September 16, 2014

Good Lighting

hi! you all know my affinity for west elm's lighting (here too!) but i'm also loving some of the options at crate and barrel!

i wish i had more fun and colorful lighting in my house, especially sconces! *all lighting is 30% off through tomorrow!!

September 15, 2014

To-Die-For Wallpaper

did you know rifle paper co now designs and sells wallpaper? i follow anna rifle bond on ig and she is truly so creative. her collection of wallpaper has me wanting to rip my laundry paper down and put up one of her designs! (do NOT panic i am NOT doing that! though i guess there is some precedence - think powder room!)

which is your favorite?

and many more...gorgeous!

September 12, 2014

Friday Finds: Shopping List

oh hello. one day i'm going to find balance and blog more regularly! but this week was not that time. :( to make up for my complete and utter lack of blogging, i've gathered up a bunch of online shops (10!) that have been on my radar all in one mega post!! it's crazy how many there are out there - some  sites are new finds and others are old favorites. so here we go (in no particular order)!

1. open door shop - an ig find! awesome ceramic trays, bowls, and platters among lots of other things.

2. greige - gorgeous lighting, accessories, and pretty much anything for the home!

3. furbish studio - a go-to source

4. waiting on martha - another ig find with tons of cute home stuff and kid stuff!

5. design darling - a favorite for preppy accessories

6. zhush - great home decor and the best monogrammed pillows!

7. rodales - a little bit of everything with a natural/organic slant

8. shoppe by amber interiors - a bazillion pillows, rugs, and throws with that laid-back cali vibe

9. tuckernuck - the internet can take you down rat holes but also it can help you find really good sites - like this one - get your prep on!

10. mod boho - another ig find. boho pillows and recently art added too!

whew! what would be on your list? have a great weekend!!

September 9, 2014

Project Update: C's Big Boy Bedroom

there's been a lot of progress on the big boy rooms that i haven't gotten around to sharing yet! (see here for the design board for c's room and here for f's room)  charlie's big boy bed came and he loves it so much, he has completely transitioned out of his crib (sob sob!). we'll be moving the cribs out of both rooms this coming weekend but for now i thought i'd share two little areas that are more camera ready!

his little reading nook. we have a pair of these chairs so one went in each room. art is from etsy and land of nod (the reflection in the stripes one is weird!). roman shade is from etsy. the pillows on the chair will likely be switched out for something else and moved to a different spot but they're fine for the time being.

and the dresser area. there is a limited amount of space on this wall in between the bathroom door and hallway door so i had to find a small dresser. not really sure if the whale plaque is staying there for good but trying it out in different spots to see what works! (love me some command strips!)

can't wait to get some good pics done for a full reveal!!

September 5, 2014

Pretty Wreath?

i am not really a wreath-on-the-front-door kinda girl. maybe because my mom always had a wreath of some sort and i'm subconsciously rebelling deep down ;) but they just seem old fashioned to me. so i was kinda shocked at myself a few weeks ago when i was in target and fell in love with the most gorgeous smith & hawken wreath.

there are little roses all over made out of curled wood. since i'm neurotic about (not) putting holes in things, i strung some filament line (fishing line) over the door and tied it to little command hooks inside at the top to hang it. not the prettiest look from inside but they're at the very top of the door so my eye doesn't usually look that high.

truthfully it doesn't get the best reviews online but we'll see how it holds up! so have i lost my mind??  my mom said she likes it ;)  TGIF - happy weekend!!

September 4, 2014

Come Back, Summer!

it's still technically summer - and it certainly feels like summer around here this week - but it always seems to lose that summery feel once september rolls around. so here are a couple of random shots that we snapped this summer on the cape.

i believe this was somewhere around hyannisport. this was the mere gatehouse.

and as you can see the view wasn't too shabby either.

i think something was torn down here and they are rebuilding but maybe opted for the pool house to start? there is a whole bunch of open land to the left.

but um, i'll take just the pool house thank you.

agh summer i'll miss you!

September 2, 2014

Quick Project: Bench Redo

ugh back to the grind after a really nice long break. trying to be positive today but it's painful!

a while back i did a post on upholstering a ballard designs bench (here) and i covered it with a navy pagoda fabric.

it lives in our dining room now and i decided that with the new navy walls, the pagoda fabric didn't really stand out (even though we also had navy walls in our old house - don't know why it didn't bother me then!). so i found a fun block print from lacefield designs in kelly green and navy to reupholster it!

the fabric at was $22/yd, and i only needed 1 yard, plus more staples because i couldn't find my old ones, and i was all in on this project for about $25! i think it adds the perfect punch to this space.

this really is such an easy project! start by gathering your tools - very sophisticated tools here ;)

since i was putting a lighter color fabric on, i had to take the other fabric off so it wouldn't show through. i just unscrewed the legs and removed the staples holding it in place.

but i kept the off-white twill that was original to the bench.

the hardest part really is centering the fabric on the bench. it's also hard to get a picture of yourself doing that! that's the only slow part of the project. once you have it centered, just start in with your staples. pull the fabric reeeeally tight and pop one in. i like to start in the middle and work my way to the corners. not at all sure if that's the proper method!

once i had all of the staples in, i quickly trimmed the fabric down so it wouldn't show from underneath. about an inch maybe from the staples?

and voila! a new bench...

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