May 23, 2017

Fireplace Surrounds

a friend mentioned that he liked our fireplace surround and it got me thinking about how much better it is now that we redesigned it versus how it was originally. so i thought i'd round up some great fireplace surround designs for inspiration to anyone considering how to make their fireplace wall more functional!

our fireplace used to look like this. no joke. i thought it would be a GREAT idea to paint red and white stripes. and how bad are those sconces? (at least i can say i didn't choose those!)

but the real point is that the height of the mantle plus the sconces made it impossible to mount a tv there - it would have been very small and at an uncomfortable height for viewing. along with the functional issues, aesthetically this surround was way too traditional for me. so i did a lot of pinterest sourcing and came away with this design that we tweaked for the application in this space.

we left the black honed granite that was already there - nothing was wrong with it. i would have liked marble and if it had been any other granite than black honed it would be gone!

one key to this design is keeping it beefy. too thin and you lose the definition and it becomes cheesy. but they're a fine line in my opinion on being too chunky where it starts to go cheesy. the details are minimal but enough to be interesting.

 in terms of height, you can see that the top of the new surround is about even with the top first shelf (actually just a bit lower). in the original builder design in the first photo, the mantle was another 6-8" higher and that makes a difference! (beware of dinosaurs)

here are some more surrounds that keep it simple.

brooke wagner

better homes & gardens

amber interiors

boise interior design

amber interiors

calla mcnamara

studio mcgee

kate marker interiors

May 19, 2017

Spring Home Tour: Dining Room

back at it today with a deeper look at our dining room. this room literally took a year - no wait, more - to complete. here's a before and wow all of that color was pretty but i realized i can't live with it. (scroll to the bottom to shop this entire post!)

i wanted a much quieter, calmer vibe and that's what i think i got!

photo by kate renyi

it all started with the art and some white paint. the artwork is thom filicia for soicher marin and is 55" square so it makes a statement.

photo by kate renyi

for my birthday last year my parents gave me the rug (well, money for it 😉) and that really set things into motion. i got the table from restoration hardware on clearance and then pulled the trigger on my most favorite chairs. total splurge but they make me SO happy.

i moved the pendant light from the kitchen table to this room when we did the big improvement project. it's a little small and one day i'll probably replace it but i actually like it. i also wanted sconces on either side of the art but didn't want to deal with getting an electrician and wiring so i found these beauties from wisteria. they're large and at first i wasn't totally 100% but as a friend said, they're unique and that makes them cool. and i have to agree!

photo by kate renyi

the drapery was the last piece to fall into place. i first wanted white linen but then decided that was too boring. my friends can attest to the fact that i went through at least 10 ideas before i landed back on white linen. should have stuck with my gut! custom drapery is so expensive but worth it. the workmanship is so good on these.

photo by kate renyi

the curtain rods and rings are from crate & barrel and i love how simple they are. this style of pleat is called euro or french or three finger (or a myriad of other names!) if you want to have some custom drapes made. and the tip that you've probably heard before - hang 'em high and wide. don't cover the window!

photo by kate renyi

so that's it! thanks so much for the support, i've really appreciated it!

table no longer available (similar) | arm chairs | side chairs | rug | sideboard | art (to the trade only) 

May 18, 2017

New To Me Art

late post today but one worth sharing! one of my favorite ways to make a big impact in a room is through art and love finding new artists who inspire me. today i'm sharing three artists who are new to me but not necessarily the rest of the world!

christie adelle: beautiful abstracts mixed with geometric patterns that are affordable. large, framed art gets expensive quickly so i appreciate the budget friendly pieces here!

laurie fisher: i love laurie's use of color and shapes to create something that's seemingly so simple but also so interesting. you can find more of her work on serena & lily's site.

erin clark: these would be so amazing a beach home - or in a home that you wish was at the beach. 😉

kt merry: beautiful photography here. the water shot is from the maldives, swoon. the trees are at san ysidro, ca where we went in february and it's truly gorgeous. and my love of horses

May 15, 2017

One Bathroom Two Ways

happy monday loves! how was your weekend? i had such a great mother's day - huge thank you to mr. r for making it special. 💙 it started with the boys bringing me a gift in bed and singing happy mother's day to the tune of happy birthday. 😂 i had mentioned that i needed a new wallet and they surprised me with this one and i LOVE it!

speaking of perforation, isn't this bag sooo pretty?!

anyway, short post today but i'm helping an existing client who is finishing her basement with some design choices. they're adding a bathroom so i came up with two different looks for the space using the vanity she's already chosen.

the tub area will be white subway so we're trying to keep it classic but not too serious. i'm more than a little jealous!

May 12, 2017

Spring Home Tour: Office

first today i want to say a giant thank you to for reposting my dining room AND living room in the past week. what a thrill and i'm very appreciative! but i always have mr. r to bring me back down to earth since he thinks all of this is nonsense. 😆

ok! the next room in line for a closer look is our office. this room used to be pink. for real. and i loved it but then i hated it and it went white like most everything else. (p.s. scroll to the bottom to shop this post!) photography by kate renyi.

this room pretty much changed top to bottom. the rugs, furniture, lighting (which truthfully i'm still a little meh about) and art all changed. however that doesn't mean big bucks. i sold a lot of the old pieces and moved furniture around to repurpose some things we already had.

the shelving is from ikea and the hardware hack is from studio mcgee. no need to reinvent the wheel! i found a great 18" brass pull for under $20 and mr. r did some drilling. one day we hope to add built ins in place of these shelving units but for now they work just fine.

styling the shelves was a task! and i took many swipes at it but i like how it ended up.

the jute rug is from pier 1 and a few weeks before these photos were taken, stanley the dog peed on it. i couldn't believe it. so now we need to replace the new rug. UGH. the rug layered on top is vintage from chairish.

the desk was maybe my favorite find. it's technically a table because it has no drawers but it's just what i was looking for. i wanted a high gloss white desk large enough to have two chairs pull up on the other side. everything that was labeled as a traditional "desk"was too small so i started searching under table and voila! under $300!

the chair was moved from the living room (see this post for more living room details) when we bought the leather sofa. it's been a great addition and feels comfortable and warm. the pillows are two of my faves. since this room is fairly simple, it's the perfect spot for statement making art and the benson-cobb piece does just that!

the console started out behind the sofa in our living room and then moved to the dining room temporarily. but i had a master plan for it to land in the office and bring in some warmth. i'm really happy with how it looks in here!

the lamp is one i had been pining for and i love it just as much as i thought i would. the art i snagged from our master bedroom because the piece i ordered didn't arrive in time and actually it's still not here!

thanks for making it this far! here are links for lots of the pieces in the room.

desk (also here) | leather chair (similar) | rattan chairs no longer available (similar)

chair | leather pillow | blue and white pillow | pendant light no longer available (similar)
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