October 13, 2017

Boston Design Market Wrap Up!

every visit to the boston design center is fun for me but wednesday night was especially so! i went with my pal jen from @thechronicles of home to the innovators in design panel which i'll get to in a second but we got there a little early to take it all in. it's usually quiet when i go for regular client needs so it was nice to see a buzz!

when you come in and walk back toward the elevators, stark in on the left and it was on point for the fall season.

we then went up to the 5th floor where some of my favorite studios are and got a sneak peek of the heading home to dinner event space where each table was done by a different designer. they also styled a bar cart and this one stole my heart!

we stopped in schumacher where i found this rug and honestly i may have snapped this photo before but i can't remember and it's just so good that it deserves another shot! ;)

all of the walls at the design center are wrapped in phillip jeffries grasscloth and it's so yummy. the art installations are so pretty in the halls!

the main event was the design innovators panel where we heard from peter sallick, ceo of waterworks and dering hall, lee rotenberg, co-founder of ivy (a product i use and love - see my interview with them here), and timur yumusaklar, ceo of schumacher. needless to say it was a great panel and everyone was super engaging.

after the panel, all attendees were invited to a reception at the newly completed waterworks showroom which was FAB. when you walk in there is an INSANE kitchen immediately on the right. they really did a beautiful job.

when i think of waterworks, i tend to think of bathrooms moreso and there was no shortage of bathroom inspiration!

so many faucet and fixture choices.

i instagrammed this little butler's pantry area and i'm completely obsessed. the tile is divine.

obviously we had the best time and the boston design market is already on my list for next year. the best part is that absolutely anyone who loves design is welcome to come so if you're local to the boston area, or you'll be in town, put this event on your list for next year too! and put a visit to the BDC on your calendar for any time of year. :)

*this post was sponsored by the boston design center but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

October 10, 2017

Boston Design Market

confession: the boston design center used to scare me! so many vendors and studios and all only accessible to the top of the top designers, or so i thought. but you know what, i was so wrong - it's open to everyone, designers and non-designers alike. and now that i've spent some quality time there for client projects, i can truly say what an amazing resource it is. and i'm excited to share that starting tomorrow wednesday, october 11, the design center is hosting a two-day event called the boston design market.

so what is it? this event is for anyone interested in design - not just designers! - and will cover everything from keynote speakers like gil schafer to hands-on presentations like tile design at ann sacks. there are also a bunch of pop up shops in gallery west where you can purchase a bunch of home items, clothing, and accessories! there really is something for everyone and provides an excellent opportunity to meet members of the design community.

i'll personally be attending the "innovators in design" panel - register HERE - and i'd love to see you there. this panel includes peter sallick, ceo of waterworks and dering hall, lee rotenberg, co-founder of ivymark (my beloved design software - see my interview with them here), and timur yumusaklar, ceo of f. schumacher. so yeah, i'm thinking this is going to be a good one!

so come hang out and see what all the buzz is about! even if you aren't planning a full reno on your house, the bdc is still a great resource for finding that special wallpaper, fabric, rug, piece of furniture (ok you get the point!) to add that special touch to your home. there is even a designer-on-call program so you can shop the whole place with a professional.

*this post was sponsored by the boston design market but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

October 6, 2017

Serena & Lily Columbus Day Sale!

i think everyone knows by now that serena & lily is one of my most favorite places to find unique and beautiful things for any home. and really i do mean any home. their pieces lend themselves to so many styles that i find myself turning to them again and again not only for my own home but many clients' homes too! each one of these items below is tried and true and used in client projects and/or my house. but the best part is that everything you see here is also 20% off!! 🙌🙌 use code HAPPYDAYS at checkout.

plus a few more that didn't fit in the board above!

enjoy the long weekend keep an eye out for my instagram stories - i'll be posting a bunch!

