally on the mend. it was touch and go there for a while last week. also a big thank you to my parents for saving me/us. we appreciate it so much.

so a friend mentioned to me that i haven't done any fashions posts in a while which is completely true and i don't know why! i thought i'd share some favorite finds and lusts. shopbop had a big sale last week as you may have seen so i'm sorry i missed it with my picks but here are a few that are maybe worth it regardless.

a fave brand(s) of mine is joie and soft joie. i snagged this dress/cover up in white but also love it in the navy.

these sandals are a total favorite of mine. i have them in white but love them in black too.

i can't remember where i first saw these platform leather espadrilles - they are cuuute. i scooped them up in the tan but they come in a slew of great colors! oh and they definitely run small. i'm a 7-7.5 depending on the shoe and i needed an 8 in these.

has anyone ever tried anything from draper james (reese's clothing line)? the preppy side of me love this top and matching shorts combo. and the top is on sale!

lastly calypso st barths - i think you could show me just about anything from this store and i'd love it. and bonus - 25% everything through today! here are a few picks.

adorbs dress.

cute casual top.

and because you know i can't resist, this little stool.

have a great monday!
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