September 10, 2010

Oh No They Didn't

i received in the mail a newspaper-esque catalog from j crew featuring clothing from their "collection" line. some of the pieces in the "collection" are lust-worthy like the coddington pumps i featured here. actually those are not part of the collection, they're just priced like they are. and others are just, well, absurd like feather jackets for $1,200. (not a typo)

now i love me some j crew, and i get that they are upping their game, and jenna lyons is most definitely genius. but what got me all "oh hell no" was the styling of these items:

is that a sweater worn as a pair of underwear? there is actually a better picture of this, full frontal view, in the newspaper but i couldn't find it online.

this look features a striped body suit with a BUTTON DOWN SHIRT around her waist?? on the positive side, i like the pop of color, but an oxford shirt as a belt/scarf/who-knows-what is just plain ridiculous - in my opinion.

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