April 20, 2015

Weekend Happenings

and just like that it's already getting toward the end of april. how did that happen?! happy patriot's day new englanders! our super historic town as a parade every year but i'm bummed because this year it looks like a wash out :(

so it seems that i have been on an unlucky streak lately - after the coffee table fail, i met with our contractor on friday who said our shutters had come in. i was so excited! buuut then when he brought them to the house, we saw that they were not the style that we had ordered. fail #2. we can have them re-made but the lead time is like 4 weeks which is just annoying. and last but not least, i woke up early and went with my mom to target for the lilly pulitzer collection release. we walked in the door at 8:02am and everything was GONE. empty racks, crazy lines, i even saw a little tiff! the store supposedly opens at 8 but they had to have opened early - guess we missed the memo. clearly not the end of the world but just my luck as of late. oh! but if you have to have something - check out ebay where things are going for triple the prices and more!

we did make some progress outside though - special thanks to mimi and pop pop for coming up and being great babysitters (of the human and canine variety) and the very best gardener (mimi). hydrangeas dead headed and grasses cut back!

mr. r and i also put up new house numbers which were just a teensy weensy bit hard to make even and straight but in the end they really look good. huge improvement over what was slapped up there before!

and lastly, i finally opened up a roll of that serena & lily wallpaper that i feel like i practically stole and held it up in various places in the entry and stairs. i really love the pattern and color but i'm still not convinced that it works with the runner. trying to decide if there is another spot for it. :)

and that's that for today!

April 17, 2015

PB Teen Favorites

at my age, i feel like i shouldn't but i really love pb teen! i always check out what they've got going on because you can find some great stuff. and today i thought i'd round up my current faves!

exhibit a: this whole set up...

blingin desk.

love the shape of this mirror.

i think the pillow says it all - it's a happy chair :)

this dresser is spot on.

i love how the stripes on these lamps are imperfect. feels fresh!

enjoy the weekend! p.s. to the nice reader who commented on the coffee table post on tuesday - thank you and sorry i just got around to commenting back now but i'd love to know the name of the etsy seller!!

April 15, 2015

Outdoor Planters

now that it's warm i can officially start working on the outside of our house instead of just dreaming about it! i talked before about our plans to spruce up the outside of our house with shutters, lighting, and some new landscaping. on the more minor side, our planters have bit the dust this year so i started looking at pinterest for some inspiration on shape, size, and color. found lots of eye candy :)

April 14, 2015

Back To Square One

you guys it was the best weather ever yesterday. we hit over 70!! i told mr. r that i wish it was like this always but he said the winter we had makes you appreciate it more. and you know what? he's right.

buuuttt...major sad face today. after a long wait, one kings lane came back to me yesterday and broke my little heart - they can not get a replacement for the coffee table that i ordered (somehow a chandelier was delivered instead). and i'm so hooked on the parquet top/metal base now that i want to find the same thing again.

there are a few options...

this one from wisteria but not sure about the dimensions. definitely pretty though.

restoration hardware has one but 1. it's expensive and 2. i'm not sure how i feel about the top being inset in the base. dimensions are good though.

oh and then there's this one which is perfect in every way except for, you know, the $2500 price tag. ooph.

pity. party.

April 10, 2015


it's friyay! we have a fun weekend coming up and warm weather in the forecast. i'll believe it when i see it (feel it?) but i'm excited! sooo i have a little confession to make. i may or may not have bought 10 rolls of wallpaper during that recent ridiculous serena & lily sale. he he. the thing is, it was 60% off. six. zero. so each roll (double rolls!) was $35 and really, how could i not get it? most importantly it's returnable as long as it's unopened so i jumped on it.

origami in bone. i love the pattern as i think it's evident by now that i love a good geometric! it feels fresh and different and i really love how it would bring some interest to the space without taking over.  (just realized that when i wrote this last night i never said WHERE i'm thinking of putting this!! you might have guessed by the pic of the runner but it's our entry! it's been a long and documented process of trying to finding wallpaper for this space: here is black and white florals nixed by the hubby and also here dating back to september 2012!)  this s&l one would be such a great backdrop of artwork too. the only teeny tiny issue that i'm contemplating is whether it works with our new runner or fights it.

good news is that the hubby said he likes the pattern. this is major progress in itself. what do you think?? i might need to eat $35 and just open up a roll and see how it looks.

April 8, 2015

Artist: Kara Rosenlund

so i think it might snow today? back comes my long down coat and boots. i am praying for an extremely hot and long summer and if i ever once complain about the heat, please punch me in the face!! oh, and to the lady who backed into my car earlier this week - you have not made this week any better.

quick post today... kara rosenlund is a photographer and stylist and her photos are stunning. they would make such a huge impact in a room and you can find them here.

here's the photo that first caught my eye...(from adore magazine's IG feed)

love the light in this one...

all of these seem so simple (in a good way) but i could look at them all day long. you?

April 6, 2015

Pillow Sources II

happy easter and/or passover to you! how was your weekend? the boys were thrilled about the easter bunny this year and ate lots of chocolate and jelly beans and hunted for eggs. really, isn't that what it's all about? ;)

instagram continues to be such an amazing resource and source of inspiration. i just love it so much! i wanted to add to this post i wrote a few months ago about boho pillows with four more awesome sources.

walter g (@waltergtextiles). chock full of good stuff and not just pillows - fabric and wallpaper too! (i'm having a major wallpaper problem at the moment. as in i can envision using it just about everywhere in my house!!)

sKout (@shopskout). they posted a pic a few days ago with the cutest blankets and i'm so hoping those come online soon!

home girl collection (@homegirlcollection). etsy shop with a good IG feed!

loomgoods (@loomgoods). lots of great mud cloth.

are you on the band wagon? :)
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