September 20, 2010

Pretty Powder Rooms

when i set out to redo our downstairs bathroom, i had a pretty specific idea in mind. and i also had resale potential in mind (absolutely no plans to sell!). while i do not shy away from putting my own touch on things, i also think about the bones of the room like cabinetry and counters and how they would appeal to a potential buyer. walls, fabric, furniture can be changed but other things like tile and flooring is a little harder.

but then i see bathrooms like these and my oh-so practical theory above seems, well, too practical!

PINK! would i do this in a million years? no. but i never get tired of looking at it:

mary mcdonald's masterpiece in pale blue and chevron. is this what heaven looks like?

bold and awesome especially with the hint of black on the baseboard by jonathan berger:

image via odi et amo

super cool mix of fresh, modern, and vintage by meg braff:

image via house beautiful

pretty yellow by leslie klotz:

image via house beautiful

glamourous soaking tub:

image via maddie g designs

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