August 1, 2014

Bye Bye Red!

if you live with me then you better be ok with change! and my poor husband actually despises change (i like to think we balance each other out nicely!) so he was not exactly on board when i said i wanted to paint over the red stripes in our family room above the fireplace. but i needed something calmer (i feel like the red was secretly stressing me out) and something more modern. the red was feeling dated - already - it wasn't even up two years! so i went from this...

to this...

i started off with a roll of painters tape and got to work. this is where i'm very happy i had the red stripes professionally done because i just taped right above the red and automatically had very straight lines.

i decided to keep the white stripe the same color which is benjamin moore linen white. after taping, the first step is to paint over the tape seams with the white color to "seal" it so that the new color won't leak through. this is a little bit of extra effort but it works like a charm!

the new color is pale oak from benjamin moore and i looove it. i want to cover my whole house with this color. it's the perfect gray/taupe neutral. to save time i rolled on the new color with a small roller and used a small angled brush to get in the corners and on edges where the roller didn't cover. i ended up just needing two coats - i used the regal select line of paint and it was so thick, the coverage was incredible. i messed up once and started painting the white stripe instead of the red. duh!! but this was such a quick job - about 4 hours in total. and for those who are worried that i neglected my children for four hours, i started at nap time and then finished when i had a mommy's helper (girl from the neighborhood) come play with the boys.

only bad part is that the painters tape actually pulled up some of the paint on the white stripes when i took it off. not sure how to prevent that?

and meanwhile to my right while i was snapping these pics...two wild little boys!!

have a great weekend!

July 31, 2014

Killing It: Dash & Albert

so i saw this on someone's instagram (can't remember who!) and it's perfect. not that i'm even that put together or charming on this blog, but i'm even less so in real life!

ok but on to the real point - dash & albert. i love love love their rugs (here) and have two of their runners in our upstairs hall. and we used to have one in our master bedroom that i sold in my yard sale last year. anyway, here are a few of my current faves!





they also have some great bags.

July 29, 2014

A Happy Bday!

hi friends! how was your weekend? i have lots to report. first, thank you to my parents for a very yummy dinner out and a particularly delicious (homemade) ice cream cake with 3 (!) kinds of ice cream and an ice cream sandwich crust. nummy as my boys would say!

a major highlight of my day was a total surprise and was actually on instagram! i was so excited to find out that caitlin wilson textiles (@caitlinwilsontextiles) shared one of my instagram posts on their feed. it was of my office (a similar shot to the west elm one last week but before i had the lamp) and it got over 650 likes!! that's a big deal for me :)

also mr. r took me shopping which was another highlight and i stumbled on a brand new tory burch store at a local mall! i picked up this beauty - she's way prettier in person even!

of course i had to take pics of the inside of this store. have you been in a tb store? they're amazing. you leave wishing your house was half as nicely furnished. here's the entrance and front room - lacquered orange and lucite!

this is the second room where all of the shoes are complete with velvet sofas, an awesome chandelier, and a beautiful braided rug. swoon.

plus on top of all that they served corona and champers!! mr. r was actually happy to be shopping! thank you again to all who made it a great day!!

July 25, 2014

Killing It: Land Of Nod

i had intended to post this last week so now i'm probably late to the game but have you seen some of the stuff at land of nod lately?? it's so good.

this whole campaign collection is perfect. and not only for kids!

adorable kids desks.

and these cribs! ugh why didn't they have fun colors in (semi) affordable prices 2 1/2 years ago?! pb kids has fun colors now too. so unfair!!

this rocker is the perfect scaled down chair for a smaller space. not only for a nursery.

land of nod's rugs are always great but i am dying to use this modern swiss cross one.

super cute bedding like these sheets (and also comes in a crib sheet). hmm these would be pretty perfect for finn's room. :)

p.s. it's my birthday and it's kind of a big one. trying to pretend i'm 29 again! #feelingold

July 24, 2014

Summer Wardrobe Must Haves

random fashion post today but i stumbled on two pieces that would be the perfect additions to a summer wardrobe. first are these sandals and after seeing them in person yesterday, they are even more yummy in person. my birthday is coming up :)

secondly, saw my friend last night and she had on a killer tank (holla mh). p.s. j crew now has reviews!! i think i called them out on that like 4 years ago. glad they finally listened ;)

July 23, 2014

Instagram Fame!!

y'all - yesterday i put a pic of a new lamp i got for our office and tagged west elm. and in all of 10 minutes they liked my post AND commented on it!! that was some crazy excitement!

so west elm could see my photo, i made myself public so now you can just follow me without any "approval" yay!!

p.s. thank you for all of the comments, emails, texts on finn's room - very helpful!
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