September 27, 2010

Easiest DIY Ever

if i can do this, you can do this. everyone can. in our bedroom, we have simple white curtains. they are by no means stylish - slightly too short and from our old bedroom in our previous house. but they're what we've got. lately these curtains have been looking a pretty blah to me and i decided to do something about it!

(watching the patriots game!)

i wanted to edge the curtains in grosgrain ribbon and using our bedding as inspiration (peacock alley bravado in navy which i scored at a great price on one kings lane), i chose navy ribbon. bought 1 1/2 inch width and some fabric glue from jo-ann fabric.

first i laid the curtains out straight and cut a piece of ribbon that extended about an inch (not measuring precisely or anything) past both the top and the bottom.

then i dabbed a bit of glue on the back of the curtain and folded the ribbon over the top to secure it. i found it was much easier to put the glue on the curtain as opposed to the ribbon.

next i began gluing the ribbon down the front edge of the curtain, making sure to place the ribbon just outside the edge of the curtain so there wouldn't be any white showing.

i glued in sections to make sure i had the ribbon straight. and after each section, i ran my hand over the ribbon several times to make sure it was tight and smooth. i think that also helped the glue set just right.

i continued down to the bottom and then again put a dab of glue on the back of the bottom corner of the curtain and folded the ribbon over and under.

for a total of $34, our old curtains have a new spin.

the ribbon was sold in a 10 yard wheel and i actually ran out before getting to the last 2 panels. nothing some quick measuring couldn't have prevented! there are 3 windows in our room and 5 curtain panels (one window is small and tucked next to an abutting wall so a curtain doesn't fit on one side). anyway, i think they look a little better now!

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