September 2, 2014

Quick Project: Bench Redo

ugh back to the grind after a really nice long break. trying to be positive today but it's painful!

a while back i did a post on upholstering a ballard designs bench (here) and i covered it with a navy pagoda fabric.

it lives in our dining room now and i decided that with the new navy walls, the pagoda fabric didn't really stand out (even though we also had navy walls in our old house - don't know why it didn't bother me then!). so i found a fun block print from lacefield designs in kelly green and navy to reupholster it!

the fabric at was $22/yd, and i only needed 1 yard, plus more staples because i couldn't find my old ones, and i was all in on this project for about $25! i think it adds the perfect punch to this space.

this really is such an easy project! start by gathering your tools - very sophisticated tools here ;)

since i was putting a lighter color fabric on, i had to take the other fabric off so it wouldn't show through. i just unscrewed the legs and removed the staples holding it in place.

but i kept the off-white twill that was original to the bench.

the hardest part really is centering the fabric on the bench. it's also hard to get a picture of yourself doing that! that's the only slow part of the project. once you have it centered, just start in with your staples. pull the fabric reeeeally tight and pop one in. i like to start in the middle and work my way to the corners. not at all sure if that's the proper method!

once i had all of the staples in, i quickly trimmed the fabric down so it wouldn't show from underneath. about an inch maybe from the staples?

and voila! a new bench...

September 1, 2014

Sea Bags

happy labor day everyone. you might have seen on instagram that while we were in maine we stopped at the official sea bags store and production facility. they wouldn't let me take pics of the production area but it was ok to snap a few shots of the little retail part.

i brought that navy anchor tote home with me and it ended up being a lifesaver because our beach bag that we brought was entirely too small!

August 29, 2014

K Colette And Other Maine Things

hey there! we were in maine for a few nights recently and lucked out with the best weather ever. sunny and warm every day. the boys loved going in the pool and i think one day they'll be little fishies! it was a nice getaway and as always, it's good to be back too. while we were there i stopped in a shop called k colette which had the most amazing selection of john robshaw pillows among other things! (p.s. did you see my score at home goods recently on instagram?!)

the store had some really pretty vignettes so i tried to take a few pics to show you!

this was the cutest display of kids decor. i loved it all!

this headboard and pillow combo was amazing.

yummy light fixture and zinc top table.

maine is just so pretty - the rocky coastline is like no where else. we walked the trail around mackworth island which if you're ever near portland, it's definitely worthwhile, especially with kids!

August 22, 2014

Tax Free Weekend Score!

in massachusetts we have this little thing called tax-free weekend where they waive the sales tax on anything under $2,500. so we took full advantage and bought a mattress for one of my little ones (already had a mattress for one), a dresser for the other little one, and as it happens an outdoor console (remember this post?). i saw online that the console was on sale but to get tax free you have to purchase from a store. so i called our local pottery barn who happened to be having a floor model sale and the console that i loved so much was 20% off. eh, ok not great but i asked if they could do any better and they took another $100 off. plus i had a handy little 15% off up my sleeve which in total knocked it down to 40% off. ok now we're talking! when i factored in no tax and no shipping, which is always a disgusting amount, it seemed too good to pass up. even mr. r agreed. ;)

i think i talked a lot about our new outside table but never really shared it here. well here it is!

have a great weekend - can't believe it's the end of august!!

August 21, 2014

On A Roll!

just want to give a big shout out and thank you to one kings lane!! they regram-ed my dining room post and in just a few hours it was close to 1,400 likes [update - we are at almost 2,000 likes!!]. whoa. see here and here for other popular insta posts like the west elm lamp and a caitlin wilson pillow.

new visitors - see here for the post on how i chose the paint color for the buffet/console piece. also here is some inspiration for the wall color - i went with benjamin moore stunning which i think is a fitting name ;)

August 20, 2014

Fall Boots Roundup 2014

i think every year i end up doing a post on fall boots although i never really plan it. just can't help it! so here's what's on my mind

madewell - only question is brown or black?


hanna andersson:

of course frye has to be on the list:

p.s. anthropologie is having 20% all shoes right now including those splendid numbers above!

August 18, 2014

GiGi New York

i had never heard of gigi new york until erin gates from elements of style unveiled the bag she designed with/for them. and since then i keep seeing their bags pop up on my instagram feed. isn't that always the way? once you're aware of something it's everywhere! anyway, their bags are so pretty and i love all of their fun colors.

i think the teddie tote is my favorite style - and the same style of just about every bag that i own!! easy access for snacks, wipes, and every other random thing you can find in my bag these days! bonus - you can get it monogrammed :)

loving this iris color:

pretty clutches:

which one is your favorite?

p.s. apologies for the sporadic posts - work is killing me lately.
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