September 19, 2010

Girls Weekend

so 6 of us girls are going to blow it out columbus day weekend at, of all places, the jersey shore!!! although i personally can't get enough of snookie, the situation, jwow, pauly d, vinny, etc we aren't exactly the bump-it, wear-your-underwear-as-clothes types.

anyway, the main organizer of this trip is fairly crafty (ok so that's an understatement) and sent us a surprise "get excited" gift to get us pumped for GTL, i mean for quality girl time ;) here is what showed up in my mailbox:

a laundry, undies, and shoe bag for our travels!! all hand made and if i do the math, that's 18 bags!! i am always in awe of people who can make things and these things actually turn out looking good. my craftiness attempts turn out as a 4th grade school project.

don't you think she could sell these??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm fist pumpin' for this blog entry :)

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