August 24, 2015

A Fun And Punchy Office

how was the weekend? we had a busy one and a furniture-filled one which you may have seen on my instagram. :) our coffee table was delivered on friday which felt almost surprising after my luck. i was only believing it when i saw it! we also had a fruitful trip to the restoration hardware outlet where i found some dining room chairs that i've been holding out for for nearly a year. i can't even tell you how many times i almost ordered them online. so glad i didn't because on top of the outlet price, they had another 30% off going on. crazy town!

anyway! today i'm excited to share a design for a new client project. these clients are a cute, young married couple living in boston. they just bought their first place and i love being part of the process of making this a true home for them. here is the office design.

she has a love of crisp colors and graphic punches. and she had already bought this serena & lily wallpaper which is too funny since i just installed the exact same stuff in my basement! i think i'd be very productive in this space :)

August 19, 2015

Help Needed - Watches

two things first - 1. i met with a new client last friday and she is adorbs. i'm positive her husband is too but unfortunately he wasn't able to be there. anyway i'm super excited about this new project! and 2. we have planned two trips to FL next winter to make up for being house bound this past winter and are starting to make flight/car reservations. my hubby just happened to checked hertz for our april trip and we ended up getting a giant suburban for $270 for the WEEK. can you even believe that deal?? i almost feel like it was mistake! i bet the airfare will more than make up for the savings but you know, let's worry about that later. :)

ok! in a very sad turn of events i am in need of a new watch. i have a beautiful tag that i accidentally dropped apparently at just the right angle and yadda yadda yadda i can no longer change the date or time. kind of important features of a watch! oh and it costs obscene amounts of money to fix it.

so i'm looking for a new, affordable watch but i'm at a total loss.

this michael kors one is cute but i'm not sure it's everyday.

this one from fossil isn't bad.

a little kate spade action.

but i need help!! this is hard!

August 17, 2015

Weekend Happenings

hi all! there are 2 more weeks of summer left. 2!! we're trying to make the most of it while starting to plan fall activities for the boys which is crazy to think about. how was your weekend? mine was quite productive actually which is rare. :) my super duper electrician, aka mr. r, obliged me and changed out our garage sconces. they were the final piece of the puzzle with all the exterior updates. we are officially done and it feels (and looks!) so good!

and i found them on amazon for under $100 each.

i also heard from the etsy seller who is making our coffee table (did you forget because i almost did) that it finally shipped.

if you follow me on instagram then you saw some progress on the basement! it's all painted (i think i mentioned here that i was painting it myself - i gave up) and the wallpaper is hung. i've started to hang some art but also really trying to keep some walls bare which is so hard for me! i want to follow the less is more school of thought although with all of the toys down there, the last thing it looks is bare!!

a little while ago a girl contacted me out of the blue asking about our bedroom furniture and where we got some of the pieces because she was slowly re-creating the same room in her place. maybe sounds a little creepy/single white female but i was actually flattered. she had seen my room on another blog and loved it. and since i have been dreaming up a new bedroom scheme, it felt like fate. plus she lives in the boston area! so she came yesterday and bought our upholstered bench and mirrors.

p.s. forgot to give a shout out to JH on the post about painted interior doors! mwah! oh and i've narrowed it down to two possible doors :)

August 13, 2015

Painted Interior Doors

i was over at a friend's house yesterday and right away noticed that she painted her back door light blue. it was so pretty!! naturally it's all i've been thinking about since! so i decided to round up some images to inspire us all :)

are you ready to get out a can of paint?!

August 11, 2015

Wishing For Wishbones

how was the weekend? i had no motivation to get a post done for yesterday. not gonna lie! but today's a new day. :) a little while ago i posted about dining room chair options and i'm still leaning toward the wishbone style. of course my better half balked at them claiming they're "too modern" so i'm out to round up some spaces that show how versatile they can be!

studio mcgee recently revealed their latest project and would you look at that! oh and yeah, it's pretty much perfect.

via house of turquoise and design by willey design.

becki owens' gorgeous work:

via design milk. this is west elm's version so slightly different but still gives a very similar look.

design source unknown (tell me if you know!) and i love that table too!

the every girl co-founder's apartment:

amber lewis's amazing work at the lombardi house:

this one via cottage and vine, design by kate marker, mixes in the most traditional elements of all of these spaces.

so whadya think?!

August 7, 2015

Fall Boot Cravings

this is becoming an annual thing. august rolls around and i start drooling over all of the fall boots. here are my faves this year!

fall boots

1. clog boot. i think these might be my fave.

2. suede and leather. i got a pair of splendid suede tall boots last year and i love them. way more comfortable than i thought they would be.

3. hunter zip short boots. i have the regular short version of these and i wear them so much more than the tall ones. they're so easy!

4. moto boots. frye makes a mean one.

5. more suede booties. i can't stop!

p.s. my spanx leggings came and they're perfecto but i'd say if anything they run a little small. just fyi!

have a great weekend!

August 5, 2015

Back In Stock!

two of my favorite things are back in stock and if you like them, you should jump!

1. west elm woven felt baskets. i first saw these at a friend's house probably a year ago and i recently noticed that they're back! they come in lots of sizes and are so versatile. they would be so cute in a kids room and awesome for toy storage. i got a bunch for storing magazines and fabric/wallpaper samples.

2. spanx faux leather leggings!!! i saw these probably a year ago too and passed on them because i wasn't sure if they were "me". remember that post? anyway i regretted it all year - i tried to track them down for so long and they've been sold out everywhere.

i'd pair them with a sweater like this one in the fall.

but let's not rush the end of summer :)
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