September 30, 2014

Elizabeth And James Jewelry

i almost never do posts on jewelry because i'm completely boring and wear the same pieces everyday.  it works and i don't have to think about it which is important - one less thing to worry about in the morning. but i had some precious me-time in anthropologie this weekend and saw a necklace on a girl there that i loved. so naturally i had to ask her where she got it and of course it was anthro! duh!

so then i wondered what other little gems (pun intended :) were out there in anthro's jewelry section and it turns out a lot... but almost everything that i clicked on was by elizabeth and james. they make some awesome, awesome pieces.

good lord i love anthropologie. a friend of mine, who is just as obsessed, and i were talking and we agreed that some of their stuff is a little out there - like i'm pretty sure i saw a rug being sold as a sweater - but the stuff that's good is really really good.

p.s. anthro is definitely not the only place to find elizabeth and james pieces - shopbop, saks, and others sell it too!

September 29, 2014

Mantlescaping & #TenDollarArt

hello friends! we had the most beautiful weekend here. very hard to believe it's the end of september! i think nice weekends like that make monday even harder :) soooo you maybe saw last week on ig that i had a moment to rethink our mantle. totally on a whim as always but i had been feeling like something wasn't right with the whole mirror situation over the fireplace. it felt too dark with the light stripes. so i shopped around the house for things that were out of "rotation". (do you do that too? i highly recommend keeping stuff that you don't have a home for in storage and then when you want to switch something up in your house, go to that pile first to see if there's something that will work - it really is like going shopping! and it's fun to find a completely different place in the house that you hadn't thought of before!)

i tried a few variations and settled on this - for now!! styling is not my forte and i've been working hard at getting better at it. this is good practice right?! we love the antique map of cape cod but hadn't found the right spot for it yet - it's been in at least 3 different places around the house! but i think it's working out in it's new place. the plant and the two small frames were already on the mantle. one other new addition is the ($10!!) watercolor in the gold frame - which leads me to the other part of this post. sarah swanson of gallery wall on etsy is the artist behind the simple watercolor which of course i found through ig. where else?!

this set of four prints by sarah - which look amazing in this photo - will set you back $40. i mean that's too good to pass up.

photo: monika hibbs

not only is her artwork fun and affordable, her ig account is amazing and her style will have you wanting to redo your whole house. she does neutrals like no one i've seen. it literally makes you want to live in a white and wood world. so calming and pretty.

September 26, 2014

Designer Crush: Jennifer Palumbo

another local designer to love! i found jennifer on pinterest when her pins started randomly showing up on my feed. then i saw her in this month's coastal living and had to investigate! i am drooling over these spaces.

i mean right? have a great weekend - we're getting pumpkins and mums - but i think it's supposed to be like 80 degrees. #fail

September 25, 2014

Lighting Hopes and Dreams :)

i went to a dinner party last weekend (at a house built by our same builder!) and got so inspired to finish up the lighting changes in our home (or at least gather ideas)! lighting is tricky – there are a bazillion options but finding the right look and size with the right amount of wattage feels like a needle in a haystack sometimes! too little light is a no go! over the past two years we’ve changed out sooo many light fixtures – i think 15! - and i have three or four major changes left to make. luckily my husband learned basic electrical skills from my dad so no electrician needed! just bribery ;)

our kitchen and family room is one long, wide-open space. we swapped out the pendants over the island and the sink which made a huge difference. and also the sconces over the fireplace. but the lighting over the kitchen table and in the main space in the family room is still what the builder installed. it’s definitely not terrible – but the scale is all wrong and it could be so much better.

for the kitchen table area i’ve been leaning toward something light and airy which has led me to thinking about glass. like this lantern from shades of light. i love this one but it's pretty huge.

or something completely different – this natural woven pendant also has the same light and airy feel. but would it work with a farm table (one day)?

then in the family room – we need a focal point. something that won’t take over the space but that’s more attractive than the burlap flushmount that’s currently up (and i’ll likely move the current fixture to one of the boys rooms where we still have nipple lights). i think the scale here is glaring. and don't you love my workbench? :)

my gut has been telling me to go with something beaded like this.

or this (and i would probably wrap some hemp cord or something around the metal to add a little more texture).

but then i also saw this drum shade fixture which is completely different but really pretty and simple. the only thing is that it has more of a formal feel and we do not have a formal space. but maybe that's a good mix.

and also came across this beauty:

and wouldn’t this one be to die for? too bad it’s only 1 60w bulb.

trying to keep in mind that whatever happens over the kitchen table has to play well with the family room since the space is so open.

ok - the third change i’d like to make is in the office where we literally have the world’s ugliest semi-flush fixture. it makes my eyes bleed every time i’m in there. i’ve been complaining about this for two years and my problem is committing to one idea. first i saw this sunburst light that i loved (and still do). but i think i’d like something hanging as opposed to a flushmount.

then i saw this mid-century sputnik fixture on etsy that’s such a good price compared to other sputniks out there.

i’ve also hemmed and hawed about a hicks pendant in this room for a while.

or something completely different like these capiz chandeliers. not sure this is the look i'm after though.

ahhh!! i’d love opinions on all three spaces!

September 24, 2014

Real Men!

if you've been reading this blog for a while you've probably come across one of my j crew posts - both positive (like this) and rants (my personal fave)! but really, if i was restricted to just one store to shop at, i would choose j crew.

so i was sooo happy when their latest catalog came in the mail and i saw that they have finally started using real men as their male models again. men that look like men. remember these guys? yikes. the new catalog features rugby players and facial hair! anyway, i don't know why but it just made me happy.

and they have tons of great clothes and shoes for men out right now!

September 23, 2014

Kitchen Table Ideas

one day when we don't have flying food and pounding forks anymore we'll replace our kitchen table (and same goes for the rug under the table, ew!). our current table has been with us since our first apartment before we were married. it's a workhorse and oddly enough has fit into each house we've owned since. but it's not really my style any more and is showing some wear. so i'm doing my research now to figure out exactly what i want.

the eating area in our kitchen is awesome but a little bit of a strange size in that we can fit about a 65" table. and most readily available tables are typically 60" or 72". it's been hard finding one that's in between. so we may end up going custom. but there is one thing i do know - i want a farm table. it's a style that works with so many other styles. and looks better with age!

so i've been pulling together table styles and finishes that will help me piece together in my mind exactly what i hope to find or maybe create! (again - at least a year from now!)

i love this simple trestle style.

this one from restoration hardware has a great finish.

crate and barrel makes a chunky parsons table that's actually exactly the length i'm looking for but the reviews scare me a little - it seems very high maintenance.

west elm has a couple right now but again sizes don't work.

the jameson table from ballard has a cool base.

or there's oval which is the shape we have now and really fits well but harder to find without spending a pretty penny!

so many open questions - what color for the finish? what shape for the top? and what style for the base??  do you love farmhouse tables too? would love to hear your faves!!

September 19, 2014

Designer Crush: Kristina Crestin Design

the other day i saw this room on pinterest that stopped me cold.

i looove it. everything about it. the shiplap walls, the dark paint on the backs of the built ins, the chandelier, and the light bright feeling. and it led me to designer kristina crestin who happens to be in my neck of the woods!

i am completely in love with her style. are you??
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