October 7, 2010

5 Fave Products

i am no beauty product maven. my daily make up routine lasts maybe 7 minutes. however, there are a few products out there that i think are really great so i thought i'd share (even if they're old news by now!).

1. bare escentuals flawless definition mascara. i'm a bit of a mascara freak, it's the one product i don't want to leave the house without applying. most people would choose diorshow but i am hooked on this one. it doesn't clump, no matter how many coats you layer on, and it washes off easily.

image via sephora

2. nars blush. i own two, oasis and orgasm. i have yet to find a blush that comes in better colors (or better names).

image via sephora

3. la mer lip balm. yes, this is essentially $45 chapstick but it's well worth it. typically i stay away from brands like these, but living in the arctic north causes some major chapped lips. embarrassing fact: i apply it by putting my lips directly into the container. i'm not wasting $45 on my index finger.

image via la mer

4. bare escentuals foundation. if there was ever a make up that didn't feel like you were wearing make up, this is it. the more you apply, the more coverage you get.

image via bare escentuals

5. tweezerman tweezers. so these cost a little more than drugstore tweezers, but again, they're worth it. and you can have them sharpened for free for life.

image via tweezerman

and if you have money to burn, you can even buy the bedazzled version with case from j crew for a cool $100:

so, what are you favorite products?


blydesign said...

Its always good to get someone's recommendations on beauty products. Who knows better than the consumer after all? Thanks for sharing :)

Design Blooms said...

Love bare escentuals, and I love product references! Thanks for stopping by design blooms!

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