April 17, 2019

Current Fashion Faves

as our NYC trip got closer, I started to freak out about my suburban mom wardrobe. I think of manhattan as so fashion-y and that does not describe my closet as of late so I did a little (big) shopping trip before our trip. everybody got a refresh including the boys! so I rounded up those finds here plus a few more items I have my eye on for summer.

1. sweatshirt - cropped and cute with high waist jeans
2. jumpsuit - a bit outside my comfort zone but it's easy breezy and I already have plans for it this summer!
3. hat - very lightweight and the right amount of floppiness
4. shorts - not too short which is key
5. camo pants - I actually got these last summer but they still sell them and I really love them!
6. earrings - these were a gift from a friend and i'm obsessed.
7. leather jacket - I lusted after this for at least 2 years and finally tried it on. fit like a glove and it's my new go-to.
8. jeans - 9", my favorite rise
9. knot top - actually a lightweight sweater that I think will get a lot of wear. Also cute layered with a denim jacket.
10. mules - saw a friend rocking these and I fell in love. really into any heeled clog/mule right now.

ok I ran out of space so here are a few more items for the ladies and I didn't forget the boys - both big and small! my kiddos have never worn jeans before this trip and they both have vowed to never wear them again 😂 so we'll just have to come back to nyc!

graphic tee | kids jeans | kids socks | splatter tee | crossbody bag | sneakers | wave teemen's jeans | men's belt | men's sneaker

March 5, 2019

Cherry Brook Project: Living Room

hello! i'm happy to be sharing my latest project - the cherry brook rd living room! let's get right to the before shots. basically this space was empty except for some random pieces of furniture and old baby gear and toys. :)

 and my favorite part always, the afters!

such a breath of fresh air right?! the mission here was to create a beachy, relaxed space where my clients could kick back after a long day. they have three little children and I can certainly appreciate the stress that goes along with being a parent to young ones! they didn't want anything formal or fussy but plenty of seating to entertain guests. 

we added everything you see from drapery to lighting to furniture to accessories. the palette was blues, soft grays, and a touch of rose. the color came from the artwork and pillows but also those fun blue matching sofas. a fresh coat of white paint created just the right backdrop.

texture is also a big component in this design and there is plenty to go around. the chairs, stool, cabinet, and accessories all bring in depth and warmth. since the sofas are floating, I made sure that there was some detail on the backs and the nailhead trim did the trick. I borrowed some of the accessories from Casita in sudbury and they look so perfect here! p.s. would you believe the "art" above the fireplace is actually a tv!

one of my favorite things that we added was the sconces flanking the tv. I ADORE these sconces!! the shape, the finish, everything! my other favorite is the drapery. duh. ;)  the navy triangles are such a fun pattern and even though it's not, it resembles a block print which I love. the french returns on the drapery rods are a great way to change things up and I think work so well in the overall design! we needed a small cabinet to house the tv components and I sourced this one which was narrow enough to tuck in next to the fireplace.

that's a wrap! thank you to my sweet clients. it's always so wonderful to work with genuinely nice people and that was certainly the case here! while I can't list most of the sources for this project since it was a client, here are a few!


sofas: lee industries
drapery & rods: custom
television: samsung frame

February 15, 2019

Accessory Shopping with McGee & Co

reviving the good old blog today! mcgee & co asked if I wanted to partner with them on their president's day sale and I thought about it and said no thanks. PSYCH of course I said yes! they kindly gave me a little spending money to purchase some items so I chose to focus on accessories (check out my IG stories to see what I got!). styling is such an important part of finishing a space. I can design a room and get all of the furniture in place but without the last layer, it will still feel unfinished. sometimes it's hard to go for that final bit on a project when you've already spent a lot but it's worth it!!! all links below 👇

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 
11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18

November 24, 2018

Thanksgiving Sales!!

happy thanksgiving!!! so many sales and deals to be had out there so let's get right to the point!

1. serena & lily (link): 25% off with code CELEBRATE

2. mcgee & co (link): 20% off with code THANKYOU

3. one kings lane (link): 30% off with code OKLCYBER18

4. brooke & lou (link): 20% (items depend on the day!)

5. dear keaton (link): 20% off with code DKCYBERWKND

6. west elm (link): up to 30% off with code SAVEMORE

and soooo many more!!

and now for specifics... i know it’s annoying when i say that i can’t share sources for client’s project (although ethically, for me, it’s the right choice) BUT today i have rounded up a whole slew of client favorites and they're ALL on sale!!!!

also leather sofas that i love because i've had a bunch of questions on those too!

top row: left | right
middle row: left | right
bottom row: left | right

and one more bonus sofa!

November 16, 2018

Beauty Wish List

well it's been a little while since i've hopped on here but it's that time of year when wishlists start piling up and this is a good place to discuss them! i wouldn't call this a gift guide but definitely a beauty wishlist that i've compiled from my own research and trials and from what my friends love. as much as it pains me to say it, i'm facing the big 4-0 next year and it's shining a big ol' light on something i've been fixated lately - on improving my skin! there are definitely things that i can't "round up" here that would help - more sleep, drinking more water, retin A, and some might say botox and/or filler (i know i'd like to see less of my uneven laugh lines). of these, retin A is the only one i'm doing. ;)

but here are twelve products that i can round up that can hopefully make some improvements!

top row:
1. a peel that you leave on overnight. the overnight part alone sells me because it's one less step before bed!

2. face oil. my sister in law recommended this brand and i'm excited to try it.

3. color corrector. a few people on instagram recommended this when i was whining about the dark circles under my eyes. i loooove it!

4. protein cream. this brand is a favorite and i'm pretty sure i can use more polypeptides in my life.

middle row:
1. overnight mask. another overnight product 🙌 and my skin feels so hydrated in the morning.

2. at-home facial. i have this and need to use it more but i think my favorite part is the little tube of face oil that comes with it that you apply at the end. it's like silk!

3. peel pads. more peptides and peels. i'm seeing a theme.

4. sunscreen, as we all know, is a must. i love this one and use it on my kids and myself. i usually buy a giant pump size every year. (p.s. have you heard this "song"? it's old but for some reason it was on the radio yesterday and is a good reminder of what's important - like not beauty products 😂.)

bottom row:
1. cleanser. inexpensive and effective - not much better than that.

2. pimple patch. a friend of mine swears by these. i haven't tried it yet but i'd like to.

3. skin drink. i'm a big fan and use it when my skin is really dry. they say it's like drinking 8oz of water in one application.

4. instant facial. haven't used it but hear good things.

what would you add to this list?
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