August 4, 2015

More Bedroom Dreaming!

ok friends, i'm back at it. i basically spent the weekend on polyvore, my new best friend. it's so easy - i can't believe i ever thought it was hard! i read parts of this awesome tutorial to get me started and even the posts were written in 2012, most of it still applies.

so today i'm back to dreaming about our master bedroom. i made one board a while ago that was frankly just so so. but this one. this one i'm dying over. it's so calm and peaceful and i want to dive in that bed right now!

master bedroom

it's kind of amazing sometimes how much my tastes have changed over the years and how much i now crave calming spaces. anyway! i keep making these boards and my hubby keeps shaking his head. so obviously my thought process is - if i make enough of them, then by the laws of {statistics? attraction? physics? ha} he's bound to like one. and we already own the wallpaper so i mean it's kind of a slam dunk, no?

August 3, 2015


as of today, it has officially been 5 years since i started blogging. what?!?! i started this blog to take my mind off of a tough situation that i was facing at the time and who would have guessed that it would spark such a passion for interiors and design? i've taken some breaks and had some gaps over the years but generally speaking i've been coming back to this blog and writing content in some form. what in the world have i had to say?? it's hard to believe that i've had 5 years worth of stuff to talk about. but i keep coming back because i truly enjoy it and now it's helping me to build a little business. thanks so much for coming here to read what i have to say!

so i thought i'd take a look back at some of my more popular posts...

this one has been coming up lately with a bunch of views. i would take any one of these kitchens!

we have majorly upgraded the exterior of our house this summer. but we also made some big color changes at our last house that had a big impact. we took it from blue on blue to greige and black. the transformation was pretty great!

the nursery i designed for my babies also at our last house. it was very short-lived in the end but it was worth it!

and the big boy rooms in our current house which i love so much.

and of course one of my j crew rants :) the original one actually!

any other favorites that you have? :)

July 31, 2015

Kitchen Chair Options

it's like 90 degrees here! not complaining :) but with the humidity i sweat through like 3 shirts a day. tmi? oh and tgif!!

ok today's topic! i've been thinking about what chairs we'll want to get once we're ready for a new kitchen table. unfortunately stanley (who is now 8 months!) destroyed two of our four current chairs and since we really should have 6 total, starting form scratch makes the most sense. so i rounded up some options - some more realistic than others. mostly i'm just excited that i finally took the time to learn polyvore and can now create big girl design boards! doesn't this look 100 times better than those picasa boards?? only took me 5 years :)

kitchen chair options

1. wisteria. these are awesome but not sure upholstery would work in a house with two toddlers! fyi - they're 30% off right now!

2. serena & lily. i could kill for a set of these chairs but the cost might be too prohibitive. i don't want to be worrying all the time.

3. domino. this is a top contender. i love the wishbone shape and the seat looks reasonably comfortable.

4. west elm. i love these ones but i can't decide if the seat looks all that comfortable. like if you're wearing shorts or if you have little legs, your legs would have the same pattern as the chair pressed in!

5. domino. i think you get what you pay for and these look nice but i wonder about the longevity.

6. lulu & georgia. a knock off the original eames chair but same goes for these as #5.

what are your favorites? what else that's not on this list?

July 29, 2015

Designer Crush: Ashley Winn Design

first i'm going a little off topic... today would have been my papa's 100th birthday. although he lived to be 95, i would have given anything for him to still be around to meet my little boys - one of whom was named after him. i think of you many days but especially today, papa!

i found ashley winn design through where else but instagram and holy moly i fell hard. i think you might too.

an entry of my shiplap dreams. and i think that's the same darlana light fixture that we put in our kitchen!

brace yourself for this kitchen/family room/dining room situation.

speaking of built ins...


so pretty and light.

and this bedroom which has my dream bed.

um, and those built ins? sick.


the bench seat fabric is the same one that i used for our roman shades in the basement!!

this is the sickest laundry room that i ever did see.

and my dream trough sink and half subway tile wall look. weeping. :)

and maybe the best for office with a secret door to ANOTHER amazing room.

after all of this gorgeousness, there is nothing left to say!

July 28, 2015

Built Ins

HELLO!!! i'm back! we were on vacation for 5 days and between packing and traveling (and celebrating my bday ;) i didn't end up posting a single thing! so a friend of mine went to look at a house over the weekend that needed a ton of work - as she called it, "meredith's dream" - and it literally had me dreaming one night about built ins. not sure why this specifically was my dream but i do know that i have three rooms in my house asking for some built ins! i thought today i'd try to feed the craving by posting some incredible shelving, benches, and nooks that make me weak in the knees.

some of these i may have shared previously so i'm sorry if that's the case but once you see them i think you'll forgive me!!

love the drawers and the hardware and the paint color of these. the lines are clean, not uber traditional which i think looks fresh.

i know i've posted this pic before but it's soooo good!

the perfect window seat.

love this super clean look and how comfy does that sectional look?!

this one is major inspo for me with the shiplap walls and fireplace. and it reminds me, where the hell is my coffee table!!

this style is probably a little too modern for me but i still like it.

what jumps at you most? p.s. isn't summer flying by?? slow down!

July 22, 2015

Front Entry Refresh

hi i'm here! i keep falling asleep in my littles beds. so hard not to but kills the productivity! oh! i got a first preview of the new blog design and hot dog is it going to be better. (i watch too much mickey mouse club house, can you tell?) i can't wait to finalize the logo so we can roll out the new look!

a while ago i shared the newly completed look of our refreshed entry on instagram and people seemed to like it. :) so today i thought i'd share some wider shots. here are the original ig pics to start.

i really do love how this vignette came together. and that lamp/shade combo has me all kinds of heart eyes. here's the rest of the space. first angle, from the office...

sidebar - my husband would kill me but i'm not sure this rug is working for me anymore. eeks! it's just so dark and heavy. let's just keep that between us, k?

from the dining room:

from the bottom of the stairs:

you know i'll keep tweaking and especially try to whittle down for a "less is more" look. happy hump day!

July 16, 2015

Dude, Nice Birks

well i did it, i went all hippie and bought myself a pair of birkenstocks. the last pair i owned were blue suede arizonas in high school. and i so wish i had a picture to show you but i'm kinda glad i don't because it would pretty be painful! #awkward :) this time around i opted for the gizeh style in white on white. however they seem to be a man repeller as my husband took one look and told me they were horrendous! good thing he's stuck for life. ;)

but look i'm in good company! heidi klum loves hers!

and ashley olsen

and julianne moore!

anyone with me or should i be taken to the loony bin?
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