September 27, 2016

Annie Selke Bedding

i swear i have the best intentions of blogging more regularly but work seems to be winning out lately!  side note - anyone else a night owl? i stay up so late! like midnight easy. so my new goal is to go upstairs at 10pm. i looked in the mirror today at my hairdresser (who p.s. i LOVE and it's just the best thing to find someone who is so great and easy to talk to, especially since i'm there for like 2 hours!) and i had major puffy, dark circles under my eyes. granted, some of that is age which i guess i'm losing the battle there, but sleep has to be part of it. so long story short, i need more sleep. and what mom doesn't?!

ok speaking of sleep, have you seen the annie selke/pine cone hill catalog? i got it and immediately started drooling. the bedding is so yummy, for lack of a better word. that navy quilt?! i'm obsessed.

don't you want to jump in? and as i write this it's 10:23 and i'm already breaking my new rule!! baby steps right? :)

September 21, 2016

VFMH Online Store

i've been thinking for a while that i should just set up a page with a bunch of items for sale - like my very own craigslist - so finally i did it!

i do have a bunch of stuff you may have seen before but i also added a few new items at the top. and every time i add new stuff i'll try to let you know and they'll always be at the top of the page. thank you everyone for the support!!

September 20, 2016

The Look For Less

where do i begin? definitely had no intention of not blogging for a week (more maybe?). i've been insanely busy with clients, clients and more clients which i am truly happy and excited about! but i have exactly 4 hours of free time 4 mornings a week to meet with clients or you know, GSD like grocery shop, so that leaves night time to work on designs, email clients, and oh yeah catch up with my husband. and speaking of that very lovely man, he's been away for 4 out of the last five nights! my mom came and helped which was wonderful but then all hell broke loose with my little finn and long story short, he's likely getting a cast today on his left arm. :| so yeah, blogging fell off!

today i have to share a version of the look for less or high/low or whatever you want to call it! i had ordered a new desk for the office (our current desk is too small) and it came and it was all wrong plus was damaged. and i kind of knew it wasn't going to be right but have seen it in so many IG pics where it looks so pretty that i had to try. always go with your gut and mine had been telling me to get a simple white parsons table. i wanted a table instead of a desk because i wanted it to be deeper and wide than your average desk. little trick i love! anyway, i ordered the west elm version during their labor day sale. it was on major back order - like 6 months - so i started looking around for another option and voila! the felix table from overstock.

west elm


it was easy to put together and it's totally sturdy. the reviews were right on although i was a little nervous about how it would be packaged but it was so well protected and came in perfect shape. and btw the west elm version is now only available in brown so really good thing this other option exists!

the overstock table would be too small to be a legit dining table but i can see it as a desk (obviously), a kids play/homework table, even a console table if you have the space.

September 9, 2016

Pins I've Pinned And Posts I've Liked

this has been one busy and exciting week for me! lots of awesome client meetings and progress which feels so good. and i really appreciate everyone's support of the work that i'm doing - really and truly. oh and as a totally random aside, my boys are starting town soccer now that they're in pre-k and we got our team assignments tonight - go anteaters!! LOL.

ok time for my favorite post rounding up the last week or so of favorites on pinterest and instagram!


i was on a lighting kick and this ro sham beaux fixture is just so beautiful. sigh, one day.

via homebunch

i was also looking for pillow styling inspiration and there is really no one better at this skill than amber lewis.

amber interiors

another light fixture that i researching and then i just fell in love with the whole room.

by coats homes

that gorgeous paneled door and tongue and groove ceiling had me at hello.

via o & d interiors


this pattern combo.


this in-progress kitchen made me stare long and hard. gorgeous.


gray malin's bedroom makeover has been everywhere but it's so bright and happy that i keep going back to it. his new bora bora series is amazing.


have a great weekend - this will be our last hurrah for swimming before our pool closes. crazy!!

September 6, 2016

New Art Finds

how was the long weekend friends? we played tourist in boston which kind of ended in disaster with two whiny four year olds. annoying. but then mr. r took them to the driving range and putting green practice area (i'm sure there's an actual word for that) and things perked up. they loved it! then all the boys also went for their first bike ride into town to get ice cream which turned out to be an excellent incentive. they had so much fun and were so hyped up on sugar they even had enough energy to bike back. and there i was driving along and stopping in random places to cheer them on. crazy mom! if anyone had seen me driving around they would have seriously wondered what the hell i was doing. but i got some pics and they loved waving as they biked by so oh well! oh and lastly my uber picky eater, finn, who likes approximately five foods asked for and ATE shrimp last night. he even said he liked it. WHAT! and our adventurous eater, charlie, tried it and thought it was gross. my world has done a 180 people. but all in all a good weekend!

anywho i have a bunch of art laying around in various places in my house that was once hung in other various places that i've taken down or switched out for various reasons. lots of variousness. ;) i've been itching to somehow combine it all together to create a gallery wall. but the thing is lots of the pieces are similar sizes so i need to supplement what i've got with some other smaller things. this of course led to a night of staying up until almost 1am sourcing art. not normal. but on the plus side it gave me some sources to introduce today!

adding some original art to my gallery wall is key - it adds texture and depth and different mediums make the whole thing a lot more interesting. i first found donna walker through a pinterest search but quickly learned that she has an etsy shop and is represented through serena & lily for some of her larger pieces. not bad!

pamela munger is an artist with a variety of subjects like landscapes, still lifes, and abstracts. i just love that her art is pretty and original and affordable.

i put together a concept of the gallery wall to at least start me off on sizing and placement. this is going to change 100 times before it all goes up on the wall and i already see things that i would switch around but you get the overall concept. also these is not the final art selections in all cases! the wall where this is going is upstairs so i wanted to keep it light and fun. plus the budget for this project is small and i needed to find affordable art. (that weird publish sidebar is there because i took a screenshot from polyvore)

i had fun trying to connect the art we already own with new stuff so it all makes sense! more to come :)
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