February 26, 2015

New Textile Line

one of the feeds i follow on IG is domesticate which is the account behind the spoonflower designer, andrea whalen, whose designs i have always loved. i was really excited when i heard that she was starting another textile line called virginia kraft with new hand blocked fabrics. she also has another feed called virginia kraft textiles which of course i follow too. :)  guess what? the patterns are awesome. check out the website too.

love. and clearly drawn to all the blues :)

February 24, 2015

Project: Exterior Updates

this spring and summer we are planning to focus on the outside of our house and have a few things planned...

1. we're changing the lighting and adding hanging lanterns instead of the ugly nipple lights (they're everywhere in - and outside - this house!)

2. we're reworking the plantings in the front of the house to make them more symmetrical, adding some sod where there are currently garden beds, and relocating some bushes to spots that need some greenery. although i'm a little nervous to see what has or hasn't survived after this ridiculous amount of snow melts.

3. the biggest change that we're making is adding shutters! i'm definitely most excited about this one - it's going to have a huge impact!

i pinned this image and even though it has a different feel than our house, i love how it mixes styles.

the planters, the lighting, even the doormat, it all just works perfectly together. anyone else have plans for the outside of their house? it's helps me to think about this stuff since it's about 18 as a high these days. :(

February 23, 2015

Happy Mama!

i'm so excited it's monday. unheard of i know but i'm serious because... it's a SCHOOL DAY!!! (and not a snow day!) i love my children more than anything but we have spent all but two days together in the month of february. i know one thing, i could not have a home daycare.

i also have a few client projects brewing right now which are all so fun! the newest is a nursery for a baby boy and i just know it's gonna be so stinkin cute. i can't wait to share more here on all of the projects but they tend to take a long time - i think hgtv does a bit of a disservice with so many renovation shows that last an hour or half hour! it takes a long time to make changes happen. just a reminder to anyone out there looking for help, please reach out (contact info in my profile)!!

and here is a random picture to make all of us in a non-warm climate drool. :)

i would do things for this house. i bet i'm not alone.

February 19, 2015

New Biscuit Home Goodness

first let me gush over the new serena & lily catalog that came in the mail yesterday. it's perfection. as always. but really how do they keep turning out such great stuff??

another bundle of awesomeness came in my inbox today - biscuit home's new collection (and a discount - see below!). they make the prettiest bedding and they just added some pretty new patterns - all available in shams, duvets, and...crib sheets!

some other favorite patterns...

pretty great right? i used this last one in a bedroom for a client's granddaughters and it is just so sweet! also check out the decor section which is stocked with great pillows and trays and also the children's section with super cute gifts! UPDATE - duh i forgot their sale code!! use B&B15 for 15% off the site!

February 17, 2015

Pretty Watercolors

etsy is chock full of crap but also has some really good stuff. good stuff like the watercolors by artist yael berger, i'm loving these plant prints.

also digging these totem prints.

so what do you think? i can never resist good affordable art!

February 13, 2015

Fashion Friday: Summer Clothes

we are so out of our routine it's painful!! so let's just continue on this path of warm weather dreaming - and for those of you in warm weather currently, i hate you. ;) the new vineyard vines catalog came in the mail a couple weeks ago and while i'm actually not a huge vv fan for myself, this time there were some eye catching things! maybe it's because i'm starved for anything that isn't boots, hats, and big jackets but it looked good to me!

this dress could be easily dressed up or down. perfect for a summer wedding or a walk around town.

having a thing for tassels right now.

and also pom poms are pretty great.

vv's take on boho!

more tassels. seriously though, this necklace is really good.

so are you with me? happy friday!

February 10, 2015


that's it. put a fork in me, i'm done. my house is officially on the market. if you stand in the street in front of our house you can't see our door. really!! i never want to wish away time and i consciously try to live in the moment but right now there is nothing more i would like than to fast forward a couple of months. we're supposedly getting more snow friday and also sunday - and not like a little snow - they actually threw the word blizzard out there just to terrorize us some more. my kids have had school 1 day this month. oh and to add insult to injury, my parents left on sunday for 3 weeks in hawaii. so yes i'm complaining...and crying and whining and throwing a huge fit!! if only tantrums were acceptable for adults. this has been a rough initiation to being at home full time but on the other hand i'm grateful not to have worry about missing a bunch of work and meetings!

anyway i am trying to transport myself somewhere else mentally and i've been looking at the beach people website. they make the coolest beach blankets. it's an australian company but i believe they ship worldwide.

and also this adorable cart.

australia? sure i'll go there.
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