September 13, 2010

Etsy Love: Annechovie

a few months ago while clicking through many a blog link, i discovered anne harwell's etsy store called annechovie. anne sells original artwork that has even been featured in the movie "it's complicated." in fact it was that print that caught my eye - an orange chair on a turquoise background.

i was clicking "add to cart" so fast i sprained my index finger (only kidding, kind of). but there were more adorable chairs that were also calling my name.

imperial trellis! it wasn't too long since i had fallen for the fabric, this was fate.

and chinoiserie:

i purchased all three prints and set out to determine where they would reside in our home - turns out to be a wall in the dining room that needed a little somethin' somethin'. soooo fast forward to today...they have just returned from being framed. what do you think?

i chose a navy mat and white frame because once the dining room makeover begins, the walls will be painted a glossy navy blue. one constraint is that the wall space isn't very big so i had to stay small on the mat/frame. but i think these babies will totally pop on the navy walls. i can see it already!!! stay tuned for the final product :)

thank you anne for creating such fantastic artwork that is at the same time affordable ($25/print). also be sure to check out anne's blog, which is just as cute!

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blydesign said...

Just found your blog! Look forward to following :)

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