October 2, 2017

Client Project: Plain Road

hello!! if i could do cartwheels or backflips, i'd be doing them right now. i've dreamed of writing this post for so long and now the time is here! i am so excited to share my #plainrdproject with you all. i started working with this client about a year ago and in this first phase we covered the dining room, entry, living room and powder room. the home was built in 1997 but decorated like it was 1987 and was covered in bad florals, hunter green, and crazy drapery. so we set to work on bringing these spaces into modern day. let's start with the dining room!

BEFORE. the drapery literally could be used for a wedding dress. the heaviest taffeta on giant honking wood rods.

it was a sad state of affairs.


photo by jessica delaney photography

the dining room doesn't get a ton of natural light because there is a porch overhang outside of all of these windows. i wanted to really lighten it up so we stripped that dark green wallpaper and added new grasscloth in a light sand color. it made a huge difference. i also changed out the marble in the fireplace (three of them actually!) to a classic carrara. it was ugly green marble before. my clients didn't want a super fancy/formal dining room and these pendants help set that tone. i replaced that insane drapery with simple white linen trimmed in a a pretty blue and tan tape.

photo by jessica delaney photography

my clients have a large extended family so we had a massive 13' table custom made to accommodate 14 people and used one of my favorite rugs to ground the room. the husband requested one thing and that was leather chairs so we kept him happy and they help keep the vibe more casual.

all of the art in the home was chosen by my clients - they have specific taste and wanted some special pieces that they chose together at galleries. my job was to tie to together with each space. this photo is by doug hockman. i also had this console custom made as we weren't finding exactly the right thing for this spot. i paired it with some of my favorite sconces by dunes and duchess that are even prettier in person.

photo by jessica delaney photography

now on to the entry!

BEFORE. green, green, and more green.

AFTER. buh bye green!

photo by jessica delaney photography

the most exciting part was clearly removing that wallpaper and adding this custom-colored beauty by galbraith & paul. i'm so glad my clients decided to go for it with this pattern - it completely makes the space. before there wasn't a chandelier or any light in this pretty two story entry so we fixed that by installing this gorgeous crystal one. it add just a bit of sparkle in this otherwise mostly neutral space. i always like to add a touch of drama and a crystal chandelier fits that bill!

again the artwork in the entry was chosen by my clients - and i loved it! - so i had these custom benches made and covered them with a pretty galbraith & paul fabric to pull out the tones in the artwork as well as a bit of blue in the wallpaper.

photo by jessica delaney photography

the powder room is up next and also a little pass-through hallway just outside of the powder room which was a little bonus spot to clean up and make pretty!

BEFORE. can we say poop brown? like wallpaper, counter, and although you can't see it here, the ceiling was painted, yes, brown. 😳

AFTER. like a breath of fresh air right?!

photo by jessica delaney photography

the wallpaper, sink console, mirror, and sconces all just make for a light and bright space in a room that doesn't have a window. the crystal stem detail on the sconces is such a great detail. it really is all in the details!

a little accessories switch up between shots :) but isn't this counter, backsplash and washstand just so pretty? we were very limited in terms of depth of the counter because the size of the door that swings into this room. there was no room for a regular faucet so we opted for a wall mount which worked out  really well.

photo by jessica delaney photography

and what's reflecting in the mirror is this little nook outside the powder room. the artwork here is by elizabeth becker. the texture on this lamp is so gorgeous and i love pairing it with this simple gray vase that i found at homegoods!

photo by jessica delaney photography

last but not least, the living room! except i can't show it to you...yet!! it's super exciting and hopefully come november i'll be able to explain more. i might just be leaving the best for last!

a huge thank you to my amazing clients who really were so wonderful to work with. it makes such a difference! also a special thanks to jess from jessica delaney photography. she not only worked her magic behind the lens but pushed me and helped me to set up these shots as perfectly as possible.

September 30, 2017


quick post  but there are some craaaazy good art sales going on at williams sonoma home. check these out - not inexpensive but some great deals.

top row: left | right
middle row: left | right
bottom row: left | middle | right

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