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November 26, 2019

Gift Guide 2019: For Him

last but never least, the men! guys are hard to shop for so I'm hoping this gives you a few ideas to surprise the men in your life with a little something.

1. my hubs loves listening to music and brings a speaker with him on every vacation just in case 😂 this one is super portable and gets great reviews.

2. mr. r is not into products - cvs is his go-to - but he tried this moisturizer and asked for a refill!

3. these tennis shoes are great for running/working out according to mr. r and actually I have a pair too and they are super comfortable.

4. nothing really to say about a water bottle ha! but this is a good one.

5. dark green duffle bag. this is a an upgrade from a regular gym bag and professional enough to bring into the office.

6. shhh gifting this shirt to mr. r this year!

7. this vest is reversible and comes in a bunch of colors!

8. give your guy this scarf and then steal it from him the rest of winter. 😉

9. my parents gave my hubs AirPods last christmas and he uses them so much. great gift! I wish I could borrow them but I have small ears and they don't fit in mine!

10. a slim wallet WITH a tile so they can't lose it. genius!!!

November 22, 2019

Gift Guide 2019: For The Home and Hostess

ok finally back with the last of the gift guides and this one is for the home decor obsessed! sales are starting to heat up too which is always a bonus.

1. pretty placemats with a little fringe edge that I actually ordered for christmas dinner!

2. i'm a sucker for a pretty linen napkin.

3. three words: bleached pinecone wreath. I love that it doesn't read only "holiday" and can hang on your door all winter long!

4. this cookbook is all the rage with my foodie friends (aka people who actually cook) and they say it has great weeknight meal ideas.

5. the prettiest travel mug you ever did see. coffee would tase better in this (or in my case, it would still taste terrible 😜 but tea would be great!). this would be a great stocking stuffer!

6. a carved wood bowl that has a cool "found" vibe and p.s. it's on major sale!

7. I love a candle sconce when wiring for electric sconces isn't an option. this brass one is cuuuute!

8. naturally you need candles for your candle sconce (or just for your candle holders) and these pink ones are perfect for the holidays. ribbed or tapered!

9. a teapot with good design that can stay out on your stove? great gift!

10. I may or may not also have this vintage pillow - brown is back!!

11. this throw would go anywhere and with anything. want!

12. the splurge - this quilt is dreamy and will be on sale over thanksgiving!

November 15, 2019

Gift Guide 2019: Skincare Junkie

next up - the skincare guide which I am adding on a whim but I think it's worth sharing. I didn't get into skincare until my later thirties but i wish I had cared sooner - I wasn't nice to my skin in my teens and twenties! i'm still no expert but i've got some favorites and it's never too late to start taking better care of your skin. so if you have a skincare lover in your life, i've got you!

1. this serum is like instantly drinking a glass of water for your face. it's a shot of moisture and I use it every morning combined with #2 below. it doesn't replace a moisturizer though.

2. they say vitamin c is a miracle worker so I use it in two different forms morning and night. in the morning I use this serum and combine it with #1 above after washing my face and using toner but before moisturizing.

3. my go-to everyday sunscreen. it's lightweight and sinks in quickly. I apply it before makeup.

4. this concealer is nothing short of amazing and I don't say that lightly. I am oh-so fortunate to have dark circles under my eyes (partly due to not enough sleep, oops) and I've searched high and low for a good concealer. this stuff is pricey but it's more than just concealer - it also helps with wrinkles and puffiness plus has sunscreen built in. it also doesn't cake and crease like pretty much every other concealer i've ever tried.

5. admittedly I used to hear "face oil" and think it would cause break outs but it's actually the total opposite. this stuff is filled with everything good for your skin. I add a couple of drops to #6 below every morning.

6. I used to use la mer religiously but got sick of the price tag so I switched to this cream. it's a little bit thick so I add a couple of drops of #5 above and it becomes the perfect consistency.

7. i've never tried this lip serum but I want to. and if it does everything they say, i'm pretty sure it would be my new bff!

8. gwyneth paltrow says this eye cream is good and if gwyneth declares it, who am I to argue! I use this as my daytime eye cream and it works well underneath #4 above.

9. this mask is another gwyneth must have - i've never tried it but would love to!

10. apparently rolling your face with rose quartz helps create glowy skin? this puppy is on my wishlist this year!

11. this cleanser is part of my daily routine and it has tiny beads that exfoliate so your skin feels extra clean and smooth.

12. have you heard of the ordinary? many of their serums are under $10, this one included, and are powerful little things. I put a few drops on each night after #14 below and before #13. this is good if you want to use a retinol but find that they dry out your skin.

13. this serum is my other vitamin c fix. it's expensive but a little goes a long way so it lasts forever. it's a night time treatment and in fact you're supposed to leave it on overnight - i'm a sucker for anything you can don't have to rinse off - one less step!

14. if you're not already, get on the daily peel wagon. this one is a two step peel but it's quick - just 2 minutes in between each step. I really do think it makes a difference.

15. this mask may not be the most potent but I find it so relaxing. and my skin really is more plumped up when I wake up in the morning.

but wait there's more!! bonus section on this guide too - two drugstore favorites!

1. I use this cleansing water daily and it is just what they say, kind to skin. never dries me out or breaks me out.

2. the weleda skin food is supposed to rival la mer. I know, sounds crazy, but people love it. it's really thick so I only use it in the winter when my skin is more prone to drying out and only at night.

November 14, 2019

Gift Guide 2019: For Her

whether you can believe it or not (not sure I can!), it's now gift guide time of year! I looked back at last year and realized I didn't do one but then also realized that was because I was wrapped up in the holiday house tour. in the past though i've started off with the ladies so let's pick that back up this year - especially since 95% of my following is female and selfishly speaking it's definitely the most fun one to source and put together. what's that saying? happy wife, happy life? 😉

clockwise from top left:

1. the softest pjs - you've heard me say it before but lake pajamas are my very favorite. the green is fitting for the holidays but also works year round. fit tip - size up one size on lake pajamas if you put them in the dryer!

2. if she's been really good this year then she deserves this leather jacket. this color is to die for!!

3. shearling clogs - these feel like such a luxury and that's exactly why they're the perfect gift.

4. a cashmere beanie in a look-good-on-anyone color. it has that perfect laid-back chic vibe.

5. I love this turtleneck - it's just a little more refined with puff shoulders and balloon sleeves and it comes in a bunch of colors. also find it HERE.

6. dainty gold star necklace. I actually have this and I get lots of compliments on it and no one can believe it costs under $35!!

7. cute winter boots that also claim to be waterproof? yes please. i'm a sucker for a white sole too.

8. this leopard hair tie is such a simple accessory and yet so versatile. stocking stuffer ✅

9. faux fur has come a long way and I am all in. this coat is cuuute and warm, can't ask for more than that!

10. I wore these slippers to a photoshoot, snapped a random pic of them, and so many people asked about them that they had to make the gift guide. fit tts.

and one BONUS item! the amazon coat!! I got mine this time last year and I still get questions about it whenever I wear it. and for a warm winter coat, the price can not be beat. fit tip: it's you're between sizes, size down.

still to come: men and home!
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