July 1, 2016

ACK Recap

little known fact: a really bad case of hand foot and mouth can cause nails to peel off. EW. i had a minor freak out this week when i looked at my little finn's hands and saw three nails splitting off. then i remembered about a couple of months ago he had the dreaded HFM disease and apparently this nail thing only happens with bad strains and can occur 1-10 weeks after. how did we get so lucky and how gross is that?!

all of that happily has nothing to do with today's post however. we had such a great time in nantucket this year that i thought a recap might be a good idea. a lot of people asked about the house we rented and with good reason - it was awesome! some context - last year we were out in madaket at the very far west end of the island. literally the end - we were on the ocean. it was pretty and the location right on the beach was cool. we thought that we'd kind of get there and stay put for the whole week. but we found ourselves needing and wanting to go to town a lot more often than we expected. so towards the end our trip last year we spent a good amount of time scouting houses on streets closer to town and i think i reached the end of the internet with my rental searches - like hours and hours! - until we found a handful that of places that we were excited about. we then narrowed those down to the one we ultimately stayed in this year and it was a winner!! i called the realtor (the house happened to be through a realtor instead of vrbo or one of those) the day we left and booked for the following year.

in addition to location, one major criteria in our search was a pool. a heated pool to be precise. having that immediate entertainment for the kids is just so worth it.

another thing that we decided was important to us was the house itself. it's hard to shell out a ton of money for a crappy place. for us it just feels like more of a vacation when you're staying in a beautiful home. that was another lesson learned for us from last year when we didn't focus on the house itself quite as much and ended up with shower stalls so small you couldn't turn around and just some general deferred maintenance. rental rates on nantucket are flat out outrageous especially come july and august so we try to book right on the "shoulder" in june when the rates are lower.

i shared the downstairs of the guest cottage on instagram at our house but it also had such a pretty bedroom upstairs.

i got a snap of our neighbor's backyard from a window in the guest cottage at our house!

we passed this house on our walk to the beach every day...

and then while scrolling through pinterest the other day i randomly saw this image from mark d. sikes. it's the house!! so fun to see it in full bloom!

and speaking of the beach, we really loved steps beach. the water was calm and it wasn't super windy.

a few fun pop up stores are on the island for the summer like town pool which actually has two locations, the skinny dip, and beauty counter.

 the town pool location on easy st has an upstairs candy room and a tattoo chair which my boys really loved!

i could go on and on but it's like 1am and i need to stop somewhere. :) i hope everyone has a fun 4th of july weekend! xo

June 28, 2016

Linen T Shirt Love

i picked up two linen shirts recently that i love and i'm sharing because you shouldn't keep these kinds of things to yourself. ;) before you freak out that it's linen - they say to hand wash but that's for people with time. i stick mine in a laundry bag in the washer and then lay it on a rack to dry.

i bought exactly one thing for myself on our nantucket trip and it was this linen long sleeve shirt/sweater from the island company. i love that store. we went to one in naples last february and i always try to go when we're in nantucket. anyway this top is lightweight and pretty see through - more so than it looks in the picture - but so pretty layered with a tank top.

second is this t shirt from j crew. it has kind of a boxier fit on top and then gets narrower at the hips which sounds odd but is actually a very flattering cut.

i'm actually on the hunt for some good t shirts - if you have any favorites please share!!

June 27, 2016

Remember Me?

you guys i am just not feeling the whole blog thing lately. i don't know why but i'm having trouble coming up with content that i'm excited about. i'm not saying bye or anything but i need to get my head back in it somehow.

ok so you just may have seen a post or two on instagram of our trip last week to one of our most favorite places on earth - nantucket. i promise a recap post of the trip this week! we really had a great time.

today i wanted to share a couple of sources for leather pulls because one of the best ways to dress up some built ins or a dresser is to add a touch of leather. a few examples...

via housetweaking blog

and from the amazingness that is amber interiors.

i always turn to etsy when looking for this kind of thing and these pulls are a steal at $16 for 2. loving the natural leather and brass. they would look awesome on a built in desk or on some cabinets in a living room. and after coming up empty on my search for pulls for charlie's ikea dresser, i'm thinking of using these!

on the other end of the spectrum are these pulls from walnut studiolo. they also come in natural leather and that wood and leather combo is so good. the size is customizable as well!

these pulls are from the same seller and have a totally different feel from the first one above.

some food for thought for your monday!

June 14, 2016

Black Pendant Love

getting busy with some client projects lately which is fun but leaves no time for checking in here! also i've been trying to catch up on the bachelorette - love jojo! :) i've seen a couple of kitchens on my instagram feed lately using the same black pendants that we put in our kitchen last fall and i'm loving it!!

photo by kate renyi (p.s. special thanks to benjamin moore for regramming this shot!)

photo by kate renyi 

this kitchen by becki owens is so good. makes me fall in love with the pendants all over again!

then i saw it pop up again in studio mcgee's feed on their windsong project! i can not WAIT for the reveal of this house.

i first saw them used in a kitchen by house of jade interiors which i've raved about before!

and they also used the same pendants in an office project.

have i sold you yet? just in case not, i put one in a condo in boston in navy and it turned out super cute! :)

June 6, 2016

Feminine Bedroom

what a fun and crazy weekend! when the weather is warm i'm so much more motivated to get outside and make the most of it. definitely need to use today to catch up! anyway, i'm working with a client right now who wants to focus on her bedroom which i think is just so awesome. i've talked about it before, but bedrooms are so often a neglected space but they shouldn't be. my client wants a pretty and feminine bedroom and that is what she shall have. :)

the rug in the design is one she already owns and is a keeper. she also has a dresser and nightstands in dark wood tones that are staying. the rest is fair game. currently the room feels a little dark and has lots of mid to dark grays. she mentioned that she likes the idea of a floral and would like ceramic lamps. so here's what i came up with!

you can read some of my notes but i'm a firm believer in pattern mixing. a floral sham, check pillow, striped blanket and solid duvet creates an electic mix. plus the geometric pattern of the rug keeps it interesting on the floor too. i chose this floral because dark background fabric makes a statement without being overbearing. and the good part here is that if she gets tired of the shams down the road, it's such an easy, inexpensive thing to switch out! the curve of the headboard feels soft and pretty and relates to that gorgeous bone inlay mirror as well as the ceiling fixture. i'm sure there will be tweaks to the design but the basic ideas will still apply.

and now that i read back through this post, i think i got a little preachy - sorry! - but there you have my thought process of how this came together. hope you have a good start to the week!
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