September 18, 2017

Color Of The Moment: Olive

hello blogging world!! oh you guys, i have major blogger's guilt. i just don't have time to fit it all in some weeks and i think i should probably hire some help but i also don't feel like i have time to wrap my head around that! i love what i do though and i have some exciting things on the horizon that i can't wait to share!

on to the good stuff...i don't think it's much of a secret that olive (and it's many iterations) is the color of the moment this season and i don't mind one bit! i've rounded up some picks for us ladies (and even something for the guys and kids!) plus some fun things for your home. keep scrolling!

i just ordered those sneaks for mr. r and the earrings for myself. i also have the short hunter boots and like them so much more than the tall version!

i have these olive branches (you need at least 5 to make them look worthwhile) and used them in a project - more to come there! i'm obsessed with that laundry cart and have plans to have one or two in our laundry room some day!

what do you think? is olive for you?

September 7, 2017


knock knock, is anyone home?! sorry guys for being so mia. i'm up to my eyeballs in work but the good news is that i do have some good posts in the works. leaving you today with some pretty images.

do you follow floret flower? her images transport me for a second to another world!

this kitchen really caught my attention on pinterest. there is a lot going on but yet somehow it still feels tied together. i don't know the designer - tell me if you know!!

i thought this entry by chango & co was just stunning.

this mudroom though.


September 3, 2017

Labor Day Sales

there are sooo many good sales going on this weekend that i had to round up some favorites for you guys!

top row: cabinet | bench | art
middle row: coffee table | stool | pendant
bottom row: bed | lamp | console

August 28, 2017

Interior Barn Doors

it's monday and i personally am looking forward to a new week and a clean slate after last week. we had two sick kiddos all last week, first one then the other, and if you saw my instagram stories then you know we took a trip to the ER with charlie. it's so hard and sad and scary as a parent not being able to help your child feel better. he had a nasty virus that had him throwing up and completely dehydrated. we got a little medicine and a lot of IV fluids in him and he perked right up! in fact he recovered so well that he was begging us to go into boston for a little staycation we had already planned. so we went to the hotel saturday night and had the best sleep - i think everyone was exhausted. yesterday we took the boys to their first red sox game and at least ended the weekend on a major high! thank you again for all the messages, it really helps a lot. and i also have the best friends in the world who brought me lunch and came to visit. 💙 ok enough about that!

we are in a serious state of affairs in our office with a lack of any privacy whatsoever. it's just one big wide opening into that room and nearly impossible to have a phone call or meeting without hearing a barking dog or little voices playing. the options are 1. add french doors (but i'm feeling meh about that idea.) 2. add pocket doors (i like that idea a whole lot but it's also quite expensive and involves a good amount of construction) 3. add a set of barn doors (as long as the design stays clean). so i think we're leaning toward option 3 but i'm not into rustic barn doors with lots of heavy hardware. and i think i'd mount the doors inside the office so you don't see the hardware from the entry.

so i'm been on a mission to find design that i like and here are a few images i've pinned...

these doors are massive and i love the handle.

via homebunch

i'm drawn to so many parts of this photo - the shiplap walls, the pretty doors, and of course that rug (which we have in our office right now!).

via remodelaholic

mr. r likes the idea of windows at the top. i'm still thinking about that idea.

jeff lewis

so clean and pretty. i just can't say no to white shiplap.

geoff chick

these paneled doors are gorgeous and i love the natural wood. not sure it would work well in our house because of the color of our wood floors (rant for another day!) but the style of these doors is definitely on my radar.

house of jade interiors

just so pretty. and this looks like the same casings we have in our house. i almost don't even notice the hardware here. something to consider!

via house of turquoise

thoughts? comments? lot to think about!

August 23, 2017

Peterssen Keller Architecture

hi folks! it's officially the last week of summer vacation here and i'm trying to slow down and take it all in with my almost-kindergarteners! also one of said almost-kindergarteners has been sick so i'm hoping this passes quickly and we get it out of the way before school starts. 😬

i came across the work of peterssen keller architects a while ago and filed it away but today seems like as good a day as any to share it! they're based in minneapolis and have built all kinds of houses from modern to traditional (check out their portfolio!). bottom line: it's all gorgeous!

this whole set up - so many details to take in like the stove and the sconces and the wood header. swoon.

pillows for daysssss!

this cabinetry and that ceiling.

another angle...

tile 🙌🙌

the stuff dreams are made of right here.

how cute is this bathroom?!

i could move into any one of these and be perfectly happy. happy hump day y'all!
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