September 30, 2010


well, i sold our perfectly good dining room table and chairs on craigslist! all were in great condition and only 5 years old. but the problem was, they really weren't my style. actually, neither of our styles (my better half does get some say in these things). ok so i was the one who picked everything out originally but truthfully, i don't know what i was thinking. i felt a bit guilty and wasteful about the decision to sell but a nice couple purchased them so they are going to a good home. and i can call whenever i want. kidding! i think mr. r sometimes wonders what else will be missing when he comes home after work! (nothing - i promise - for now)

the room looks so big now, if not empty! however there is one family member who is a big fan of the changes. lily the dog hopes it will stay this way. shhh, i haven't told her yet.

being furniture-less is the perfect time to showcase the new rugs in the living room and dining room that i mentioned here. as you may remember, the living room and dining room are carpeted in gross, gray wall-to-wall. the kind you might find in your first apartment. so to break that up, i ordered two area rugs from ethan allen.

(yes, those are weights in the corner. don't judge.)

the rugs have a sisal-look but are actually nylon which makes them much softer than real sisal (though i wouldn't go as far as to say they're soft). if you're interested, it's call the nikko rug and can be custom ordered in (almost) any size. and for custom rugs, they're really really reasonable.

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